Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 149

Told you other act high and mighty, this.” Xia Tian looked at that several police to say. You dare to assault a police officer, the present is the crime adds first-grade.” That police look angrily to Xia Tian, although he does not know that Xia Tian has made anything to his hand, but he knows that certainly is Xia Tian does. „Did your which eye see me to assault a police officer? Right, before you is also fabricated, that was casual you to say.” Xia Tian light saying, this group of people are look for trouble, how regardless of he argued that is useless. Acknowledgment is good, takes away to me him.” That police are shouting to other people. I urged you do not regret to be good.” Xia Tian boarded the police vehicle with them. Snort, what regret is you, just wait, one will have you to be attractive.” That police cold snort. Wang Nianlin saw that Xia Tian followed the police, relaxed finally, although the reality and plan have very big disparity, but this last step has been completed finally, he believes that so long as Xia Tian entered the police station, that was impossible to live. So long as Xia Tian dies, even if Jiang Shao hears any rumor not to relate. What Jiang Shao this person looks is result, but is not the process, in other words you in process, regardless has paid many diligently, he does not care, he only regards as important the result, regards as important you whether completed. Your these useless fellows have not rolled to me.” Wang Nianlin saw these guys and that several Top Grade dinosaur females who ground scolded. After handling matters, Wang Nianlin has made a phone call to Hu Fangye, told him smoothly all. „A good pain, was too possibly tired recently.” Wang Nianlin shook the head, he feels the head a little dizzy, but he has not cared. In police station. That seven police have taken into the interrogation room Xia Tian. What brought a moment ago is who?” Qian Dui saw that person of back asked one very familiar. Qian Dui, but is ordinary fighting.” That police answered hurriedly.

Fighting made the people of local police station go not to be good, setting out the city bureau to do?” Qian Dui felt that the matter is very strange, moreover saw appearance that police cover up, he felt that is not the good deed. Qian Dui, you leave alone, we have been able to process.” That police do not dare to look at the Qian Dui vision. Said quickly, what's the matter? Jianghai was not recently peaceful, if you dare to stir up trouble to me, I could not forgive your several.” A Qian Dui brow wrinkle, shouted to clear the way to that police. Is Young Hu and Wang Shao must cope with a student.” That police know that could not conceal the truth. Student!!” Hears the student two characters time, Qian Dui at heart one cold, he was praying that may should not be that person: A bit faster leads me to have a look.” That police bring Qian Dui to go to interrogate the room, opens the interrogation room door time, front made them be shocked. Interrogates in the room three police to lie on the ground, Xia Tian sits on the interrogation table. Ended, is really he.” Sees Xia Tian time, Qian Dui at heart cool cool. Brat, your unexpectedly dares to assault a police officer, you died.” That police are shouting to Xia Tian loudly. ! A palm of the hand sound transmits, that police have covered own face. Hits his is not others, is Qian Dui, Qian Dui sees is Xia Tian time, knew, has not thought that the fellow of this acting recklessly also provoked him, coming up that therefore he was relentless was a palm of the hand. The Liu Dui death, the insanity of Section Chief Zhao, all people know that is related with this Xia Tian. He exactly has not sufficed. Mr. Xia, you can walk, this is a misunderstanding.” Saying of Qian Dui face smiling face.

You make me come me to come, asking me to leave me to walk, I do not have the face very much.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Volume!” Qian Dui really has cannot say painstakingly, although this matter is not he does, but these people are his subordinate, once has had an accident, he cannot evade responsibility, no matter what, he finally understands now anything was called to ask the god to be easy to deliver the god to be difficult. Mr. Xia, is their several is not right, I gave you to apologize here, you walked.” Money Captain urged, saw own Captain, if polite spoke to this person, that police know one courted disaster. Does not walk, today does not give me a view I not to walk.” Xia Tian manner very strong saying. Money Captain really did not have the means that if this looked up, that may go bad, he cannot make Xia Tian continue absolutely to get down noisily: Mr. Xia, forest Captain in that side office, or you have a look at her.” „Do the police spend the elder sister in? Has not played with you, I ask the police to spend the elder sister.” Xia Tian jumped down from the table, ran directly to the Lin Bingbing office. Saw that Xia Tian walked finally, money Captain relaxed. Delivers hospital their several, your several go home to be on leave to me, as for the punishment I reported that above said again.” Saying of money Captain coldly, this is the unexpected misfortune, was almost given the pit by these subordinates. Qian Dui, you listen to me to explain.” That police go forward to say hurriedly. Explanation does not use, if not punish you, I must be punished.” Money Captain most left interrogation room. Interrogated in the room that police to give itself a palm of the hand, this was corrupt, now the misdemeanor, did not do well the rice bowl to lose. „The police spend the elder sister, I came.” Xia Tian rushed in the Lin Bingbing office directly. How you came to the police station.” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Was grasped.” Xia Tian said. Catches you? Who now the entire city bureau dares to catch you.” Lin Bingbing light saying.

Good, I speak the truth, I thought you, therefore came back with them.” Xia Tian serious saying. Lin Bingbing helpless shaking the head, she had defeated by Xia Tian, but she guessed that Xia Tian is impossible to come to the police station with no reason at all, definitely some people asked him to trouble. Now was all right?” Lin Bingbing asked. Has been all right, I did not plan to walk, wants them to give me a view, but there is police saying that you in this, I ran over.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Happen to you came, one will walk with me together, attended the Operations Office conference to go specially.” Lin Bingbing helpless saying. Still in lake hotel. You heard that Lin Bingbing, it is said that she is a new person.” Quite fierce, a new person broke the quickest record of G level mission.” „The previous record probably is Lu Qian, in the ranking cannot see her name finally now.” These Operations Office person was discussing specially, in the ranking can only see ten names and ten mission, because Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian altogether have made 18 mission, therefore on the first ten positions was Lin Bingbing this name. Snort!” Sat in table nearby Lu Qian cold snort, the right hand has made a fist pounding maliciously on the table.