Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 143

After Xia Tian has changed clean clothes, moves toward Jianghai University. Cousin, you come out to me, is the grandfather makes my me lead you to go back.” Knocking on a door that the Bing Xin cousin makes an effort. I do not go back.” Bing Xin has hidden in Literature and Art Department. How you do not go back me to confess that with the grandfather, your elder brother also came back immediately, don't you think your elder brother?” That elder brother who the Bing Xin cousin said is the Bing Xin blood brother. My brother, if thinks that I make him come to see me, I do not go back, I go back the grandfather to force the marriage.” This is the true reason that Bing Xin does not go back, she goes back, her grandfather leads her to see these red soldiers everywhere. Her grandfather becomes a soldier, therefore makes her also marry to become a soldier. Their family is to become a soldier now, including outside cousin, is a major, so young has become the major, here has her grandfather's merit, but cannot separate with this cousin's own effort. Her grandfather's request to the family member is very strict, all person small times of goes to the barrack life, has been most painstakingly the most tired soldier to the age of becoming a soldier. Her blood brother is this, four years had not gone home. Grandfather also for hello, the grandfather absolutely is not the second ancestor who you look, you did not like Gao Fu commander-in-chief, the grandfather also agreed that the grandfather said that will look for one to be better to you.” The cousin urged outside. I do not go back, any age, but also arranged marriage.” Bing Xin shouts loudly. Grandfather had not feared that you were deceived outside, death order that my this time meets, I must lead you.” Cousin's manner is very strong. Thump! Do not knock, I will not go back.” Bing Xin shouts. Opens the door, is I.” Out of the door has broadcast the Xia Tian sound. Hears the Xia Tian sound, on the Bing Xin face a happy, direct general's family opens, opens the door the time, out of the door is standing two men, one is Xia Tian, another is her cousin. You have opened the door finally, thanked the brothers.” The Bing Xin cousin has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian has not returned continually, has held up the hand of Bing Xin directly: What wants to eat? I lead you to eat.” Saw that Xia Tian and Bing Xin draw in the same place hand, a Bing Xin cousin brow wrinkle, following Ye Qingxue shows a faint smile: Has my one, Bing Xin has said that she wants to eat the hot pot.” Good, we eat the hot pot.” Xia Tian light saying. The Bing Xin cousin was shocked completely, oneself unexpectedly was disregarded, nobody responds him, he felt that he stands is quite here awkward, probably is an electric lamp bulb is the same. You are best.” Saying of Bing Xin tender feelings. Sees the vision of Bing Xin that tender feelings, her cousin does not know that should say any was good, Bing Xin unexpectedly made the boyfriend. Hey, this also has a person.” The Bing Xin cousin could not bear again. You.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to him. I called Fang Junnian, was the Bing Xin cousin.” Fang Junnian said. „.” Xia Tian nodded, then looked that said to Bing Xin: We walk.” Fang Junnian wishes one could to choke to death Xia Tian now, he knew after oneself are the Bing Xin cousin, expression unexpectedly is so tranquil, as if is a passer- is same. Hey, I said that I am her cousin.” Fang Junnian is shouting to Xia Tian. Em, I knew.” Xia Tian nodded, then looks to Bing Xin: You think first that has wanted to eat anything, each type comes.” I very much can eat.” Bing Xin shows a faint smile. Relax, I can raise you.” Xia Tian said. Saw that Xia Tian and Bing Xin so enter play, Ye Qingxue also silently has been selecting 12 to praise at heart.

I know that a hot pot flavor is very delicious, but super spicy, you can eat spicy?” Ye Qingxue pulled another arm of Bing Xin. The hotter the better, I from the northern younger sister paper, do not fear spicily.” Bing Xin nodded. Us.” The Xia Tian three people to extracurricular walk directly. Sees three people of backs, Fang Junnian does not know that should say what was good, haven't oneself such had the feeling really? One come to bring Bing Xin, but unexpectedly looks that now their three leave. Halts to me, did I ask you to leave?” Fang Junnian blocked directly in the Xia Tian three people of front. You.” Xia Tian lazily looks to the opposite party. Hears the Xia Tian words, three people all collapsed, especially Fang Junnian, how oneself said that is also a major, unexpectedly was so disregarded, he just obviously had said that but front this brat unexpectedly also asked who one are. I am the Bing Xin cousin.” Fang Junnian shouts loudly. „, Had not seen a moment ago, do you have the matter?” Xia Tian asked. Has the matter.” Fang Junnian saw that Xia Tian answered finally, said hurriedly. Lends money?” Xia Tian asked. „It is not.” Fang Junnian shook the head. „Do you want to marry?” Xia Tian asked again. „It is not.” Fang Junnian felt one soon collapsed, is front person humanity? Communicates such to use energy. „Did you do the multi-level marketing?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Fang Junnian. „It is not, anything that in your brain actually thinks.” Fang Junnian angry looks to Xia Tian.

Now this time, for a long time does not contact with your friend or the family member contacts with you suddenly, only then these reasons.” Xia Tian serious saying. I was become a soldier.” Fang Junnian soon collapsed. Originally is a soldier elder brother, hello.” Xia Tian extended own both hands to grasp to Fang Junnian. Saw that the Xia Tian change scope is so big, Fang Junnian stares. Volume, hello.” The Fang Junnian response said. We walk.” Xia Tian holds up the hand of Bing Xin to say. Three people walk toward outside once more, Fang Junnian thinks that Xia Tian this time must chat with him well, but has not thought that finally is this, after having exaggerated that next, disregarded him. Looks at they three backs, Fang Junnian followed, this anything had not said that following silently in three people. The hot pot that Ye Qingxue said is away from Jianghai University not to be far, three people walked for more than ten minutes to arrive. Sir, several.” The service people go forward to ask. Three -and-a-half.” The Xia Tian response said. Three -and-a-half? Sir, is four?” The service people asked again. Is three -and-a-half, our three, with behind that half, to a following that single Nong table, give on him the small spirit pot, he eats anything to calculate my.” Xia Tian answered. Heard the Xia Tian words, Fang Junnian collapsed thoroughly, oneself unexpectedly was disregarded this degree, was half, moreover a table small spirit pot. Bing Xin has almost not borne smile.