Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 150

Sees the Lu Qian expression, all people shut up, Lu Qian is not affable, that feeling that her present expression probably must be irritated. Suddenly, in the guesthouse is very peaceful. Din-dong. Doorbell sound. Some people open the door. Person who Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing coming, see their times, in the room all people reported the breath, because Operations Office added specially newly on two people, female. Although they have not seen Lin Bingbing, but also knows that front this female certainly was Lin Bingbing. Snort!” Lu Qian cold snort, has stood up afterward, walks to Lin Bingbing. Lu Qian walks to sway, the nostril faces upwards, the brow tight wrinkle, behind both hands, the corners of the mouth rise, the manner is quite arrogant: „Are you Lin Bingbing?” Em.” Lin Bingbing nodded, she could see that perhaps this person is looks for trouble, she could not think through herself just to join specially Operations Office, whom should not offend to be right. Heard that you are very fierce, an evening continuously has made 18 mission, moreover has been breaking the record.” Lu Qian contemptuous looks at Lin Bingbing to say. Luck is good.” Lin Bingbing is not willing to respond this person, wants to walk toward inside. But Lu Qian actually has blocked her footsteps. New person, is this you facing the Senior manner?” Lu Qian stands in Lin Bingbing front reproves. I join Operations Office to serve for the country specially, serves the people, but does not serve for Senior, therefore I do not need any good manner with you.” Saying of Lin Bingbing coldly. „, The manner is very whoops crazy, does not know that you do have the real skill.” Saying of Lu Qian extremely exaggeration.

Other people in guesthouse sit there watch the fun, and on nobody comes to stop this farce, the Lu Qian manner is very clear, she is bullying the new person. All is waiting for the war between this women. Actually they want to take a look at Lu Qian to how vent anger, but how this new person Lin Bingbing must resist. Hey, the good dog not to obstruct the road.” The sound broke together tranquilly, but this sound was not Lin Bingbing said that but was Xia Tian. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people changed him the vision, never has the person to dare such in the Operations Office first-grade team member to speak with Lu Qian specially, because everybody knows that her temperament is not good, the strength is also very strong. Naturally, main reason because her back some people support, a second-rate team member, is her fiance. Because has that second-rate team member, therefore Lu Qian so is secure. But now some unexpectedly people dare such to speak to her, said that she is the dog. Your unexpectedly dares to scold me.” A Lu Qian face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, she has not thought that some people dare to scold her, moreover is a new person, making a new person scold, this did not have the face simply. „Did others keep off us to say?” Xia Tian looked that said to Lu Qian. You court death.” Lu Qian wicked looks to Xia Tian. You had a look at you to grow a face attire ***, was disinclined to respond you.” Xia Tian draws Lin Bingbing direct stand forth, Lu Qian is wanting to stop, but she suddenly discovered that the person disappeared. Such baseless vanished before her. Person?” Lu Qian stares slightly. Idiot, we in this.” Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing sat on the board chair.

Lu Qian has turned around, the doubts of whole face, she does not know when these two people pass. „Does brat, want to fight? You did not have that qualifications, your new person is good the easy to learn study to cultivate the behavior.” Lu Qian disdains stared Xia Tian one, afterward looked said to Lin Bingbing: You are also figure.” „Are you how is it?” Lin Bingbing frowns to say. Gesticulates, how puts out a real skill to come with me to compare one?” Lu Qian vision stubbornly is staring at Lin Bingbing, she must defeat Lin Bingbing, making Lin Bingbing know that here who is an Boss. Compared with on the ratio, who fears anyone.” The Lin Bingbing temperament has also come up, who young is not frivolous. What to quarrel to quarrel?” The entrance place has broadcast a severe sound, all people were peaceful, including Lu Qian, she also honest sitting returned to the seat place. Has the strength to use to me on mission, does not want the internal disputes.” As soon as Leader severe saying, has seven Leader to manage to seven divisions from first-grade. Saw Leader to come, all people returned to their position. About 40 of Leader, country character face, tall and powerfully built. First I give everybody to introduce two young blood, Lin Bingbing, Xia Tian.” Leader looks at the people to say. Does not need Leader to explain, everybody can also look female is Lin Bingbing, male is Xia Tian. Leader, incurs the new person so to be how casual now, any people want.” Saying that Lu Qian disdains. Since everybody is the member of first-grade group, should help mutually, if you compare, compares mission.” Although Leader is severe, but he is not that not reasonable person, he has been also young, knows the youngster temperament. Good, compared with on ratio.” Saying that Lu Qian is not convinced. Lu Qian, Lin Bingbing used night of time to be 18 G level mission people, you determined that you can also compare?” The Leader reminder said that spoke of 18 times enlarged the sound intentionally.

Lu Qian clenched teeth: „Does ratio, do the non- ratio, new person who does not understand the custom.” You may, if wants, your record to be one week 13, but Lin Bingbing is one night 18.” Leader reminded again. Naturally compare, I must teach this new person well.” Lu Qian arrogant saying. Compared with what ratio? moron.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. All people looked to Xia Tian, including that Leader. „Is your new person how is it? Wants me to teach you to cultivate the behavior.” Lu Qian wicked looks at Xia Tian. What you also meets besides act high and mighty?” Xia Tian looks at Lu Qian to say. Ok, Xia Tian.” Lin Bingbing saw that the Xia Tian appearance urged hurriedly. You live is impatient? If to the Leader face, I already did not teach your this new person.” Lu Qian angry saying, her today's anger was really too big. I warned you, if you dare the provocative police to spend the elder sister again, I am impolite.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, everybody is clear, originally this Lin Bingbing is police is colored, but her side Xia Tian should be her pursuer, therefore such will be angry. You warned me, did you match?” Lu Qian may, no matter among them is anything relates: Is pair of people.” ! Clear hears the applause, all people looked to that person on table.