Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 139

Xia Tian they the processing mode in this enduring with several other exactly the same, just his fate must be more miserable than beforehand several, his bone joint all by the Xia Tian crumb. The body is spurting with the painting, I am the head of Island Country Ninja dog. Department head, is not good.” How?” Ye Wan clear puzzled asking. Came one.” Ninja?” Ye Wan asked clearly. Em, moreover is in one endures.” On endures?” Ye Wan ran clearly directly, the status on enduring may be different, that has joined the super Expert ranks, if on endured also to incur, then this Lei Feng's status may too be mystical. Even if makes Fan Zhuifeng get rid to capture in this to endure not necessarily to have any result. Looks that eye in twitching on endures, Ye Wan really somewhat was clearly unable to continue watching, this Lei Feng started is really too ruthless. Brings.” Ye Wan shook the head clearly, she does not understand that who this Lei Feng is, his goal is anything, if this person can use for the country, that this good. If makes her know that Lei Feng is Xia Tian, perhaps her mouth will fall the ground. Meanwhile in a 200 square meters big house, interior decoration of this house luxuriously, but the owner in house is actually the tears of whole face. Son, if I already knew that Wang Grandfather, perhaps you can also rescue, but the father also can only make you be short now some are been painful, the father delivers you a regulation.” Section Chief Zhao whole face tears covers the mouth and nose of Zhao Tianyu. After two minutes, Section Chief Zhao lies on son's body: Father pledged that must revenge for you, you do not like Bai Yiyi, the father makes her also together get down to accompany you.” That night Section Chief Zhao hugged own son to lie down, his maliciously hugged the son in the bosom, he did not have the slight regret, that night hated to force the dead end him.

In the morning, Xia Tian gets out of bed the later plan they to buy the breakfast for older female cousin. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Hey.” I was the Zhao Tianyu father, my son die.” Died? Do you kill? Your fool, your son one month later will be good.” You did not need to deceive me, was I delivers him to start off personally.” Scolded your fool not to be unfair to you, I want to him a lesson, although after him, will turn into a disabled person, but he one month later change for the better gradually, has not thought that your unexpectedly has killed him.” I must kill you, Bai Yiyi, I must make her drive the falling down cliff, you must a bit faster.” You dare to move her fine hair I to make you compared with your son more miserable.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, hits to Bai Yiyi, is the cell phone unexpectedly close-down of Bai Yiyi. Hateful, this idiot.” Xia Tian discarded the breakfast in oneself hand, runs hurriedly to the cliff that Section Chief Zhao said. Father, you looks quickly, is Superman.” Xia Tian first time runs up to the speed is so quick, under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full, after his over private car, the little girl in car(riage) shouts. Do not talk nonsense, immediately went to the school, Superman that which came.” The father of little girl looks to the car(riage), anything has not seen. I, do not have an accident.” Xia Tian ran up to quickly own speed. Meanwhile, in the suburbs of a Jiang Hai City cliff stops a white car(riage), in the car(riage) is sitting a female, the female is blurry, but outside the car(riage) in front of a man has suspended a camera, in another hand is taking the controller.

Son, when that person came, I press the button, the vehicle will rush to the cliff at a rapid speed, clarity that that person desperate expression of I can record, after I have killed him, I will record to burn to you.” Section Chief Zhao the eyeful capillaries, the expression is very crazy. Bai Yiyi felt that own head is good to faint, strength does not have: Where is my this? Why my strength does not have.” This is in a car(riage), front probably is the cliff.” The Bai Yiyi vision somewhat restored. The consciousness of Bai Yiyi also restored, but faints, strength does not have, but she has thought that what happened, was the Zhao Tianyu father, he was insane. He must be given Zhao Tianyu to be buried along with the dead by himself, moreover must kill Xia Tian. Is the anesthetics?” Bai Yiyi felt own present move slightest. Her side has an ice-cold corpse, is Zhao Tianyu, his father knows that he likes Bai Yiyi, must therefore make Bai Yiyi be buried along with the dead to him. How regardless of she makes an effort, cannot move. „Was I dying really?” The corner of the eye of Bai Yiyi has flowed off the tears. Has not thought that you such quickly came.” Section Chief Zhao looks to Xia Tian light saying. Your fate will not compare your son to be good.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. I must make you see with one's own eyes Bai Yiyi to be buried along with the dead today to my son, has killed then you.” The right hand of Section Chief Zhao has put out a pistol. You cannot achieve.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at Section Chief Zhao. „Can't I achieve? So long as I press the button on my hand, the car(riage) automatically will start, will rush to the cliff directly, Bai Yiyi will be buried along with the dead to my son.” Section Chief Zhao crazy saying. I said you cannot achieve.” Xia Tian light saying.

I will make you visit her dead first, then I have killed you again, I know you to be fierce, have studied some military, is the quick Martial Arts also quickly bullet.” Section Chief Zhao said, has pressed that button in left hand directly. The vehicle line start, then flushes away to the cliff place. Said goodbye, my family member and friend, said goodbye, Xia Tian.” Bai Yiyi already desperate has closed both eyes. Bang!! Patted together vigorously in front of vehicle, the flash glass, because the inertia all shot at the front, front of entire vehicle all by hollow getting down that this patted vigorously. The vehicle stopped. Is Xia Tian, in that moment that the vehicle started, Xia Tian directly rushed to front of vehicle, used his formidable strength to prevent the advance of vehicle, and destroyed vehicle inside launch equipment. Narrow squeak, if were not I just broke through, perhaps these wanted my assigning.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, although he has anchored the vehicle, but his present situation is not good, the fragment of headlight gripped in his meat. Sees front, Section Chief Zhao was shocked, he is unable to believe what he sees is real, this is humanity can achieve? Xia Tian will faint Bai Yiyi hugs to get out. I had said you cannot achieve.” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Section Chief Zhao. You leave are too wild, in my hand has the (spear|gun), today I same want you dead.” Section Chief Zhao took away the trigger in oneself hand directly, he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian can hide the bullet.