Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 153
Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing sat for one hour after the room, Xia Tian has stood. Walks.” Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing went out of the room, the Xia Tian vision have swept off to the surroundings, confirmed that these Quicksand people all removed. Although the Quicksand person is one day 24 hours is staring at his family, but when is not two to three people, but is intermittent, the person are sometimes more. Now remains here, only then a Quicksand personnel, see Xia Tian to come out, that Quicksand person hid, they will not track Xia Tian, but defends here. Lin Bingbing has not spoken, such has walked toward outside with Xia Tian. Puts on this eyeglasses.” Xia Tian threw eyeglasses to Lin Bingbing. After Lin Bingbing puts on the eyeglasses, surprised saying: Luminous powder, is the luminous powder, how I forgot this thing.” They with silver burnishing powder stand forth. Walked has met Xia Tian to discover, this group of person unexpectedly on conceal near his family . Moreover the place was the Zeng Ruo first kidnapped that warehouse. Arrives at outside the warehouse time. We two diving secretly in the past, my marksmanship was very accurate, can kill several first to kill several.” Lin Bingbing saying in a low voice, she thought that this course of action is she can want to come out the best course of action. Inside person is listening, you had been surrounded by both of us, quickly comes out to surrender.” Xia Tian loud shouting. This idiot.” Sees the Xia Tian action, Lin Bingbing criticizes one. Her operation plan failed, was directly destroyed by the throat of Xia Tian. I warned you, if you did not come out to surrender, I must kill.” Xia Tian continues to shout. Your brain is sick.” Lin Bingbing angry looks to Xia Tian, this obvious is brings death. However she immediately hid, prepares to sneak attack. ! The big iron gate was opened, 11 people walked from inside directly, these 11 people of uniform Rank 2 Assassins, when they see Xia Tian stares slightly.

Xia Tian, we have not gone to look for you, you delivered actually.” Said that many idle talk do do, some inside also people?” Xia Tian looks that these Quicksand people asked. Acts recklessly.” It seems like was nobody.” Xia Tian nodded. Bang! The sound of gunfire transmits together, was Lin Bingbing carries on to sneak attack. But her unexpectedly has not hit. Small girl, clear(ly) knows that you are two people, we have not guarded how possibly, your to open fire skill and opportunity were really too bad.” Blames that idiot.” Lin Bingbing continuously to open fire. Ping! But a person has not projected on. You kill her first.” Two Rank 2 Assassins have fired into Lin Bingbing directly. moda foka, you dare to bully my future concubine.” The body of Xia Tian leaps, kept off in the Lin Bingbing front directly, both hands has made an effort to press. Bang! The face and ground of that two Rank 2 Assassins have made a deep contact, Xia Tian is so the violence that two Quicksand Rank 2 Assassins stiffly pushes to the ground. What situation? I have misread, when he became such fierce.” I told you, quickly surrendered, must take a beating.” But Xia Tian two silver needles pricked the scruff of that two Rank 2 Assassins directly, then they fainted.

Be not frightened by him, he has certainly resorted to any method, one month ago he is an average person, strength impossible progress rapidness of that.” Remaining nine Assassins also get rid, fires into Xia Tian together. Be careful.” Lin Bingbing once more to open fire. Ping! This time she has hit a target Rank 2 Assassins, their such clashes, even to hide not to be impossible to hide. Oh!” The Xia Tian flash threw dozens silver needles, nine Rank 2 Assassins, saw such scene directly but actually, Lin Bingbing stares slightly, she heard character that but actually Xia Tian said a moment ago. Xia Tian meets the magic, this is her first idea. But she is an atheist, does not believe that in this world will have Harry Potter this person. This what's the matter?” Lin Bingbing whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian. mission has completed, these many Rank 2 Assassins, I think that these should suffice you to promote into the second-rate team member.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Completed!” Lin Bingbing to the present also felt that all these are not real, in this E level most difficult mission, she simply has such completed, and has grasped 11 Rank 2 Assassins one time, lives. The live value forever the ratio died high. Processes, or all killed?” Xia Tian looked that inquired to Lin Bingbing. Do not kill, I telephone to Leader.” Lin Bingbing has dialed a telephone number directly. Half childhood, special Operations Office first-grade Leader brought to send under custody the explosion-proof car(riage) of criminal to come specially, moreover together came also had more than 30 special police officers, a weaponry was very big. „A weaponry that Leader, you make was also too big, grasps the disabled person who several cannot move also to set out these many special police officers.” Xia Tian complained. As soon as Leader sees front these 11 Quicksand Rank 2 Assassins, he was shocked completely, this was also too terrifying. „Is this all you do?” As soon as Leader whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing.

All is she does, I just am watch the fun.” Xia Tian by said on a stone. This time you have contributed to great merit.” As soon as Leader understands that the meaning of Xia Tian, must all give Lin Bingbing the empirical value, he is a seasoned person, he can see Xia Tian to like Lin Bingbing. After that 11 Quicksand Rank 2 Assassins has lifted up the explosion-proof car(riage), as soon as Leader leaves. In a while, the Lin Bingbing cell phone made a sound. Is call that Operations Office department head Ye Wan makes specially clearly. Congratulates you, starting today you were a special Operations Office second-rate team member.” Many thanks department head.” Is your effort, has not related with me, well keep it up.” Tonight, special Operations Office all first-grade team members received a news, Lin Bingbing promoted, she caught 11 Quicksand Rank 2 Assassins one time, moreover all was the living witness. Has contributed to the great merit. The time whole person who Lu Qian hears this news was shocked, she does not believe that all these are Lin Bingbing do. Lin Bingbing must promote for the second-rate team member, but she was actually deducted 50% experiences, how this makes her accept, she can only pent up anger now. Lin Bingbing, my Lu Qian and you are unable to co-exist.” Lu Qian went crazy in all things the room pounds a pulp equally. After this time matter, Lin Bingbing saw the great strength of Xia Tian, in her has regarded smelly rascal Xia Tian at heart, is after these days contact, she discovered that Xia Tian is not that hateful.