Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 161

Has satisfied a craving, the style that Senior Sister, the god of this Basketball works was really too the violence, but I liked.” Spirit excited saying. Perhaps he had troublesome.” Yun Miao light saying. Senior Sister, we are come to see lively, livelier is better, he came up to remove others signboard, this was hitting the face of opposite party.” Spirit more looks is more excited, those words that especially Xia Tian shouted. First removes the signboard, then opens the bone, finally opens the mansion.’ Aggressive, this saying said was really too aggressive, no matter he can achieve, the imposing manner sufficed in any case. We had a look to say first again.” Yun Miao light saying. Brat, you were really exactly enough, dares to act unruly in my Wang Jia unexpectedly.” The Wang Nianlin father has patted clapping, afterward walks 20 people from the two sides, in these 20 people of each hands is taking iron bar. Before these people, has hidden behind the pine tree, this is the Wang Nianlin father arranges. Sees this enormous and powerful 20 people, the Wang Nianlin father shows a faint smile. Perhaps Mr. Wang, this could not use me.” Walked a man from behind, the man looked from the semblance is about 40 years old, has worn a Chinese-style clothing, had one goat beard. Master Jane, you came, troubled you one really embarrassed, but your I good to explain to Grandfather here that you said.” The Wang Nianlin father does not think these 20 people that one arrange will unable to take this brat. Reason that he asked Master Jane to come, was worried that his father discovered later punished him, if there is a Master Jane to present, his father somewhat to some faces, after all Master Jane, but protecting institute Expert of Wang. Em, my book is the protecting institute person of Wang, now some people dare to remove the signboard of Wang, I naturally must act.” Master Jane nodded, he received others 1 million naturally to for others say. He does not get rid generally, because the servant and security population of Wang are many, his existence to deter some little Kungfu person. Signboard has opened, I must start to open the bone.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward stand forth, he walks is very optional, like taking a walk, around him that 20 people as if decorate general. Acts recklessly.” The Wang Nianlin father contemptuously looked at Xia Tian, afterward shouts: Gives on me, breaks his leg.” That 20 people hear his order, flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Xia Tian forward has walked, probably had not seen that these people are the same, in a stick pounds immediately when his head, he moved.

Ka! Sound of bone break. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from that person of mouth. The Xia Tian double fist rumbles directly. Ka! Ka! The sound and pitiful yell sound of a series of bone break mix in together, Xia Tian leaves deftly like the lightning, will get rid to break a person of arm each time, will see only iron bar in these person of hands almost to pound the head of Xia Tian each time. But each time also on merely bad a little, finally their arms all was broken by Xia Tian. After one minute. A moment ago also in that station 20 people, have fallen to the ground completely, their arm all by Xia Tian interruption stiffly. Leaves deftly ruthless. Saw that such scene Wang Nianlin father was shocked completely, he has not thought that result unexpectedly will turn into this, he does not believe that a Xia Tian person all overthrew these 20 people. This was also too terrifying. That Master Jane of his side also slightly stares, had many times a moment ago, these people soon have gone obviously well, because actually person on one's own side in neighbor, therefore fears the hand to fear the foot, this makes Xia Tian seem the big show skill. Had completely understood this point Master Jane shows a faint smile. Their bones broke, who next is?” Xia Tian vision ice-cold sees the Wang Nianlin father. If Xia Tian, but by arrogance of speech, then present Xia Tian depends was the imposing manner, similarly, says now compared with have the imposing manner a moment ago.

Does attractively.” Spirit excited saying. His strength has not imagined the weakness.” Yun Miao light saying, he does not think that the Xia Tian victory was the luck. That is self-confident, only then Expert has the self-confidence that. Senior Sister, this fellow also really likes showing off, starts also ruthlessly.” Spirit said. Possibly is because angry.” Yun Miao nod of silently. Brat, should not be too extremely arrogant, possibly was your luck was a moment ago good, I told you, our Wang first protected institute Expert Master Jane here, he can tear down each bone easily.” The Wang Nianlin father shouts. Xia Tian gaining ground of slowly, looks to that Master Jane: Said, next must be opened the bone was you right?” Extremely arrogant.” Master Jane facial color one cold, body light has gone down the stair. Hey, that idiot, next was you.” Xia Tian saw a Wang Nianlin father to say. Acts recklessly, in front of you, but Master Jane, can live to speak to me again.” The Wang Nianlin father does not think that Master Jane will lose, Master Jane is formidable he personally to see. Baby, who your is Master?” Master Jane looked that asked to Xia Tian, he asked such one to avoid the homicide the apprentice of acquaintance. Depends on you also to match to ask that who my Master is.” Xia Tian contemptuous saying. Acts recklessly, that no wonder I, even if your master looks for me, he could not say any words to come.” Master Jane asked a moment ago is feared later has the trouble, but Xia Tian did not say that he naturally will not have any trouble. In his opinion Xia Tian this is being concerned about face. Breaks your bone also to match my master to get rid, if my master gets rid, your life already did not have.” Xia Tian has seen the Yin Nie swordsmanship, he cannot see Yin Nie to use the sword in any case. However Yin Nie has killed people. Deals with Quicksand that several people are so, he has not even seen Yin Nie to move, that several people died.

Master Jane has not spoken, but has fired into Xia Tian directly, both hands make a fist pounding maliciously to the position that Xia Tian is. Bang! Xia Tian draws back backward, the ground that he stood a moment ago had been made shallow holes by Master Jane. You are sick, is all right hits toward the ground, is not sore.” Xia Tian to looking at idiot same looks at that Master Jane. Courts death.” Master Jane was a fist bang has approached Xia Tian. This Xia Tian has not hidden, but is both hands concentrates to refer, direct point to the fist of Master Jane. Yellow Grade late stage, calculates your a little skill.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, fully eruption. Bang! The fist and double referred to the hit in one. Ka! Sound of bone break conveys, Master Jane only thought an own right arm pain, Xia Tian has fought with the fists afterward on his body. Him knocks down directly. Xia Tian rides on the body of Master Jane, the double fist hits directly to his two arms. Stop.” Behind has broadcast a sound.