Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 148

This was crazy one night, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing one night has made 18 mission fully . Moreover the speed was one by one fast. A night completes 18 mission, this completely is a extraordinary magnificent feat. Submits mission, only then a person, is Lin Bingbing, because Xia Tian do not experience, therefore in the system will not present his name. That night entire Jiang Hai City Operations Office all first-grade team members all knew specially is called the Lin Bingbing person, there are many people surprised for her , some people envy and envy, but there is a female mood very not to be good. G level mission first is she, but unexpectedly has been robbed by others now, before one opened G level mission to see her name, now opens on G level mission to write Lin Bingbing. Lin Bingbing, hateful, actually this Lin Bingbing is, why before , has not heard her name.” You are waiting to me, tomorrow will be once a week set conference, I must make you attractive.” Lin Bingbing thought that night was really too substantial, finally they poured in that guesthouse have fallen asleep, the Lin Bingbing bed, Xia Tian rested the sofa. Today is once a week set conference, the time is 4 : 00 pm, the place was still the lake hotel, do not forget.” Lin Bingbing said, went to Police Department, she now is police. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Who?” I am Wang Nianlin.” Did not know that you made a mistake.” I go, I am Wang Nianlin, I will have the person to look for Ye Qingxue today, can you block?” I ensure does not kill you.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, rushes to Jianghai University directly, he knows that this definitely is a snare, but any snare appears that small and weak in the face of the absolute military force. Xia Tian arrives in Literature and Art Department time.

Wang Nianlin led the person also to arrive. Ten guys, looked that mixes black. Most makes Xia Tian think inconceivable is not far away also several women, these woman long of called one miserably. Saw Xia Tian to come, that several females threw directly to her, the mouth was also shouting simultaneously: Discourteous.” shit, this was also too false.” Xia Tian sees has framed by planting stolen goods on, but has not seen such inferior: You asked two attractive me to recognize, woman who such you looked for if hugged me, I owed.” Xia Tian dodges, has shunted that several females directly hugs. That several females exaggerate has ripped open own clothes directly, some also reveal the shoulder , to continue to pursue Xia Tian: Discourteous, discourteous.” Broad daylight, ringing the universe, some unexpectedly people are discourteous.” Wang Nianlin led that ten guys to walk from behind directly. Whom did not have, this performing skill also too empty boasting.” Xia Tian shook the head, this Wang Nianlin framed by planting stolen goods on to frame the method is really too bad, these actresses looked also was really too Top Grade. Xia Tian, I must represent today eliminate you justly.” Wang Nianlin shouts loudly. Ok, I agreed that but can you make first to me that several dinosaur, I really could not accept.” Xia Tian looks at Wang Nianlin to say. You discourteous others, unexpectedly also dares so to slander them, you is a sexually aggressive male.” Wang Nianlin loud shouting. I trouble you, how many long beautiful points lines next time will look for? When the time comes I am willing to devote.” Xia Tian looks at front these dinosaur, the real not being able to get down hand, delivered he not to accept. Snort, today is your time of death.” Wang Nianlin shows a faint smile, Xia Tian that afterward that ten guys like this fire into, Wang Nianlin waved at the same time, behind walked 78 police. Meaning that these police have not begun, but watches the fun in that side.

This is Hu Fangye their plans, first makes these guys hit remnantly Xia Tian, then makes the police seize him, finally finds the person to tidy up him in the prison maliciously. Looks at these ten guys, with the female who that several clash, Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Oh.” This character gets rid but actually, the body of that several guy such neat but actually . Moreover the body of direction that several female they pour, these ten robust men on this pounding stiffly on the body of that several female. „Are you doing, now does not pick up the little girl time, first breaks the leg of that fellow to me.” Wang Nianlin saw that several guys fall to the ground to shout hurriedly. That several guys have stood directly. Again but actually.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, that ten guys who afterward just stood but actually, once more have pounded on the body of that several female. These Hanping homogeneous more than 170 jin (0.5 kg), fattest more than 200 jin (0.5 kg), they ten such solid pounding on that several females, that several female pressed pitiful yells. Some pants were even wet. This scene was too bloody. That several police of Wang Nianlin and his side looked silly. That several guys just stood up, Xia Tian also said a but actually character, then they pounded on the body of that several female, this chapter of that several females could not bear again. I do not do.” Paternal grandmother, this is any situation, on you, catches first him, other going in said again.” Wang Nianlin does not know that Xia Tian has done any ghost. That several police walk toward Xia Tian directly. You is a suspect of the discourteous female student, fights, now you were arrested.” That several police arrive at the Xia Tian front to say.

Xia Tian has to admire this group of people, this was also too false, where all from can look at his discourteous that several dinosaur, moreover that several guys fired into his time, these police in smoking to watch the fun, after these guys fell to the ground they came up to catch itself. You resembled complexion, I one has not bumped that several dinosaur, you looked at their ten, now is doing, that woman of under his hand unexpectedly in touching body.” Xia Tian very exaggeration is pointing at that ten guys: I said the brothers, your taste was also too heavy, this your also being able to get down hand.” Quickly raises hand, otherwise our to open fire.” That several police have pulled out the (spear|gun) directly. Good, I follow you, but your several should better lay down the (spear|gun), otherwise I feared that your hands will be very painful.” Xia Tian light saying. Ha, you also dares to threaten us to the present.” That several police laugh saying: I took the (spear|gun) to point at you, how.” Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of that police that afterward the (spear|gun) in his hand fell the ground, his hand became the severe pain is suddenly incomparable. Yeah, told you to be painful.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. You, certainly are the ghost who you do.” Several other police have aimed at Xia Tian the (spear|gun). Ah! Ah! Ah! A series of pitiful yell sounds shouted from their mouth that their (spear|gun)s all fell on the ground, was covering own right hand.