Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 164

Pure steel wrister. Saw that this stares to time Xia Tian of wrister slightly, in the silver needle along with the subsequent party ejects directly, this time he ejected four directly. ! Four silver needles closed off old man all escape routes of surnamed Xie. dīng dīng dāng dāng! What?” Xia Tian saw that old man surnamed Xie does not dodge does not hide, struck to fly directly that four silver needles with the wrister. The Xia Tian silver needle method copes with the Yellow Grade Expert following strength that is ninety percent sure, but copes with Profound Grade Expert some not to be insufficient, reason that a moment ago can sneak attack successfully is because the old man hand in surnamed Xie does not have the weapon, must therefore dodge, but was now different, in his hand had that to the wrister, the effect of silver needle was weaken. Brat, you have any skill.” Old man surnamed Xie disdains looks at Xia Tian. Paternal grandmother, the tiger does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, when you I am the sickness cat.” The Xia Tian both feet makes an effort steps in the ground. Stop.” At this moment, out of the door of Wang Residence walks three people, one is Ye Wan is clear, one is Fan Zhuifeng, another is the Ye Wan clear assistant. Saw these three people appear, all people all looked at the vision to them, others they possibly did not know, but Fan Zhuifeng they may be knew that old man surnamed Xie saw Fan Zhuifeng time cold snort. Wang Grandfather sees the time brow wrinkles of these people, when this key their three appearances, do not know that is the enemy is the friend. Lord Fanzhuang, is your this?” Wang Grandfather opens the mouth to ask on own initiative. I just am accompany the friend to have a look.” Fan Zhuifeng shows a faint smile. Mother!!” Ye Qingxue threw during the Ye Wan clear bosom directly, saw such scene, Wang Grandfather was shocked, now he knew, person unexpectedly that oneself that useless son tied up was not an average person.

You have tied up my daughter is right?” Ye Wan looked asked clearly to the person of Wang. I think that among this possibly has anything to misunderstand.” Wang Grandfather said hurriedly that now old man surnamed Xie had gotten the advantage obviously, suddenly comes out Fan Zhuifeng, if Fan Zhuifeng also gets rid, that their Wang Residence must eat this to be unable to speak out about one's grievances today. Misunderstanding?” Ye Wan clear expression ice-cold saying: You have grasped my daughter, now unexpectedly also dares to say the misunderstanding.” I acknowledged that was my non- loyal son has grasped your daughter, your daughter has not had an accident.” Wang Grandfather answered hurriedly. Your meaning was casually the person who I can also catch your family, I asked people a day to stress one to show you.” The Ye Wan clear this words casually did not say, she has that skill. Young Aunt, I am giving the older female cousin air vent, you watched the fun on the line.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to Ye Wan clearly. Hears the Xia Tian words, Wang Grandfather innermost feelings one happy, he is afraid Fan Zhuifeng to meddle, now Xia Tian said this saying, obvious does not need Fan Zhuifeng to help. Brat, do not show off power, you know that who your match is? Before he is Jiang Hai City first Expert Xie Xiaofeng.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said. Whoever, has any relations with me.” A Xia Tian indifferent appearance. Xia little brother several days did not see the strength to promote much.” Fan Zhuifeng looked that shows a faint smile to Xia Tian. „Did you know?” Ye Wan looked asked clearly to Fan Zhuifeng. Has met, I quite like this little brother, has not thought that his unexpectedly is your nephew.” Fan Zhuifeng nodded, he did not know Xia Tian and Ye Wan clear between relations before. Snort.” Xie Xiaofeng cold snort: Fan Zhuifeng, you, if thinks in, my Xie Xiaofeng has not feared you, on your I did not fear together.” Xie Xiaofeng is very intentionally big sound that two people said that the meaning was you got up, that to bully few, after that the reputation did not have.

Xie Xiaofeng, you have fought for ten years me, you have won me, copes with you also to use two people?” Fan Zhuifeng shows a faint smile, he naturally understands that Xie Xiaofeng the meaning, his words have been mad Xie Xiaofeng half dead. Xie Xiaofeng most abstains from was others is in front of his saying that he lost to the Fan Zhuifeng entire ten years, for ten years one time has not won. But now Fan Zhuifeng unexpectedly personally said. Out of the door of Wang Residence. We walk.” Yun Miao said that direct turn around leaves. Senior Sister, waits for me.” Spirit followed directly. The Xia Tian vision looked to their back, their two with time Xia Tian has discovered them, but he does not know that actually these two people want to do. „Are you how is it?” Wang Grandfather looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly. How is it? You have grasped my daughter, now asked that I am what kind , is really the joke.” Ye Wan clear coldly smiles. Xia Tian flexure said difficultly: I had said that dares to move my older female cousin, I first have removed your family signboard, then opens the bone of your family member, finally opens your mansion, now the signboard and bone I opened, that then I must pull down the house, who dares to block my me to open whose bone.” Brat, if no Fan Zhuifeng to support to you, you are any thing.” Xie Xiaofeng ridiculed. You said that your hair was white, an age, comes out to install any B, I opened your bone, others said that I bullied the old person.” Xia Tian surnamed Xie was really speechless to this old man. Has the skill you to open, does not depend on the Fan Zhuifeng words, I will make into the disabled person you directly.” Saying that Xie Xiaofeng disdains. Good, I such as you hope.” Xia Tian moves toward old man surnamed Xie directly, saw that Xia Tian walks toward Xie Xiaofeng, Fan Zhuifeng has gotten hold of the fist.

But at this moment they with amazement discovered that Xia Tian imposing manner is rising dramatically, this imposing manner is manifestation of strength, Yellow Grade late stage, but also is rising, quick rose Profound Grade. Profound Grade? How is this possible?” Ye Wan clear whole face inconceivable looks to Xia Tian. Had not finished.” Fan Zhuifeng wrinkled the brow. Xia Tian imposing manner is still rising, quick rose the Profound Grade intermediate stage, saw the Profound Grade intermediate stage time, all people were all shocked, including Xie Xiaofeng, he has thought Xia Tian was cultivation of Yellow Grade late stage is. But now Xia Tian strength unexpectedly rises dramatically the Profound Grade intermediate stage. When all people think finished, the Xia Tian strength once more rises suddenly a threshold, promoted Profound Grade late stage directly. What?” Inconceivable of Ye Wan clear whole face, she does not know that actually the body of Xia Tian what happened, such rapid why his strength can promote, Fan Zhuifeng is also doubts of face, his previous time sees Xia Tian time, Xia Tian is the day badly leaves with the present strength simply. But Xie Xiaofeng was completely there. Actually Xia Tian has also resorted to some small methods, Heaven Absolute Wake can help the person hide cultivates is, can praise the overhaul to be, his present strength just just entered the Profound Grade intermediate stage, cultivation of that late stage to fabricate using Heaven Absolute Wake. Your this whole life worked as a disabled person to be good.” Xia Tian looks at saying of Xie Xiaofeng coldly.