Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 163

All people all dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian, this time he is knocking the bone, the father mouth of Wang Nianlin is calling out pitifully, all people all start retreat, saw that such scene old man feeling surnamed Xie does not have the face very much. One just said that he no one can move, finally Xia Tian knocked the father bone of Wang Nianlin. Moreover Xia Tian as if not worry, his such is knocking, he is suffering the person, sees such scene, all people are surprised, this method also too very ruthless. However in the normal condition the Wang Nianlin father definitely early has hurt to faint, but he called out pitifully there, has not fainted the past sign. This is the Xia Tian behavior, he how possibly such easily lets off this chief instigator. Therefore his silver needle has gripped in the Wang Nianlin father's forehead, like this he can never faint. Stop, stops to me.” Wang Grandfather anger exclaimed, although this son did not make every effort to succeed very much, but this was also his son, saw with one's own eyes own son to be so suffered, how he possibly could look. Old man, weren't you a moment ago very wild? How now unable to protect including own sons.” Xia Tian disdains looks at Wang Grandfather. You stop to me.” Wang Grandfather has put out a (spear|gun), aims at Xia Tian. Receives your junk, is useless to me, but my very repugnant others take the (spear|gun) to me, I did not mind that slightly crosses that white hair old man to open your bone first.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at Wang Grandfather. Hears the Xia Tian words, in Wang Grandfather heart one cold, the (spear|gun) in hand received hurriedly, body retreat cannot help but, he was fearing that these many years, his first time felt the fear. Xia Tian makes him receive the (spear|gun), he receives the (spear|gun), this has recognized obviously instigates. Sees his action, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward continues to open the Wang Nianlin father's bone. Ka, ka! Brat, you stop to me.” Old man surnamed Xie directly clashes to Xia Tian, a palm pats to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian shows a faint smile, carries the Wang Nianlin father's body to keep off directly. Ka, ka! Sound of bone break, old man surnamed Xie received the hand a moment ago without enough time, the direct palm patted on the Wang Nianlin father's body. Comes out to mix, must keep one's word, said that makes his bone all, probably make his bone all break.” Xia Tian has thrown the Wang Nianlin father single-handed directly, pounding maliciously on a pillar. Ka, ka! The sound of a series of bone break conveys, the Wang Nianlin father's mouth has exuded the pitiful whooshing sound. Old man, to you.” Xia Tian turns the head to look that surnamed Xie said to old man. Old man surnamed Xie stares slightly, for these years, his what Expert has seen, but cruel and merciless person his first seeing like Xia Tian, gets down the stingy, this is the Xia Tian characteristics. It seems like I was too do not take a walk on Jianghu for a long time.” Old man body surnamed Xie moves slightly, the imposing manner of whole person had the huge change. He was angry, he must show his real ability to come. Bang! The body of Xia Tian surnamed Xie was struck to fly by old man directly, has only used a fist, if Xia Tian did not leave a moment ago deftly, has blocked the attack, that sufficiently all broke his rib a moment ago. Very strong.” The first response of Xia Tian is very strong, this old man is not an average person. Brother Xie, all breaks to me his bone.” Wang Grandfather shouts loudly, saw that old man surnamed Xie has the superiority, his confidence came back, a moment ago he truly by Xia Tian very ruthless to control.

Regardless of a person is ruthless, impossible anti- living in the face of absolute strength. Senior Sister, he had to trouble, this old man was Profound Grade Expert, moreover his Martial Skill rank was not low.” A spirit brow wrinkle, Xia Tian opened the bone suddenly a moment ago time she looks also satisfies a craving, but Xia Tian falls into the danger now. „The strength of this person is big, if meets hardly must lose without doubt, his speed is not fast, the flexibility is low, so long as finds the accurate opportunity, wins him not to be difficult.” Yun Miao light saying. But you also saw, his strength is just Yellow Grade late stage, goes to resist, the probability that wins with the Profound Grade person hardly is very low.” Spirit said. First had a look to say again.” Yun Miao nodded. Xia Tian hides own strength using Heaven Absolute Wake, on the one hand for does not make the person know that own true strength, keeps a card in a hand to oneself, on the other hand he also wants to try itself to use the Yellow Grade late stage strength to select this Profound Grade Expert only. Martial Arts this said that each difference rank, that strength is the tremendous changes, but to the disparity between Yellow Grade and Profound Grade has done not fall into the same ranking the issue, but is the change of nature and quantity. Xia Tian wants to depend upon the Yellow Grade late stage strength to defeat Profound Grade Expert, the probability is very uncertain. In entire Jiang Hai City Profound Grade Expert is extremely rare, but front old man surnamed Xie is one of them. Brat, has to plant you not to hide.” Old man angry shouting of surnamed Xie, since that struck after a moment ago, Xia Tian in has fought the guerrilla warfare with him, does not resist with him directly. The person of Wang sees the old man so overwhelming power surnamed Xie, running around in circles that Xia Tian pursues, they cheered there, in the heart has also ignited the hope, after all Xia Tian had said a moment ago. First removes the signboard, then opens the bone, finally opens the mansion.’ Whatever if he is so noisy, perhaps the entire Wang Residence must be opened by him. They do not believe that front this person said casually, because he had proven with the fact a moment ago his words are earnest.

Hateful, his strength was really too big.” In the Xia Tian mind is calculating the way of attack fast, actually he wants to try to use any method to defeat this hateful old man. ! Three silver needles eject from different angles, but Xia Tian is circled old man surnamed Xie. Sees the silver needle time, the old man body surnamed Xie dodges, this method cannot stump his. Bang! Went well.” In that moment that the old man is sideways, the Xia Tian direct foot tramples, trampled directly in the back of old man, a foot trampled the old man. Old man surnamed Xie after Xia Tian tramples, the body in airborne came three tuck dive, afterward the whole person falls to the ground steadily. Good!” Sees this time, the people of Wang are very excited. Old man the strength of surnamed Xie was really too strong, in sneak attacked situation, but can also so steady landing, moreover that several airborne tuck dive had a liking for with his age is very incompatible. Brat, is you forces my.” Old man after surnamed Xie was sneak attacked, was angry, both hands make an effort to fling, on two arms slides two pure steel the wristers, the both hands buckle of old man, the wrister by buckle stubbornly in old man the place of wrist|skill.