Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 160

The front door of Wang is representing the boundary of Wang, but that signboard is representing the honor of Wang. The entire Jiang Hai City celebrities know that Wang the significance of that signboard, that is the character that Wang Grandfather own handwriting proposes, Wang of that representative in the Jiang Hai City status, the significance that two characters contain is significant. In this time Wang backyard. Brother Wang, you were really more live are younger.” White-haired old man unexpectedly called Wang Grandfather for the brother. Xie my worthy brother, your too web Martial Arts this road, others has practiced martial arts to strong and healthy body, usually practices the expiration and inspiration, this will naturally increase the life, you had a look at you 50 about already white-haired.” Wang shook the head. These many years, others mentioned that Jiang Hai City first Expert, still will say that is Greenwood Villa Fan Zhuifeng, I just want to seize this reputation before the coffin.” Old man surnamed Xie surmounts regarding the pursue of Martial Arts, since study the military must be divided high under. Fan Zhuifeng that has the fortuitous encounter, how otherwise he possibly is Xie my worthy brother's your match, I still remember that you showed disdain for entire Jianghai appearance in the past.” Wang said. Old man surnamed Xie satisfies the words that Wang spoke obviously. „The Fan Zhuifeng biggest skill is quick, in ten meters does not have anybody's speed to be able quick he, including Quicksand Yin Fu .” Old man most headache surnamed Xie is Fan Zhuifeng the speed, reason that he will lose to Fan Zhuifeng also because of the reason of this speed. At this moment a servant arrived at Wang the ear spoke several words. You get down first.” Wang frowns to that person waved. „Does Brother Wang, what matter have?” Old man inquiry surnamed Xie said. All right, but is the junior who some does not make every effort to succeed in that noisy.” Wang beckoned with the hand. Xia Tian and Bing Xin arrive at that street that Wang , the rental car stopped directly. Excuse me, inside we cannot go, that is the domain of Wang, does not let be open to traffic.” The person of rental car answered.

Xia Tian and Bing Xin they got out directly, on this street and nobody stops, but does not have any car(riage) to dare in this above to walk, from this point strongly can actually be able to see the deterrent force of Wang. Xia Tian has held up the hand of Bing Xin, walks toward the front door of Wang directly. The pedestrian in this are not many, moreover they close right up against the flank to walk, this expressed the respect to Wang. „The Bing Xin elder sister, you said that hits the person to hit first?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bing Xin. face-smacking.” Bing Xin replied. First which does that open the family to open?” Xia Tian asked again. Signboard.” Bing Xin replied again. Good, since we start to open from the signboard.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward jumps to leap, a foot trampled in the middle of signboard, the above Wang Residence two characters separated from the middle directly. Xia Tian goes forward the signboard that takes up that two quick break to operate, threw directly to the courtyard. My Xia Tian removes your family signboard today first, then opens your family bone, finally opens your entire mansion.” The Xia Tian sound is very loud, he must in entire Wang Residence to hear. He is kills to visit, is not the sneak attack, not for other, since they dare to grasp their older female cousin, that should pay these prices. Bang! The front door was trampled by Xia Tian directly but actually. This signboard had more than 30 years, this front door is also, they are made of the special blockhead, the value of this thing is not ordinary, but they actually turned into the ordinary rotten wood now.

Em?” Wang and Xie who a sudden brow wrinkle chatted. Because they heard that sound. Brother Wang, your family had probably troublesome.” Old man surnamed Xie shows a faint smile. Made you be laughed, it seems like I was little took a walk outside, any people dare to come my Wang Jia to act unruly.” Saying of Wang Grandfather coldly. Since person of Wang very has attached importance to face, therefore they are extremely arrogant, but some unexpectedly people said today must open their Wang Residence. Master, is not good, the signboard was opened.” A servant runs to say. What?” Wang Grandfather complexion changes, but the signboard the facade of Wang Residence, the signboard was opened, this represented the face of Wang Residence to be hit, more than 30 years, that signboard has been acting as the honor of Wang Residence, is today, this signboard unexpectedly was opened. Xia Tian brought Bing Xin to enter Wang Residence. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to remove the signboard of my Wang Residence, you died.” The Wang Nianlin father looks at Xia Tian angrily. He thought simply matter, but has not thought that this brat unexpectedly dares to remove the signboard of his Wang Residence, the significance of that signboard is very great, now the signboard was opened, he cannot evade responsibility, no matter what. Xia Tian a moment ago shouted was so loud, now he wants to conceal the truth unable to conceal the truth. I said that dares to move my older female cousin, I absolutely will not let off you.” Xia Tian saw the Ye Qingxue position. Brat, is you injure my son, I told you, today I not only need move her, but also I must be in front of your to turn J she.” The Wang Nianlin father looks at Xia Tian wickedly. It seems like I cannot let off you today.” Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges, presents again time, Ye Qingxue appeared in his bosom, took down the towel in Ye Qingxue mouth, Xia Tian grasped her.

Hum! The tears of Ye Qingxue whole face. When sees the Ye Qingxue tears, the anger in Xia Tian heart erupts instantaneously, older female cousin is his taboo, nobody can move. older female cousin, you and Bing Xin elder sister stand in this, looked that I give you to vent anger.” Xia Tian has pulled open Ye Qingxue gently. Meanwhile, in special Operations Office. Department head, your daughter was kidnapped.” What? Who dares to kidnap my daughter.” Racket that Ye Wan clear both hands make an effort on table. Is the person of Wang, but your nephew has killed probably, moreover his past removed Wang that 30 years of nobody had moved the signboard.” This boy, good, courage is big enough, quickly accompanies me to invite Lord Fanzhuang.” Ye Wan heard Xia Tian to pass clearly said hurriedly that Wang was not ordinary others, the Xia Tian such unarmed past, that was must suffer a loss. Department head, with doesn't need me to transfer the person in place?” „It is not good, special Operations Office most abstains from treats as own male servant use the person in place, this is my family work, other people in letting place do not know.” Ye Wan does not want to gossip in the back clearly, moreover he is specially the Operations Office department head, must set an example. In Wang. Saw Xia Tian so easily saved the person, the Wang Nianlin father gawked slightly, but he did not care, Xia Tian has come in any case, their these people could not escape from their palm.