Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 158

Hears over a million time Lin Bingbing to stare slightly, that pile of medicine unexpectedly so were a moment ago expensive, how regardless of she saw that could not see the Xia Tian looks like has 1 million people: Do not boil, was too expensive.” Goes quickly.” Xia Tian has not paid attention to Lin Bingbing to look that young nurse said. Which lane you are at these much money, I may.” Lin Bingbing puzzled looks at Xia Tian. Recently gained.” Xia Tian answered. Why can such make money, you are doing the illegal matter, if you will do the illegal matter I to grasp personally your.” Saying that Lin Bingbing is relentless. I am the good citizen who presents the male law enforcement.” Saying of Xia Tian face healthy tendency. Xia Tian has nursed before the Lin Bingbing bed, said is nursing, actually looked in that the eye has stared at Lin Bingbing to look. After the medicine came, Xia Tian gives Lin Bingbing to give the medicine personally, after having drunk the medicine, the Xia Tian point has fainted she, the property of this medicine is too big, the body can have the illness, therefore does not make her experience this painful good. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Who.” I am the Wang Nianlin father.” Did not know.” You quickly leave to see me to me, I warned that your my enduring patiently has the limit, I am not the affable lord.” Whoever.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone directly. Another head of telephone, the Wang Nianlin father looks the telephone in own hand, opposite party unexpectedly dares to make his telephone call. Who he is, he is the Wang Nianlin father, the status in the Wang peer is next to Patriarch, the person temperament of Wang is irritable that became famous, no person dares to annoy, but his unexpectedly is so disregarded by the opposite party today.

Xia Tian, you are very good, that do not blame me being cruel and merciless.” In the Wang Nianlin father eye is divulging sinister and ruthless. Wang Nianlin in a bath center, his body is riding a charming female at this time. I have heard that Xia Tian.” The charming female opens the mouth to say suddenly. „? Mentioned listens.” The Wang Nianlin father looks very curiously to this female. He is very strong, many people fear him.” The charming female said that while looks at the opposite party expression, she a moment ago when hearing this person was the Wang Nianlin father, she had one to cope with the Xia Tian good means. This female is not others, is Wen Ya. Snort, will I fear a child?” Wang Nianlin father cold snort. He does not have mother without the father, most own two person one are Young Aunt, another is his older female cousin, so long as will grasp him certainly to be without a fight his older female cousin.” In the Wen Ya eye flashes through a viciousness. „Who his is older female cousin?” The Wang Nianlin father asked again. Is Jianghai University school beauty, called Ye Qingxue.” Wen Ya said. Ye Qingxue, I listen to my son to mention this name probably.” Father nod of Wang Nianlin slightly: You do is very good, I will reward your sum of money.” On the father face of Wang Nianlin presented sinister and ruthless, he had the means that so long as grasped Ye Qingxue, that Xia Tian must the little darling came Wang Jia to admit mistakes, how when the time comes to handle Xia Tian, must think his mood. He certainly for own son air vent. After the Wang Nianlin father leaves the room. Xia Tian, I will certainly make you die like a dog.” Hate of Wen Ya to Xia Tian, that was carves in the bone, she thinks that the own present fate is the Xia Tian evil. So long as any can retaliate the Xia Tian opportunity, she will not miss.

In the Wang Nianlin father went home the first matter is the life person goes to Jianghai University to grasp Ye Qingxue. Wang in Jiang Hai City is an everybody, what their family does is the medicine business, has Wang Grandfather to assume personal command, any person does not dare to offend Wang, the relationship network of Wang is also intriguing. So long as Wang Grandfather is living, Wang never will deteriorate. Wang Grandfather young time, anger is very exuberant, at that time his medical skill had also been equal, compares notes to compete with the famous doctor everywhere, afterward his medical skill was getting more and more exquisite, finds the person who he treats an illness also to be also getting more and more on exceed. He treats an illness must receive money . Moreover the price is very high. Treated an illness to afterward him simply needs to make an appointment, the person who finally only then the acquaintance leads he treats, this is also to the acquaintance a face. Although Wang Grandfather temperament is poor, the person but who owes him the favour may and many. Entire Jiang Hai City Wang Grandfather only did not have the famous doctor of challenge is the Bai Yiyi grandmother, he thinks that the man competed with the woman, this was in itself the most inferior procedure, he disdained in radically competes with. On the other hand, Wen Zhaohua and Hu Fangye they were delivered to the diagnosis after hospital to come out, they are the dementia that the alcoholism causes. This result lets two family members is really hard to accept. They in the family juniors that may be the outstanding people, but unexpectedly ends up to turn out finally so is out. Hu Fangye is Hu next Patriarch successor, has not thought that now unexpectedly turned into this. Two family members do not think that they are really the alcoholism, therefore two family members start to look up, finally they obtained a common name, that is Xia Tian. Wang Nianlin, Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua, Jianghai four big sons' three have all had an accident, this was also too skillful, moreover their three have a common enemy is Xia Tian.” Huo Wennu looks that front news shows a faint smile. Wen Zhaohua and Hu Fangye unexpectedly turned into the idiot.” Zeng Ruo saw this news time stares slightly, she almost died in that traffic accident, finally was good because of having Xia Tian appears, saved directly her. Afterward Xia Tian said that must handle matters, Zeng Ruo saw him to enter in a van, quick Xia Tian came out.

Zeng Ruo guessed that these two people were certainly made into the idiot by Xia Tian. Chief Zeng, this is the report that you want.” A young pretty female appears in the Zeng Ruo office. Li Ying, you are also familiar with here environment.” Zeng Ruo looked that asked to Li Ying. Custom, I like here.” Li Ying shows a faint smile. Diligently, some much study things, wait later to have the opportunity I to make you well work as the general manager assistant.” Zeng Ruo light saying. Many thanks Chief Zeng can my this opportunity, be able to keep Chief Zeng side that is I happiest matter.” Li Ying excited saying, she just went to this company to obtain this treatment. She believes that this had certainly the relations with Xia Tian, Xia Tian a few words allows her to enter the Zeng's Group practice . Moreover the manager in company also so looked after her. I let am not my assistant who you work as, but is the assistant of our general manager.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Xia Tian is Lin Bingbing pushes aside the fruit skin. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Xia Tian, has had an accident, Qingxue was seized.” What?” The fruit knife in Xia Tian hand fell on the ground. You come quickly.” You treat there do not move, I immediately on the past, remember, cannot report to the police.”