Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 141
Hears Xia Tian these two characters time, Sister Hong stares slightly, then puts down the wine class in oneself hand. Nearby Xia Tian was also shocked, when oneself became such famous, the foreign friends knew him, but must look up his details, had a liking for him. The right hand of Sister Hong has placed in that card, then has pushed the card: Excuse me, this I do not meet.” Sees the Sister Hong action, that sexy small Bao Nu is very puzzled. „Are you dislike money to be insufficient?” Sexy small Bao Nu looks at Sister Hong to ask. „It is not, you look for others, his information I do not sell.” Sister Hong shook the head. Sees the Sister Hong manner, that sexy small Bao Nu has brought back own card, after having paid the tip, turn around left. Why doesn't meet?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Sister Hong. Or you pursue to tell her, you are Xia Tian.” Sister Hong looks at Xia Tian to show a faint smile. Xia Tian only knows that originally Sister Hong already knew own detailed information, reason that a moment ago did not sell because of these days friendship. Considers as finished.” Xia Tian awkward smiles. „The person who recently bought your news may be many, she is the eighth native of Poland who I resist.” Sister Hong looked that continues to say to Xia Tian: I little have made a lot of money.” Sister Hong, our relations are so good, propose money to be much vulgar.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You were careful a point for recently wonderful, couple days ago Islander and Daoxing that has also inquired you to Senior Brother Senior Sister, but also is able to discriminate the person in province.” The Sister Hong reminder said. When I became such famous.” Xia Tian puzzled saying, what great accomplishment he has not achieved, became probably publicity was the same, actually did these people inquire his news for what?

Recently although he were many many enemies, but has not gone to provoke the overseas person, these Islander should for the Takeuchi Dairo matter, be afterward snatched Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll therefore them to inquire itself. Cooperates with Islander as for that Daoxing Senior Brother and Senior Sister, therefore helps the inquiry is also very normal. Which perhaps however that very to goes to the bad luck egg present fate, the Quicksand person specially Operations Office people easily will not let off them, moreover that batch of Island Country Ninja died not to have, their money definitely could not attain. I do not know that I after looking up you am Xia Tian have not continued to look up.” Sister Hong this person works is very careful, she is interested in Xia Tian, therefore she wants to understand Xia Tian through the contact, but is not all digs all of a sudden his all matters. That thanked Sister Hong.” After Xia Tian the liquor drinks next, toward outside walks directly. Careful, a moment ago that female is not the average person.” The Sister Hong reminder said that she knows Xia Tian leaves now, certainly was tracks that sexy small Bao Nu. Relax, Sister Hong.” Xia Tian went out of the bar directly. In Jianghai University. Senior Sister, the thing we have not snatched, what to do now should?” Spirit looks at Yun Miao to ask. Has not thought that will turn into this.” The Yun Miao knitting the brows brow of said that she thinks by her with the strength of spirit can definitely easily snatches Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, but presented that many Expert finally. Moreover Islander after the careful design, robbed Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. Or I snatch the god of that Basketball.” The spirit inquiry said. Xia Tianlong has the graciousness to the master, how we can snatch his son's thing.” Yun Miao shook the head, although she does not know Xia Tianlong Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll whether in Xia Tian that regardless in is not, she did not plan that gets rid to Xia Tian. But we , if not bring thing, the leader will certainly make you marry that hateful fellow.” Spirit extremely angry saying.

Tries to find the solution again.” A Yun Miao delicate eyebrows wrinkle. In Jiang Hai City in a hotel. Girl, looks up how?” Sexy Bao Wennv looks that on the bed hugs the little girl of notebook to ask, the little girl seems the shiwuliu-year-old age. Has gone in black, information that can only look up his father, what his mother is especially the Advanced encryption, entire China only then such several people have the jurisdiction.” The small girl said. This boy origin has not supported simply.” After sexy Bao Wennv hears the words of small girl, says with emotion. His father is Xia Tianlong, is called Western Hidden in the China title, moreover he is the China Dragon Group teacher, crashes into the abyss in a fight.” The information that the small girl will explain read. Good scary background.” Sexy Bao Wennv says with emotion. His father is China legendary figure, it is said at age 18 became famous, big figure that afterward had defeated become famous at that time, finally becomes the Dragon Group teacher.” The small girl answered. In Dragon Group is one crowd of anomalies, can take on that group of abnormal teachers, it seems like he was truly fierce in the past.” Sexy Bao Wennv nodded. I thought the one who is most mystical is his mother, I cannot be black, the encryption degree was too high.” After the small girl shook the head , to continue saying: Your that side how?” Found the person to look up his present news.” Sexy Bao Nu nodded. Looked that your appearance is not probably smooth.” The small girl have doubts looks to Bao Nu. Em, Jiang Hai City biggest information negotiator Sister Hong refused to help me look up Xia Tian.” Sexy Bao Wennv knit the brows. Really troublesome, killed him not to be good directly.” The small girl said.

Kills him, which we go to look for that thing, the Quicksand person does not have to do, that only then two possibilities, one type is his there absolutely does not have that thing, another possibility is he that eastern Tibet very secret, nobody knows where is.” Sexy Bao Nu said. Thump!! Hears the knock, two females simultaneously stare. The sexy Bao Nu brow wrinkles the right hand to touch to the waist, afterward moves toward the entrance to ask: What person?” Looks up the water meter.” Hears these four characters, two females both stare, although sexy Bao Nu is not the China person, but she knew about the China language very that inside that small girl is the locally born China person. Zha your younger sister's water meter, here is a guesthouse.” The small girl shout loudly. „, You when I am the special male service.” Hears these words, two Nuzhen does not know whether to laugh or cry, this is the funny guy who which comes. We do not need your special male service, you quickly walk.” Sexy Bao Wennv does not know the origin of opposite party, careful saying. Otherwise I am repairs television, like this I can always go.” „Is this idiot how is it?” The small girl felt one saw Top Grade, these things also had to calculate that moreover here was a guesthouse, was not the ordinary families.