Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 166

Chatted, how I dare to deceive Young Aunt you.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face, Young Aunt is the person who he most respects, was he one of the that several only family members in this world. When you became such fierce, I have also thought you Yellow Grade strength.” Young Aunt puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I do not know, cultivation, cultivation turned into this.” Xia Tian shook the head, he has not said the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll matter, otherwise Young Aunt knows that was he has stolen the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll words, that has not divided him exactly. Profound Grade late stage strength, in entire Jiang Hai City, only then, was so extremely rare in the entire China that. Although present Xia Tian cannot say that is Jiang Hai City first Expert, but most at least is also first two. Like this young Expert, if passes on, that will certainly bring in the worships of entire Jiang Hai City all people, so young has strength so, that later development is definitely serious. Although Fan Zhuifeng does not do business, so long as Fan Zhuifeng spoke a few words, entire Jiang Hai City is authorized person who has the potential perhaps will exit to help him. This is the Expert advantage. I why no matter also you had such strong strength, since you are Profound Grade late stage Expert, that cannot be a first-grade team member again.” Ye Wan clear light saying, this, if passes on, said that this department head makes Profound Grade late stage Expert be the first-grade team member, this has not smiled others' big tooth. Was the second-rate team member is it would be the best, the police spend the elder sister now are also the second-rate team member.” Xia Tian excited saying, he can continue to spend the elder sister like this to go to the room with the police to make mission together. You think anything, what I make you work as is specially the Operations Office teacher, before this position has been emptying, I want to make Fan Zhuifeng work as, but he has rejected, now had you, that you worked as.” Ye Wan clear serious saying. „? I am not dry.” The Xia Tian rejection said. Does not do must do, this is forces, you do not have the negative power.” Ye Wan has put out the credential clearly, has inscribed the Xia Tian name above, has pasted on the Xia Tian picture, was direct in a steel seal card. Young Aunt, you have deprived my right to independence.” Xia Tian said.

I am your Young Aunt.” The Ye Wan clear response said. Good.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he knows that continued, finally will not have any result: I cannot to Operations Office work oneself to death specially, I have not gone to college.” Going to college is your father to your request, I will not stop, you do not need to make any mission, only if has large-scale mission, otherwise you usually only needed the person in giving place to train on time are OK.” Ye Wan answered clearly. Xia Tian such muddleheaded became specially the Operations Office teacher. Moreover he is a super teacher, Profound Grade late stage Expert. I will call a conference immediately, when the time comes Operations Office will arrive at the scene first-grade Leader to seven and other Leader specially, the first training, you carry on to them.” Ye Wan such does clearly also to let everybody knows Xia Tian. These seven Leader are managing to seven and other all team members separately first-grade, but among them the strength too big difference, has probably not been the Yellow Grade late stage strength. Quick, seven Leader all arrived at the conference room. I give everybody to introduce, this is our specially Operations Office chief teacher, Mr. Xia Tian.” Saying that Ye Wan comes straight to the point clearly, she works is this, does not like beating around the bush. All people looked to Xia Tian, especially first-grade Leader, he knew Xia Tian, because before Xia Tian, was his team member. That has hit the Lu Qian team member. But this did turn around turn into specially the Operations Office chief teacher? Department head, this?” As soon as Leader looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly.

„Before Xia Tian, goes to your for bad boundary in familiar temporary lodging.” Ye Wan answered clearly, although this explanation was very forced, but she could not find out compared with this also convincing words. Department head, he is so young, you determined that he is our that chief teacher?” Seven and other asking of Leader doubts, team member in his group is generally old, in his impression, be is only older, the strength will be stronger, but Xia Tian seemed is also too young a point. I am definite, moreover he comes specially the first training of Operations Office in view of your seven, now tidies up to me goes to the training ground together.” Ye Wan looks clearly their several said. The training ground is specially Operations Office specially for the person preparation in place, may be divided into the infield, the middle place and outfield. The outfield is in the place the training place of average person, the middle place is in the place the training place of Advanced personnel, but the infield usually is not open, when the special preparation will open, here facility is also the higher facility. The ordinary person comes to have more than enough radically. In this time infield empty, only then seven Leader, Xia Tian also has Ye Wan to be mild her assistant. All people have exchanged sportswear, this is to train the convenience. Although seven people at heart some questions, moreover does not believe that Xia Tian is their teachers, since the department head said that then they must comply with, as for Xia Tian can, when their teachers, that must look meets. To give one flock of wolves to become Boss, that is Fierce Tiger is also useless, must be a wolf. Seven people stood straightly a row. That, today is I gives your first training, we come to select simply.” Xia Tian looks to seven people of light saying, he can look, these seven people refuse to accept him, they do not believe one can, when they seven instructor, they usually are great Expert, moreover is Leader in seven group. Strength, the status is high.

Wants into their teachers, that is not quite easy. Today the training is, I sit on this stool, in your seven same places, so long as makes me leave from this stool, even if you pass.” Xia Tian looked that said to seven people, this is setting up the prestige, if not the vertical prestige, these people are impossible to take him. If Fan Zhuifeng is this chief teacher, they will definitely not say anything, because of the Fan Zhuifeng reputation in that although Xia Tian and Fan Zhuifeng who who is weak is uncertain, but he does not have what reputation, is also young, moreover he has also been the team member of first-grade group. Hears the Xia Tian words, Ye Wan is mild her assistant slightly to stare, but they simultaneously smile, they naturally believe that Xia Tian had that skill, they also understand the meaning that Xia Tian such made was anything. However that seven team members may be dumbfounded. It seems 17-18 young fellows, unexpectedly said such words, this looks down upon their seven obviously. Teacher, you such did to fear us to injure you.” Fist not long eye, we accidentally have injured your words, what to do that should.” Saying that seven people are very not convinced.