Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 152

If some people asked that Jiang Hai City whose medical skill is highest, then well-known figure knows that Wang Grandfather of Wang, that is Jiang Hai City Divine Doctor, this time Wang Grandfather actually deeps frown. Because his grandson has fallen ill, is a strange sickness, he has not seen this sickness. The rate of fire spread of getting sick is very fast, probably in fast senilly is the same, this situation will appear generally only on the 70 - 80 years old person. Good strange sickness, the vigor in body probably suction was the same.” Shaking the head that Wang Grandfather keeps. Father, you must save Lin Er.” Father anxious saying of Wang Nianlin. He is my grandson, I naturally can save him, but this sickness was really too strange, first went with continue the life to me the herbal medicine, I must give his Shi Zhen.” Wang Grandfather can only use this means. After two double-hour. Preserved one to assign finally, but does not know when will wake.” On Wang Grandfather forehead is the sweat. Many thanks the father gets rid to rescue.” The Wang Nianlin father kneels on the ground said. He is also my grandson, I will certainly save him, you go, he offended any person recently, who I must have a look to dare in Jiang Hai City under such heavy the hand but actually to my person of Wang.” Although Wang Grandfather the age was old, but the individuality has not actually reformed. After Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing entered the guesthouse, Lin Bingbing opened the mission system directly, searched for in E level mission, what made his worried was these mission is quite difficult. She does not think that she and Xia Tian can complete. Saw that Lin Bingbing snatches there, Xia Tian goes forward directly: This.” This? How this possibly completes.” Lin Bingbing whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. That mission that Xia Tian selects is in E level mission is most difficult, kills Quicksand Rank 2 Assassins casually, must know that the Rank 2 Assassins strength is very strong, even if five and other team members got rid not necessarily to have 100% assurances. They are only the first-grade team members.

Tries.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, happen to he must deal with the Quicksand person, now had this mission he naturally to meet. After having met mission, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing went downstairs. Yeah, was such quick, white blind that appearance, unexpectedly was quick gunners.” The waitresses look that the Xia Tian back shook the head. „Do we go?” Lin Bingbing looked that asked to Xia Tian. Goes to my family.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Your family? We do not cope with Quicksand Rank 2 Assassins? How not to go to your friend that to ask.” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks to Xia Tian, she thinks that Xia Tian must ask his these friend Quicksand people in, then they are getting rid. Friend of mine can only average person, Quicksand that group of people , if so good to look up, already died not to have.” Xia Tian answered. „Does that go to your family to do?” Lin Bingbing asked again. „The person who surveillance my family year to year has Quicksand, waits a while to find the opportunity to track, which has a look at their supreme headquarters, then had it all.” Xia Tian already discovered that these Quicksand people were monitoring him, but he has pretended unable to see them. To one day can have it all them. You were insane, had it all, do you know that Rank 2 Assassins fierce, in their dens Expert definitely was specially many, even if sets out Flying Tigers also to lose seriously, our two pasts, that with bringing death anything has not distinguished.” Lin Bingbing surprised saying. „Don't you such believe your future man?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lin Bingbing. You dare to talk nonsense I to punch you again.” Lin Bingbing has grasped her embroidery fist. You sooner or later are my Xia Tian concubine, how I will make you be injured.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. „It is not concerned about face.” Lin Bingbing stared Xia Tian one.

Xia Tian brought Lin Bingbing to return to the old dwelling of oneself family, saw the Xia Tian family, Lin Bingbing stares slightly. „Do you usually live here?” Lin Bingbing doubts looks at Xia Tian. Sometimes lives in this, sometimes lives in my older female cousin that.” The Xia Tian response said that he is in courtyard and periphery keeps is walking. Saw that Xia Tian is wandering about aimlessly, Lin Bingbing has not spoken, she knows that Xia Tian is certainly doing, person who if here has Quicksand, she spoke irresponsibly anything's words, can exposed they. Therefore very much Lin Bingbing is tactful returned to the room, looks surrounding these worn-out, but actually very clean thing, her nod of silently. Near the room is setting up together the ancestral tablet. „The spirit tablet of my father.” Saw that time Lin Bingbing of this ancestral tablet knows, originally the Xia Tian father died, but another idea has braved suddenly, his mother? Lin Bingbing has not seen the father since childhood, after mother died, the fathers have not come back one time, she asked his uncle, her uncle told her, her father was the hero in country, was the person of Dragon Group. But a title of hero is not enough to reduce hate of Lin Bingbing to father, therefore she by any means possible wants to join Dragon Group, looks that heartless man, revenges for mother. Xia Tian transferred several after outside returned to the room. How is it?” Lin Bingbing asked in a low voice. „After one hour, draws in a net.” Xia Tian light saying. Why the Quicksand person has monitored you.” Lin Bingbing puzzled asking. Because in my hand has the thing that they want.” Xia Tian answered. They grasped not to end you, why must such take the effort.” Lin Bingbing asked again.

Because of my long commander-in-chief.” Reason that Xia Tian serious saying, Quicksand has not seized him, on the one hand because of the relations of Fan Zhuifeng, on the other hand is also most important, on the one hand because of Yin Nie. No one knows that actually Yin Nie when will appear. Young Hu, Wang Nianlin had an accident.” Wen Zhaohua deeps frown. I heard, my plan completely was also destroyed, it seems like I underestimated this brat that called Xia Tian.” Hu Fangye clenches teeth angry saying. What to do should we then? Jiang Shao must come back immediately.” Wen Zhaohua anxious saying. He must die, regardless of uses any means.” Hu Fangye wicked saying. Young Hu, I have a method.” Wen Zhaohua said suddenly. Mentioned listens.” Hu Fangye looks to Wen Zhaohua. Kills him, he and relations between Zeng Ruo are very good, we use Zeng Ruo to direct Zeng's Group him, then starts in the Zeng's Group entrance, three directions present three car(riage)s to hit together, I do not believe him not dead.” Wen Zhaohua appearance fierce saying. „Do you give up to kill Zeng Ruo?” Hu Fangye knows that Wen Zhaohua has been pursuing Zeng Ruo. „A woman, I cannot obtain, others also gave up any idea of that obtains.” The Wen Zhaohua appearance is very terrorist.