Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 140

That moment when the bullet projects, Section Chief Zhao felt the joy of revenging, but the matter that made him unable to imagine occurred at this moment, looks at front, he is unable to believe. Xia Tian unexpectedly has shunted the bullet, is this possible? Yeah, missed, perhaps if Heaven Absolute Wake cultivation to Fourth Layer or Fifth Layer, can grip the bullet with two fingers.” Xia Tian wanted to experiment a moment ago, finally the speed cannot follow. Bang! Section Chief Zhao took away trigger once more, but Xia Tian still evaded. „Is this possible? Is impossible, certainly is illusion.” Section Chief Zhao shook the head. I had said you cannot achieve.” Xia Tian coldly looks at Section Chief Zhao, afterward an silver needle projects, Section Chief Zhao the (spear|gun) in hand fell directly on the ground. Hateful, this what's the matter?” Section Chief Zhao crazy shouting, afterward lowers the head to pick the ground the (spear|gun). Since you are half lunatic, I help you, making you turn into a genuine lunatic.” Xia Tian said that has shot the forehead of Section Chief Zhao an silver needle, afterward Section Chief Zhao whole person but actually. Just started Bai Yiyi to sit , in car(riage), she already thorough despaired, she thinks that she must die without doubt, but has not thought that the Might form appeared in her front together, although her consciousness was somewhat fuzzy, but she recognizes this person clearly. That is Xia Tian. Pulls back the realistic person her in the despair, his unexpectedly with the car(riage) that both hands have blocked leading the way. Looks at his whole body the blood, flowing that the Bai Yiyi tears cannot bear. Xia Tian has delivered to Bai Yiyi the old dwelling of oneself family, then Shi Zhenwei she detoxifies, afterward the point has fainted Bai Yiyi, this is good for Bai Yiyi, after all experienced twice such matter continuously, her spirit will appear absent-minded. Xia Tian selects the corona her, lets her sleeping well, after waking up. After having cured Bai Yiyi, Xia Tian stiffly has all pulled on these glass pieces. Zizi!

Attracts!” Xia Tian has held breath cold air, this feeling was really too crisp. Regardless of the Martial Arts high person, is impossible not to have the pain, Xia Tian is also a normal person. With fight that in that endures, Xia Tian felt own insufficiency, if were not the X-Ray Vision eye, he really must defeat in that endures in the hand, he cultivation Martial Arts was the father remains, that was resounding Unique Skill, will be not these two gate Kungfu cultivation to reach a high degree of proficiency Realm. Therefore he plans to strengthen his cultivation starting today. Until afternoon, Bai Yiyi awakes, Xia Tian telephoned to return to the family to Xu Bai Yiyi, then continued cultivation. Bai Yiyi after the treatment of Xia Tian, has not had any repercussions. Xia Tian cultivation to the evening, this middle ancient Buddhist Relic has supplemented several stamina for him. Evening's time, Xia Tian went to Tanshui there to wash washing, then looked for clothes to exchange at home casually, that wrap that daytime put on was unable to put on. Facts showed that regardless of the expensive clothes, were cut by the glass will go bad. Afterward Xia Tian went to the Sister Hong bar, Daoxing was chatting there with Sister Hong, Xia Tian has collected directly, sat in the Sister Hong side. Hey, doesn't my side have place is?” „Can I eat you am?” „Am I ugly?” beauty thief Daoxing launched a series of language attacks directly. Your chest is too small, do not speak to me.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words angrily, Daoxing looks at Xia Tian: Where was I young?”

Daoxing said that while very draws out own chest to shout to Xia Tian: Where am I young?” Saw that is small.” Xia Tian shook the head. „Do you light look with the eye know my small? Has the skill you to trace.” Daoxing knows that Xia Tian definitely does not dare, therefore intentionally said. But at this moment a pair of big hand directly according to her **** on. Em, with seeing size is exactly the same.” Xia Tian nodded, but also has pinched pinching with both hands intentionally. Volume!” Saw that such scene Sister Hong and Daoxing were shocked, they have not thought that Xia Tian dares to touch, especially Daoxing, inconceivable of whole face, looks that both hands of Xia Tian do not know should say any was good, has pinched pinching until Xia Tian time she responded. „, rascal.” A Daoxing palm of the hand hits directly to Xia Tian. You want to make me help you have a look at the palm reading.” Xia Tian shakes the hand of Daoxing directly in own hand. Smelly rascal, you let loose me.” Daoxing angry looks at Xia Tian. I how on rascal?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Daoxing. You added that your rascal, you do not dare to touch my there a moment ago, I must kill you.” Daoxing enraged looks at Xia Tian. That is not you make me touch, otherwise you touched not on the line.” A Xia Tian innocent appearance. I do not trace, you are occupying me to be cheap.” Daoxing has withdrawn own hand, stared Xia Tian one, truly was she made Xia Tian touch a moment ago, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to touch. You are really strange, you make me touch, now added that I occupy you to be cheap.” Xia Tian light saying. You are strange, I have not made you touch.” Daoxing extremely angry looks at Xia Tian to say. You touch, I endured.” Appearance that Xia Tian has exhibited dying a martyr's death.

You. Irritated me.” Daoxing drank up front liquor direct turn around to leave. You, but also really being able to get down hand.” Sister Hong helpless shaking the head, she also really admires the Xia Tian balls color, before she said that Xia Tian has the color center not to have the color balls, but she finally has experienced the color balls of Xia Tian now. Xia Tian does not get rid already, got rid of her to control. Daoxing such woman may be different from here other women, here has many seeks for the exciting female student, these female students are fond of playing jokes, but like Daoxing, looked that is that type does not have to locate including the boyfriends. Any realm of love expert impossible to make the contrary action to Daoxing. But Xia Tian actually achieved. Gives me to come one cup expensively.” The sexy female who wears Bao Wen sat in the Sister Hong side, this female looked is a foreigner, person Xia Tian of which country but concrete has not looked. Sister Hong looked at a that female, afterward has done one cup with Xia Tian. You are Sister Hong.” The leopard mark female has not turned the head, but takes up the wine class in hand. Em.” Sister Hong light saying. Helps me look up a person.” Bao Wennv has drunk liquor in cup. Knows the custom?” Sister Hong looked that asked to small Bao Nu. Naturally, money will not be short, secret will not ask.” Sexy small Bao Nu said. Said.” Sister Hong light saying. He called Xia Tian, is student who just the high school graduated, I must know that was related he all news, this Cary had 100,000, after the matter became, I will give 100,000 again.” Sexy small Bao Nu put out a card to place the Sister Hong front.