Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 146

Ye Wan believes clearly that can take on the first-grade team member by the Xia Tian skill absolutely, therefore he crossed the practice inspection for Xia Tian directly, this is also goes through the motions. Said also right, Young Aunt you truly compared with anybody understood that my family background, I to the present do not know that who my mother is.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, his father's status is he knows in the Quicksand mouth. Mother's status that is nobody knows. That hacker small girl of last night has not found out his mother's status. „After concerned your father and mother's matter you, definitely knows that this is also I makes you join specially the Operations Office reason, when you one day reach your father's altitude, you had the qualifications to know all these.” Ye Wan clear light saying. Xia Tian asked each time when Young Aunt concerned father and mother's matter, Young Aunt will dodge him with the language. I knew.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he knows that he sooner or later certainly will look up. If before is that Xia Tian, perhaps he does not know for a lifetime his father is any status, but now he changed, he looked up that many concerned fathers' news. Starting today you were the China specially Operations Office first-grade team member, our entire province first-grade team members altogether had 100 people, the Jiang Hai City altogether 30 first-grade team members.” Ye Wan looks at Xia Tian to say clearly. „.” Xia Tian nodded. „The way of special Operations Office promotion rank is very simple, makes mission, difficulty higher mission promotion is quicker.” Ye Wan clear is the Xia Tian explanation said. What advantage does rank promotion have?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally, special Operations Office handles matters for the country, after advantage you, knew, but jumps the ranks to meet the mission mortality rate is 50%, more two-level above meets the mission mortality rate is the percentage 80, jumps over above Rank 3 to meet the mission mortality rate is 99.9%.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said. „After me, can spend elder sister one group with the police.” Xia Tian most cares is this issue. Right, your mission reward experience can only to the half minute.” Ye Wan said clearly. Has not related, all gives her to be good.” No matter Xia Tian that anything experiences, no matter also promotes any rank, so long as can spend the elder sister to have the right reason because of the police to be together good.

What you have to ask?” Ye Wan looked said clearly to Xia Tian. You who I must ask did not tell me, but also asked that it did do.” Xia Tian stood up directly, left cafe. After Xia Tian leaves the cafe, went to the Sister Hong bar directly. You are my~ oh my big apple~. „The police spend the elder sister, did you think me?” Thinks that your big end of ghost, your side was too noisy, changes a place.” Xia Tian went out of the bar. I heard that you also joined specially Operations Office, moreover with my one group?” „The police spend the elder sister, your news was too quick.” Was the department head told me a moment ago, you now where.” I in the Sister Hong bar, am that my previous time leads you to come.” I look for you, we make mission.” Lin Bingbing has hung up the telephone directly, regarding Lin Bingbing, she biggest desire is to enter Dragon Group, but enters the Dragon Group basic condition is to join specially Operations Office, after she joins specially Operations Office discovered that originally only then seven and other team members have the opportunity to join Dragon Group. Makes the mission speed 30 years unable to turn into seven by her and other team members, her radically exactly less than 30 years. She knows that Xia Tian is very fierce in this aspect, therefore she heard Xia Tian also to join specially Operations Office, moreover with oneself was a group, therefore specially excited.

After a half hour. Follows me.” Lin Bingbing has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. Sister Hong, I walked first.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Goes.” Sister Hong nodded. „Do we go?” Xia Tian went out of the bar with Lin Bingbing. Goes to the room.” Lin Bingbing said. What, goes to the room? We are the development was too quick, I have not been mentally prepared, since you think, then I am willing to devote.” Xia Tian coy saying. What you think is any at sixes and sevens.” Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one: Guesthouse has the computer, we can visit specially the Operations Office official site, we meet mission.” shit, white happy.” Xia Tian heard the Lin Bingbing words to sigh with emotion one. Do not rub gently, hurry up.” Lin Bingbing said. „The present science and technology was also too developed, meets mission unexpectedly also to access the net.” Xia Tian first time meets specially Operations Office mission, has not thought that unexpectedly needs to access the net. They arrive at the guesthouse to open the room, the service personnel saw when Lin Bingbing beautiful appearance blinked to Xia Tian, the meaning is your boy line, such pretty woman can also take. Two, in the thing room have, comes out to pay up on the line.” Saying that the waitresses smile. I do not use.” The response of Lin Bingbing coldly said. „, Good, wishes two happiness of playing.” Saying of waitress face smiling face.

After they went upstairs, Lin Bingbing turned on the computer directly, has input a website on the computer, the rank of this website is very high, is not worried about any virus, regardless of lands in any place does not have the issue, Lin Bingbing has input own name and password on the page. Special Operations Office mission can be divided into seven types, A , B , C , D , E , F , G.” Lin Bingbing explained: My present rank makes G level mission is most basic, the F level mission hope was very uncertain.” First met ten to say casually again.” Xia Tian light saying. Casual? Meets ten? You were insane, my jurisdiction were most can only simultaneously meet two, moreover met must have the deadline of completion, meets casually is more impossible, we must look that which tally can do now.” Lin Bingbing answered. Really troublesome, that first meets two, then now completes.” Xia Tian light saying. Good, that meets these two, one is to seize fugitive, another is to collect the embezzlement evidence of minimum assurance bureau secretary.” Lin Bingbing selected directly has met mission, these two mission deadlines were three days. In other words, they take in three days to complete these two mission. How we plan to complete these two mission.” Lin Bingbing looked that said to Xia Tian. Plans anything, follows me.” Xia Tian pulls up Lin Bingbing to walk toward outside. They just arrived at downstairs time, Lin Bingbing wants to return a house, Xia Tian has held on her directly: Do not worry, one must come back.” That waitress looks a moment ago the Xia Tian back shook the head: Yeah, is the embroidering pillow, such quickly finished up.”