Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 162

Hears this sound time, Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly, went out of the enormous and powerful person from the backyard, the person of entire Wang almost all came out, but speech soul figure of person Wang, Wang Grandfather. Wang Grandfather stands there imposing manner is extraordinary, does not get angry from the prestige, his side with a white-haired old person. His behind, with the Wang enormous and powerful crowd, the male servant of Wang, the population adds to have 40-50. This is because many people daytime are not at home, perhaps otherwise in addition will have over a hundred people, this is a genuine respected family. What did you say a moment ago? I have not heard clearly, said again.” Xia Tian looks that Wang Grandfather said. I said definitely.” Ka, Sound of bone break, when Wang Grandfather wants said stops, Xia Tian has broken the arm of Master Jane, sees the Xia Tian action, Wang Grandfather was angry, words unexpectedly that he said was disregarded. Who is he? Leading figure of Wang, Jiang Hai City medical skill strongest person, but front this brat unexpectedly so disregards him, he just said to stop, this brat began. Has regarded neglected advice his words. Brat, I make you stop.” Wang Grandfather vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. Ka! Xia Tian broke Master Jane a bone, sees the Xia Tian action, Wang Grandfather thorough was angry, his unexpectedly also dares to begin. In his Wang, so unscrupulous, this has offended his card in a hand. What did you say? I have not heard clearly, said again.” Xia Tian looked that said to Wang Grandfather.

His words have enraged Wang Grandfather, Wang Grandfather felt that he is playing jokes upon himself, these many years, no person has dared to do, but this young fellow unexpectedly dares so to play jokes upon him. Lets loose Master Jane, otherwise I will make you regret for a lifetime.” Saying of Wang Grandfather coldly. You want him, why early did not say.” Xia Tian has stood, the both feet stepped on directly on the knee of Master Jane. Ka, ka! The knee of Master Jane was stepped on directly by Xia Tian, afterward Xia Tian mentioned the body of Master Jane single-handed: You want him, I give back to you.” Xia Tian pounds Master Jane directly to Wang Grandfather. A living person like this was regarded the weapon to throw by Xia Tian, when the body of Master Jane must pound Wang Grandfather immediately, side Wang Grandfather that grey head got rid. He meets single-handed, relaxed meets Master Jane in the hand, then places the ground Master Jane. First sends to the treatment him.” Wang Grandfather looked at a Master Jane saying of coldly. Hey, that idiot, to you.” Xia Tian looked to the Wang Nianlin father, Xia Tian had said a moment ago, the next person was he, he is also today's principal offender, therefore Xia Tian was impossible to let off his. Following the Xia Tian vision, all people looked to the Wang Nianlin father. Xia Tian starts so very ruthless, looks is not the affable lord, they guessed that today's matter possibly is the Wang Nianlin father annoys. You. Do you want to do?” A father face of Wang Nianlin panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian, retreat that the body keeps, the situation he watched completely, in his opinion Xia Tian was a devil. Master Jane also ends up to turn out so is out, he does not believe that Xia Tian will be lenient to him.

Gadget of lacking prospects.” Wang Grandfather saw that his timid appearance shook the head. Baby, here is Wang, you think where this is, your family back garden? Whom you want to kill to kill anyone, 30 years, no person has dared to come my Wang Jia to cause trouble, therefore you are impossible to go out of that front door today.” Wang Grandfather coldly looks at Xia Tian. After Xia Tian hears Wang Grandfather words, turned head directly, moved toward the entrance, all people do not understand that he must do. Saw only Xia Tian to go out of the front door of Wang then to look that said to inside: I walked, a matter did not have.” Afterward Xia Tian walked: I came back, can you take me to be what kind of?” Ha Ha Ha Ha, laughed at me, Senior Sister, you looked that he had the talent.” Spirit sees Xia Tian smiling of appearance exaggeration. Yun Miao had not answered, but is nod of slightly. Brat, are you are challenging my dignity?” Wang Grandfather looks at Xia Tian to say. You are any thing, your dignity has the chicken feather to relate with me, I said first removes the signboard, then opens the bone, that must open his bone.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the Wang Nianlin father saying. I in this, you no one can move.” Wang Grandfather expression ice-cold saying. Person who I want to move, whose TM cannot block.” Xia Tian said that moved toward the Wang Nianlin father directly, he depends walks, under such thousands of staring eyes, moved toward the Wang Nianlin father. Kid, the temperament is not but actually small, perhaps I in this, you no one can move.” Old man surnamed Xie walks up saying that sees him to act, Wang Grandfather nod of silently, has him to help, matter is easier to do. I had said no one can block, that nobody can block, you are any thing.” Xia Tian stared an old man surnamed Xie to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha, does not know the profound boy, even if Fan Zhuifeng does not dare such to speak to me in this.” Old man surnamed Xie laughs was saying that he as if heard very big joke to be common, in Jiang Hai City knew that his person were not possibly many, but mentioned that Fan Zhuifeng time all people almost knew.

The goal that he such spoke was to remind Xia Tian, oneself were with Fan Zhuifeng same Expert. You are sick, the Lord Fanzhuang speech is so polite, to curse how possibly at people, he cannot certainly such speak like me.” Xia Tian serious saying. Kid, you do not compel me to get rid to kill you.” Old man coldly saying of surnamed Xie. Oh lying trough, your SB, you must begin to slide on the hemp, grinding chirp.” Xia Tian very speechless saying. Since you court death, I help you.” Old man surnamed Xie moved toward Xia Tian directly. Wait / Etc..” Xia Tian shouts suddenly. Was afraid?” Old man surnamed Xie disdains looks to Xia Tian. SB, I said first opens his bone, I must open his bone first, if has opened you first, I do not have the face.” Xia Tian like looking at SB looks at old man surnamed Xie, then turns the head to look to the Wang Nianlin father: „Did you prepare?” Brat, I was angry, I no one can move in this you.” Old man surnamed Xie flushes away to Xia Tian directly. When his hand pats Xia Tian immediately, Xia Tian unexpectedly vanished, saw that such scene he stares slightly. Ah!! A pitiful yell sound reached in his ear, he turns head to look hurriedly.