Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 137

Xia Tian now Heaven Absolute Wake cultivation to Third Layer, although has not digested the present strength completely, but meets ordinary Profound Grade Expert also to fight, copes in this Yellow Grade small between late stage the nature to be a cinch. Silver needle that he used a moment ago, in the silver needle that Bai Yiyi grandmother there wants, he had discovered in the beforehand fight the wondrous use of silver needle, he can using Finger of Consonance fast projects the silver needle, by him the understanding human body acupoint, can the relaxed hit opposite party. Before always used Bian Que Divine Needles, a little careless and wasteful use of nature's products, therefore he must come the ordinary silver needle to the Bai Yiyi grandmother, after these silver needles used up, he wants to recycle recycles, does not want to recycle does not recycle. Now these four Ninja completely are made by him. Come, told me, your several people were also living, separately where?” Xia Tian has untied a speech ability of person. Had to plant you to kill me.” That Ninja this chapter has not spoken the Island Country words, China language that but uses. I have the method that one type makes you live to might as well die.” The Xia Tian silver needle has stabbed directly his itchy hole and painful hole, these two taste on together, compared with that type also happy, compelling the water supply that forces to supply water to use the meeting deceased person, this may not being able dead person. The facial expression terminal velocity change of that Ninja, is painful and itchy feeling makes him collapse instantaneously. After one minute. I said that I asked you, has killed me.” That Ninja is not really able to endure this type to feel. Said that I warned you, be not thinking bit the tongue to commit suicide, I can shiver instantaneously all your teeth.” Xia Tian light saying. I said that our altogether also ten people, their addresses separately are.” Let alone, you were not very honest.” Xia Tian has stabbed once more his itchy hole and painful hole. „, I said real.” That Ninja also in vigorously was quibbling. I give you two minutes of penalty time, after two minutes, if you had not said that truth, you did not have the opportunity, I will make your this difficult dead, then asked next.” Xia Tian knows that this Ninja is will not tell absolutely the truth easily. After two minutes.

Several people?” Xia Tian asked. Three, in endure, two special endure.” That Ninja vision is lax. Where do they live?” Xia Tian asked again. Two special bear in the remote small inn, on bears in an abandoning warehouse.” That Ninja continues to say. Xia Tian nodded, this time said should real, the spirit is lax, did not have the resistivity . Moreover the place that he said also conforms to the Ninja characteristics. Brother Xia, we came.” Xu Grandfather brings Little Fei to come together, on their mouths covers the mask, on the eye is wearing the sunglasses. Saw their dressing up, Xia Tian also can only with admiring to describe, this was really the good actor of killing a person and taking his possessions. Brought the painting and sign?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally brought, the thin-bladed knife, the clasp, the hemp rope wait / etc., all the equipment of killing a person and taking his possessions have.” Xu Grandfather said. That also waits for anything, has dug up to me their four, then spurts on Island Country dog these three characters with the painting on the body, on everyone licenses.” Xia Tian said. What on sign writes?” Xu Grandfather asked. Writes me is the Island Country Ninja dog, I come China to steal the treasure. The inscription inscribes, do not ask that who elder brother is, I am Lei Feng.” Xia Tian said. Good, this matter satisfied a craving.” Xu Grandfather said. Xia Tian all selected they four meridians and hand muscle foot muscle. Xia Tian took two masks and eyeglasses separately and Zeng Ruo puts on to oneself, then boards that van that Xu Grandfather has made together.

Little Fei, your how cultivation is so quick, arrived at Yellow Grade Realm.” Xia Tian looked the Little Fei first time saw his Realm, Heaven Absolute Wake has been able to feel leaves others Martial Arts Realm. Brother Xia, Little Fei cultivation gets up that is a lunatic, I had not seen any person of cultivation time has him to be so crazy, probably is not completely same.” Xu Grandfather answered. Such goes all out to do, attention body.” The Xia Tian reminder said. I just am think that morning a point adds on the master you.” Little Fei face sincere saying. Your master is very strong, you only needed to take care of you to be good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The vehicle has arrived at the entrance of police station, then Xia Tian foot, all tramples to get out that four Ninja. „Do we receive round trip?” Xu asked. Goes also to stress remaining that several.” Xia Tian said. Meanwhile, special Operations Office Ye Wan received a news clearly, in four Island Country endured unexpectedly to be hit to throw the police station entrance remnantly, on their four was hanging the sign, the body also had the character. Asked the half of the day does not know is who does, the inscription of sign locates unexpectedly also to write me is being Lei Feng. Zeng Ruo right now directly by thunder but actually. However she has arraigned that four Ninja, these Ninja are not good to examine, as soon as she takes down the cloth in Ninja mouth, Ninja bites the tongue to commit suicide, this did not have the attention dead. Moreover one side, Xia Tian their four took two big boxes directly to enter in a remote inn, Boss must ask anything, Xia Tian threw 2000 dollars directly. After two minutes, their four carried two big boxes to go out of the small inn. Department head, is not good.”

How? Flustered.” Ye Wan asked clearly. Came two.” What came two?” Ye Wan clear puzzled asking. Came two Ninja, moreover what this time is endures specially, is just the same before that four, Lei Feng of making an arrest.” Lei Feng, who is this Lei Feng? This working style likely dragon, but the dragon died that many years.” Ye Wan frowns to say clearly. Xia Tian they at this time already to final that goal, Profound Grade Expert rank on endures, is this Island Country Ninja leader, if beforehand Xia Tian definitely is not the match of this person, since obtained Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, his strength broke through Profound Grade, therefore he had a confidence war. He knows that must more quickly start to be better, once otherwise the opposite party had the vigilance, then could not catch, when the time comes in this endures in darkly, oneself in bright, this may probably become passive. If in this endures to play cloudy, that was more miserable. Your several in car(riage) superior me, I come out no one unable to go, regardless of hears any sound.” Xia Tian looks to three people of serious saying. Or we go back.” Zeng Ruo saw saying that Xia Tian so earnestly worries about. „, He has discovered us without enough time, Little Fei, if has any condition to protect them.” Xia Tian looked that said to Little Fei. Certain.” Little Fei only said two characters, but Xia Tian has felt his firmness.