Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 159

Senior Sister, Senior Sister.” Spirit ran in the Yun Miao bedroom. How? Your can Tiantian vary startled one for the first time.” The Yun Miao delicate eyebrows select gently, what is good because of her opposite is spirit, if changes into is others, perhaps her these was already cancelled the soul. Had looks lively.” Spirit shows a faint smile, she most likes is lively. I do not like watching the fun.” Yun Miao light saying. God about that Basketball, you doesn't care?” A spirit face smiling face looks at Yun Miao, she knows that Yun Miao is interested in Xia Tian, therefore has carried out the Xia Tian code number specially. Mentioned that the god of Basketball, Yun Miao naturally knows that was. He how?” Yun Miao has not covered up, but opens the mouth to ask directly. He not, but Ye Qingxue had been seized, you guess that he will be what kind of by him and Ye Qingxue relations?” Spirit cracks into a chuckle. „Do you see with one's own eyes?” Yun Miao looks that spirit asked. Em, I was not far on distance that at that time.” Spirit nodded. How you have not helped her.” Yun Miao believes that so long as spirit wants to help, that has many means to help Ye Qingxue, moreover can not the exposed status. I saw she had been grasped boarded, I radically without enough time, moreover she is not my anything person, why I save her.” Spirit is not truly ripe with Ye Qingxue, although has been having a food together, but that food also only then a Xia Tian person can eat. Knows that is who does?” Yun Miao asked. Does not know that her good friend Bing Xin has telephoned to Xia Tian, I estimated that Xia Tian will come quickly.” Spirit face mischievous saying. We had a look in the past.” Yun Miao stands up, spirit spits tongue, she knows that her Senior Sister is not interested in anything, except for the god of that Basketball.

Xia Tian dashes to come, speed riding the rental car is faster, Bing Xin sits on a Jianghai University bench at this time, the tears of whole face. „The Bing Xin elder sister, you are all right.” Xia Tian arrives at the Bing Xin front. Hum! Bing Xin threw in the bosom of Xia Tian directly: Qingxue was seized.” You do not need to be worried that any person does, I will not let off his.” Xia Tian has patted the back of Bing Xin gently. „The car licenses of these people is a set of sign, moreover they start to be too quick, I have not remembered any useful thing.” Bing Xin felt one are very useless, such helplessly looks that Ye Qingxue was stolen, she actually busily cannot add on. Does not blame you, wipes tears, meets us to rescue older female cousin together.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his at heart is also very restless, he does not know that is who copes with his older female cousin. Xia Tian has put out the cell phone, he planned that seeks help from Brother Xiaoma, was at this time the bell sound of his cell phone. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Who are you?” I am the Wang Nianlin father.” I did not know.” Ye Qingxue in my hand.” Originally is you, you have remembered to me, if my older female cousin broke a hair, I kill your family, if she has been injured, I extinguish your entire clan.”

He he, some first people dare such to speak to me, I in the Wang manor you, do not fear death come.” Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, he has not thought that the person of Wang dares to move his older female cousin unexpectedly. He was angry, no matter, so long as dares to move his older female cousin, he will not let off, although he usually under stingy, but never wants the human life, Wen Zhaohua and Hu Fangye he has not killed. But now he must kill people. „The Bing Xin elder sister, we rescues my older female cousin together.” Xia Tian held up the hand of Bing Xin on directly a rental car. Since knew older female cousin in, that older female cousin is temporarily safe, which he could not find the Wang manor, therefore can only make to rent a car. Senior Sister, did you see a moment ago?” Spirit complexion dignified saying. murderous aura, although is not very mature, but that truly is murderous aura, his background should cleanly be very right, actually his murderous aura from where comes?” Yun Miao puzzled saying, murderous aura this thing kills many talented people to produce. I listened to Master saying that murderous aura also divided two types, the first type killed by the murder, generally only then has killed over a hundred people or in several Expert situations will have murderous aura, but another type was the anger.” Spirit light saying. I understood, reason that his murderous aura is not mature is because his murderous aura does not kill by the murder, but was he most own person is stolen, murderous aura that therefore was transformed by angry.” Yun Miao nodded, afterward they also made to rent a car to follow. The Wang manor is a very big mansion. Since the founding of the nation, the beforehand that mansion was very rare, now this society can have the person in oneself family manor, that was the extraordinary family. Wang is such family, the person who himself studies the medicine is the method is broad, friend are many, but Wang Grandfather is the Jiang Hai City medical skill highest person, his friend naturally was very many, wanted to make this place is not impossible. Wang is in addition filthy rich.

Therefore had such a manor. The manor entrance of Wang has two stone lions to guard, palace gate more than three meters high, the width about two meters, above is hanging a big signboard, writes Wang Residence two characters, it is said this is the character that Wang Grandfather own handwriting proposes, afterward found the person to carve. Others before the Wang Residence gate passes through can only say two characters, the style. The road before Wang Residence gate is forbids to be open to traffic, this road is also Wang Jia spends to cultivate, the road surface smoothness has one to spell with the road in airport . Moreover the road two sides planted to fill the tree and flower, on the street year to year some people cleaned. Master, your plan success, that boy must really bring death.” Snort, a young fellow, dares to move including my sons, I want him not to seek livehood, asked unable.” Wang Nianlin father cold snort: „Did Master Jane invite?” Invited, the subordinate gave him to wrap 1 million red packages, he complies not to tell the backyard this matter.” Em, does well, the manpower has also gotten ready.” Father satisfied nod of Wang Nianlin. Has gotten ready, guaranteed him to want the front door of Wang Residence, he absolutely was impossible to live to walk.” Good, after I have broken his hands and feet, making my son suffer him personally, this with the fate that Wang opposes.” Father wicked saying of Wang Nianlin. That young girl?” Ties up her, he did not warn that I can't move his older female cousin? After I waits for him to come, make him see with one's own eyes my older female cousin to be turned J.” A Wang Nianlin father face fierce expression.