Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 142

You, if did not walk me to call the security.” Sexy Bao Wennv shouts. Yeah, you , if not open the door, my oneself went.” I warned you, I must call the security.” Sexy Bao Wennv warned. Out of the door really did not have the sound, looks to outside from the cat eye, nobody, Bao Wennv has believed that the opposite party had frightened off by own words. That strange person who which comes.” Sexy Bao Wennv walked to sit on the sofa. Teases the ratio with the China classical words.” The small girl said. Did not go to manage him, this time must take that thing.” Sexy Bao Wennv said. How you plan to cope with him, grasps to torture him, entices him?” The small girl show a faint smile. „The enticement, I like this.” Leopard elder sister you are such fondness of countryside.” The small girl spit the tongue. „It is not right, was not I said a moment ago.” A sexy Bao Nu brow wrinkle. This guesthouse also dug out, thing unexpectedly that in such big refrigerator drank were so few.” „Who are you?” The hand of sexy Bao Nu has placed waist, vigilant looks at front man, he does not know that actually this man is, how he comes. „Haven't you been looking for me?” Xia Tian opened one can of Cola to drink. „Are you that Xia Tian?” The small girl puzzled look to Xia Tian, where regardless of after she could not find Xia Tian to grow up the picture, most can only find a Xia Tian seven -year-old picture. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Actually do you how come in?” Sexy Bao Wennv looks vigilantly to Xia Tian. Your windows have not closed.” Xia Tian has referred to window. Window?” Bao Wennv and small girl surprised look to Xia Tian, because here is 13 buildings, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he crawls from the window, this was also too inconceivable.

The gate has been closing, this showed that he does not come from the gate, but they are unable to believe that this person comes from the window. Even if such high floor also will make very big move to come using the tool, is impossible not to have any sound. Moreover this person just in out of the door. „Did we make you come in? Your this behavior we can report to the police.” The small girl look at Xia Tian angrily. Report, a hacker, has the (spear|gun), an thin and weak student, you guess that whom the police will catch?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Are you how is it?” Sexy Bao Wennv knows meaning that Xia Tian said that the police will come certainly first to seize their two. Leopard elder sister, but also rubbish with him, since he delivered, that first will tie up to say him again when the time comes asked him with the extorting evidence liquid medicines.” The small girl were saying to sexy Bao Wennv. Quite ruthless, you entice me.” Xia Tian serious saying. Bao Wennv put out a silver fine small pistol from the waist directly, the muzzle has aimed at Xia Tian: Cannot move, raises hand.” You make me raise hand, I lift, I do not have the face very much.” Xia Tian sat on the sofa directly. Sees Xia Tian so unscrupulously, small girl was angry, they come out to make mission first time to bump into such monster person, saw that the (spear|gun) is not afraid, this person either has the real skill, either is an idiot. You , if not obedient I to meet to open fire.” Sexy Bao Wennv stares at Xia Tian to say. My several three integers, you , if not lay down the (spear|gun), I will punish your.” Xia Tian light saying. You are sick.” The small girl look at Xia Tian indignantly, she does not know where really the Xia Tian courage comes, pointed at some unexpectedly also courage to speak such words by the (spear|gun). You have the medicine.” The Xia Tian response said. One! Hears a character exit / to speak, sexy Bao Wennv stares slightly, she thinks that Xia Tian is chatting, but his unexpectedly start counted. You, if dares to count to three my to open fire.” Saying of sexy Bao Wennv coldly.

Two! Sees the Xia Tian smiling face, the sexy Bao Wennv spirit ties tight. Three! ! Sexy Bao Wennv felt that her body lost balanced, then above her thigh received a palm of the hand. That clear sound and pain make her know that all these are are not having a dream. The small girl were shocked, that man unexpectedly is playing her Bao elder sister's that position. This was also too good. ! Also is one. You let loose me.” Sexy Bao Wennv that position falls into enemy hands to shout hurriedly. She to the present does not understand that actually a moment ago what happened, she just about to takes away the trigger obviously, but her the (spear|gun) vanishes to disappear in that flash, but her body also directly lost balanced. Now her the body lies on the thigh of Xia Tian, the left hand of Xia Tian places above her show back, the right hand in that whips above her thigh. ! Xia Tian was a palm of the hand has hit, this feel was really too crisp, this time he has not worried to lift the hand, but has pinched pinching above. Ah! This pinching lets on the sexy Bao Wennv face one red. Good, lets off you today, but starting today, you were my woman, my concubine.” Xia Tian has placed on sexy Bao Wennv the sofa, afterward wicked looks to the small girl: Later meets to call the brother-in-law, otherwise I have managed you.”

Sees the Xia Tian look, the small girl has enclasped her clothes. Concubine, I walked first, do not think me.” The Xia Tian words said that the whole person disappeared in the room. Sexy Bao Wennv cannot believe that front all these real, she told herself all these is having a dream, but there that numb feeling told her, this was real. After two females have simultaneously looked at each other one, sexy Bao Wennv runs to close the window hurriedly. Leopard elder sister, but also looks up?” The small girl look at Bao Wennv gingerly. First looks up that called Zeng Ruo.” Sexy Bao Wennv swallowed saliva, she has not come out from the matter. After Xia Tian left the guesthouse, returned to the old dwelling , to continue to carry on Heaven Absolute Wake cultivation. Next noon time, Xia Tian received a call. Is Li Ying hits, she specially excited, because she went to Zeng's Group, the Zeng's Group manager saw her personally, moreover allows her momentarily to come, practice wages unexpectedly reaches as high as 3000. Li Ying has been very at that time confused, afterward saw the Zeng's Group manager, everybody called her Chief Zeng, long attractiveness, moreover very had the makings. Chief Zeng has carried on a simple interview to her, then told her to practise. You are my~ oh my big apple~. older female cousin, how?” You come one quickly, the Bing Xin cousin came, must lead her to go home.” Good, my this in the past.”