Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 145

„Are you are threatening me?” Xia Tian received own smile, kept a serious look saying. Sees the change of Xia Tian, Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue knows the matter, or is good, Xia Tian most repugnant is others takes his person to threaten him. You can believe that depended on your poor student is impossible to enter the gate of ice.” Fang Junnian has not gone to manage the Xia Tian expression. Cousin, do you have matter, if you are all right, will quickly walk, goes back to tell my grandfather me not to go back.” Bing Xin hears the Fang Junnian words, goes forward to say hurriedly. I do not walk, I promised the grandfather, must lead you.” Fang Junnian had not seen that Bing Xin is signaling with the eyes with him. Xia Tian arrived at the Fang Junnian front, the right hand has grasped pinches directly on the neck of Fang Junnian, saw the Xia Tian action, Bing Xin knows the misdemeanor, Xia Tian was angry. A Xia Tian hand has raised Fang Junnian: Looks in you are in the Bing Xin cousin's share, I have forgiven you, if you dare to say such again, I will kill you, if my side has anybody to have an accident, I will extinguish your entire clan.” Threat, naked threat. If beforehand Xia Tian is teasing this Fang Junnian, then present he was really angry. The right hand flings, has flung Fang Junnian directly. Xia Tian, he is joking with you.” Ye Qingxue goes forward to explain hurriedly. I do not hope that your any person has the danger, if possible, I will destroy completely your potential dangers ahead of time.” Xia Tian light saying. Saw the Xia Tian expression, Fang Junnian was shocked, he knows that he moves the bottom line of opposite party. Cousin, you walks, moreover after I hopes you to go back engages in introspection, if the words made the grandfather hear, the grandfather will not forgive you.” The Bing Xin reminder said that although her grandfather powerful, but will never bully. Does not allow own descendant to bully. I for words apology, but after I go back, will tell the grandfather here situation, you put best into it.” Fang Junnian said that later direct turn around leaves.

After Fang Junnian walks, Xia Tian also left Jianghai University. Young Hu, the previous time matter, after I go back, by my father's K maliciously, this tone, if, I died were not willingly.” Wang Nianlin got hold of the fist to say. Snort, I will not let off his.” Hu Fangye wicked saying, remembers the previous time matter he to curse at people, his unexpectedly by a brat playing with. This is this whole life has not felt the shame. „Should we do? Or finds the person to frame him, then makes him die in the prison?” Wang Nianlin is soliciting the agreement of Hu Fangye, because of the help of this need Hu Fangye. „It is not good, such was too cheap he, I must find the person to break his leg first, was delivering the prison him, finally made him die in the prison.” Hu Fangye wicked saying. Good, needed me to help to say.” Wang Nianlin nodded. Coped with him is the minor matter, Jiang Shao came back immediately, we needed to prepare well.” Regarding Hu Fangye, copes with Xia Tian is the minor matter, but sees Jiang Shao that is the important matter. We must before Jiang Shao comes back kills this boy, if makes Jiang Shao know that our three suffer a loss in this boy hand, our three ended.” Wang Nianlin mentioned Jiang Shao time somewhat is at heart disturbed. Jianghai four little have been since headed by Jiang Shao, because other three people are chosen by Jiang Shao. In other words reason that their three become Jianghai four little is because obtained the acknowledgment of Jiang Shao, because just they became Jianghai four few, therefore their several can obtain that status in the family. Once their several had been eliminated the Jianghai four few reputations by Jiang Shao, then their several status in family immediately changes low, status of Hu Fangye in family also will be eliminated, the status of this head of the clan candidate also will be captured when the time comes by others. The Jianghai four sons' existence significances rule, the leaders of Jiang Hai City all sons of the influential. If they did not have that ability, then they will be replaced. Jiang Tianshu will choose another three people to replace them, entire Jiang Hai City has many people in staring at they three positions, even links the people in their family also to hit their attention.

Therefore they must protect their dignity and status. This matter cannot make Jiang Shao know.” Hu Fangye is very clear, reason that oneself will become the candidate of Hu, will be because will have the support of Jiang Tianshu, if Jiang Tianshu no longer supported him, then his status did not guarantee absolutely. Xia Tian at home exercise time received the Bai Yiyi call. Bai Yiyi told his Section Chief Zhao to be insane, moreover he has killed his son personally, this committed the crime, now he had been isolated by critically ill. The matter of Section Chief Zhao has sounded the alarm to some people. For example Li Fu Bureau Chief of police station, his wish made Section Chief Zhao cope with Xia Tian, but has not thought that Section Chief Zhao has also abandoned, this has to make him start to doubt the Xia Tian identity. Just started is Liu Dui, the present is Section Chief Zhao. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Young Aunt, how you had time to call me.” „To join specially Operations Office.” Does not think.” Is so simple?” Em.” I also deliberately considered after you joined specially Operations Office, with the Lin Bingbing minute to one group, later you can leave mission together, since you do not have the interest, that.” Who said that I do not think, I know that Young Aunt to me is best.”

That present leave to me.” I immediately on the past.” After Xia Tian has tidied up one next, looked for Ye Wan to be clear directly. Ye Wan mild Xia Tian institute approximately place is a cafe. Young Aunt, how can I be able to join specially Operations Office?” Saying that Xia Tian comes straight to the point. You now already.” Ye Wan said clearly. Em? Quickly, do not investigate thoroughly the status, what practice mission makes?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that is clear to Ye Wan, he had heard Operations Office has specially is difficult to enter, moreover before Lin Bingbing enters specially Operations Office, has mission, if that mission is not the Xia Tian help, Lin Bingbing is impossible to complete. What person has to understand your details compared with me?” Ye Wan asked clearly. Truly so, Ye Wan clear also understands itself compared with Xia Tian. She is looks at Xia Tian to grow up, related Xia Tian all backgrounds and news she is knows from A to Z, therefore does not need to investigate anything, was needless to say as for Xia Tian ability that. She believes absolutely that Xia Tian has into specially the ability of Operations Office first-grade team member. Special Operations Office altogether may be divided into seven and other team members, the one who just entered specially Operations Office is the practice team member, is first-grade, second-rate, highest is seven.