Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 155

You are my~ oh my big apple~. Who.” Master, is I, Huo Lajiao.” I am not your master.” Master, I want to ask you to eat meal.” Has no free time.” My grandfather wants to see you.” Has no free time.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone directly, afterward walks toward Bai Family. After arriving at Bai Family, the Bai Yiyi grandmother greets on own initiative. Her several children noticed that she greets on own initiative, is very discontented, in their opinion any big figure is not worth their mother kiss from coming out to greet. When sees Xia Tian that moment, their several all are the brow tight wrinkles, because Xia Tian was really too small. Summer Divine Doctor, come.” Grandmother respectful saying of Bai Yiyi, in her eyes, studies not to have the priority, reaches is the master, although the Xia Tian age is very small, but in her eyes is Master. ‚Is he summer Divine Doctor? So is why young.’ This is that several person common ideas. Bai Yiyi pulls up the arm of Xia Tian directly: Be not standing here, goes.” Grandmother does not need so to be each time polite.” Xia Tian a little does not adapt, the grandmother was really too polite. After several people have arrived in the room. Your several have not transferred accounts, everyone 1 million.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother looked that said to their several. Wait / Etc..” Bai Sheng opened mouth said mother, were you a dotard, his age was so small, you said that he was Divine Doctor?”

You shut up to me.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother angrily rebukes saying that her these sons were given to become hardened in bad habits by her, she understands the Xia Tian temperament, if cannot do well, Xia Tian did not help to govern, that was miserable. You 5 million.” Xia Tian light saying. Volume.” Hears the Xia Tian words, Bai Sheng stares slightly. Bai Yiyi grandmother by oneself this stupid son making was soon insane, she entrusted to speak in vain a moment ago. You carry forward the surface to go to me, from now on, your a few words cannot say, otherwise I hit you.” Grandmother angry saying of Bai Yiyi, a few words said that did not have 4 million, this she can not love dearly. Saw the old lady to be angry, Bai Sheng also no longer spoke. Saw that on the cell phone showed transfers accounts 3 million, Xia Tian nodded, since were three people have transferred accounts, he governs three people today. Can start.” A Bai Yiyi aunt asked. Naturally was OK.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, Bian Que Divine Needles punctures directly above that aunt's acupoint. Xia Tian removes the acupuncture needle amazingly quick, this time he treats three people together, saw his technique, the Bai Yiyi grandmother is shocked completely, before the treatment of Xia Tian was unable to lose concentration, but unexpectedly can treat three people now together. This showed that the Xia Tian strength was increased. Ten minutes, three people treat completely. The treatment of this Xia Tian compared with beforehand several times seemed relaxed. Was good, today was the night of moon/month circle, blessed you to cross a moon/month circle of normal person.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Many thanks summer Divine Doctor.” Bai Yiyi saying of grandmother face smiling face. Good, I first walked.” Xia Tian said that wants departure of turn around. Wait / Etc., summer Divine Doctor, but also misses one to be unable to cope, my this non- loyal son offended you a moment ago, but he is willing to pay money 5 million costs of treatment.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother noticed that Xia Tian must walk, said hurriedly. Sorry, I only received 3 million, therefore I only treat three people.” Xia Tian has put out own cell phone, above writes three 1 million.

3 million?” The Bai Yiyi grandmother looked to Bai Sheng. Bai Sheng just started to think that Xia Tian is a swindler, therefore has not given, moreover suddenly were many 4 million, he definitely is uncomfortable, but has not thought that the Xia Tian medical skill so is really mysterious: I give now.” First hits in my account, I will govern tomorrow again.” Xia Tian light saying. Tomorrow? But today was 15.” Bai Sheng said hurriedly: Money I call now you, 5.001 million will not be few.” Thinks that 15 pain, Bai Sheng no longer loved dearly money, but he was somewhat regretted one had spoken a moment ago words. I said tomorrow on tomorrow, I meet money management, I had met 3 million a moment ago on the treatment three people.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You open a price, you said how much Qian agree govern now.” The Bai Sheng anger has also come up, in his opinion Xia Tian is not asks for money, he is rich, at the worst takes. You looked that I do look like the person who is short of money?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bai Sheng. Bites dīng! Xia Tian looks to own cell phone, is the SMS sound. Above writes is transferring accounts successfully 16 million. Below also has a Zeng Ruo information: Thing sold.” You have a look at my this information, you thought that I will care your 5 million?” Xia Tian fires into Bai Sheng the screen of cell phone, 16 million label on the screen of cell phone. Sees this SMS time, Bai Sheng knows one made a mistake. Divine Doctor of this rank will be how possibly short of money, but once again have actually provoked the opposite party. Summer Divine Doctor, sorry, my this son is innocent.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother goes forward to say hurriedly. Grandmother, you folded ghost really I, but your sons did not have one to be free from worry.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, since grandmother asked him, he pulled rank again somewhat is unreasonable. In the hand Bian Que Divine Needles projects directly, ten leave.

Before was of needle needle, present Xia Tian has been able ten needles to eject together, this broke through with his Heaven Absolute Wake to Third Layer has very big connection. The strength is stronger, he control to silver needle is also stronger, but the X-Ray Vision eye has not changed because of the promotion of strength are too many, Xia Tian estimated that possibly with exercising Spiritual Force is related. However he has not known how now should exercise Spiritual Force. He tries long time to use the X-Ray Vision eye, wants to try the X-Ray Vision eye to be the same with the exercise body, exceed overdraws the potential to be bigger, finally he was disappointed, excessive use X-Ray Vision eye besides letting his headache, cannot bring any advantage. Many thanks summer Divine Doctor, many offended before, summer Divine Doctor can not count the past animosity, my Bai Sheng is really ashamed difficult to bear.” Bai Sheng felt that the change of oneself body, the speech also became polite. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Is Mr. Xia?” Em.” I am money Captain, yesterday we have seen, forest Captain colleague.” „, What matter?” Forest Captain fell ill suddenly, I in the first number that in her cell phone turns am you, therefore hit.” „The police spent the elder sister to fall ill, which you were, I went immediately.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, ran directly Bai Family, the speed very quickly. Sees Xia Tian that vanishes directly, the Bai Family people stare, in their opinion, Divine Doctor possibly this.