Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 167

Regarding them, this insulted simply, lets their seven people on together, this was not the casual any people are good, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly added that he sat on the stool, so long as he left the stool to lose. If in such situation their seven people can also lose, their seven people have to commit hara-kiri consider as finished. Has not related, if who can injure me, the position of that this chief teacher was his.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he can look, these seven people want the position of this chief teacher. Normal, this chief teacher also truly elects from their seven, but suddenly has emitted Xia Tian now, how this can make them be convinced. It can be said that Xia Tian snatched their position. Since chief teacher position has had those who are able to occupy it, therefore for these years, their seven always struggle. Department head, did the words that he spoke a moment ago keep a promise?” Seven and other Leader looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly. He is your chief teachers, the words that he spoke naturally kept a promise.” Ye Wan clear light saying. That this reputation turned over to me.” Seven and other Leader flushed instantaneously, saw that seven and other Leader got rid, several other people also all rushed. Looks at to these people, Xia Tian show a faint smile, the right hand stretches out double refers , the direct point to seven that clashes and other Leader, the movement likes moving clouds and flowing water, that idle courtyard free stance makes Ye Wan stare clearly slightly. Saw that the present all these make her recall past Xia Tianlong, their fathers and sons two were really looks like more and more. Seven and other Leader got rid very quickly, a fist direct bang to the body of Xia Tian, when his fist must project on Xia Tian immediately, his wrist|skill pain, on the fist the strength all was diverged suddenly. Ah! seven and other Leader have taken back their hand immediately, at this moment other six people also rushed. Showing a faint smile of Xia Tian, right hand double referred to 11 points. Then, both sides with frequent contact attacked for one hour, Xia Tian to have sat finally from start on the stool, he has not even used including the left hand, but that seven Leader already tired to place. Today they experience the Xia Tian strength finally.

Regarding this chief teacher, they genuinely were also convinced. Since your several were defeated, that runs around the outfield ten.” Xia Tian looks at several people of light saying. Heard the Xia Tian words, these seven people all crawled, runs to outside, since has been convinced, then Xia Tian said that has ordered, they must complete. Regardless of they now tired. Your boy can, such simply give the uniform these stubborn donkeys.” Ye Wan said clearly. What person deals with, must use any method.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, copes with these to think own strength excel person, that must suppress them in the strength, making them know own insufficiency. After leaving specially Operations Office, Xia Tian went home to look at older female cousin, Xia Tian was worried that this time matter will leave behind the future trouble to older female cousin, when he went home, saw that older female cousin and Bing Xin elder sister they are eating the thing that is merry there. You such already came back, we have not made your, you exit to eat.” Ye Qingxue very impolite saying. Good.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, this treatment bad were also too many, no matter what have also spent that many Kungfu for the air/Qi that she leaves. After leaving the home, Xia Tian went to Xu Grandfather there. Brother Xia, you came not to greet.” Xu Grandfather sees time excited saying of Xia Tian. Little Fei?” Xia Tian has not seen Little Fei. He can also do anything, training.” Xu Grandfather said. That do not disturb him, you accompany me to go out to dine.” Xia Tian answered. Xu Grandfather looked for nearby one best hotel, the scale high, average per person spent 1800 Yuan very lowly.

Brother Xu, was the business how is it recently?” Xia Tian asked. „, Does this line also to make a change by my vision, but was too idle.” Xu Grandfather has the research to antique line, therefore finds the person who he goes shopping to be also many. Here a little money, in any case you are also also idle, invests other profession to try again.” The goal that Xia Tian comes is this, he will not do business, money places his there not any use. How much money does your have?” Asking that Xu Grandfather comes straight to the point. „About 25 million.” These money were Xia Tian recently gained. These many.” Xu Grandfather stares slightly, even if he does not have these much money, his all family property add also less than 10 million. He has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly so much money. Suffices?” Xia Tian asked. Suffices, naturally has sufficed, what do you want to do?” Xu Grandfather response said. I am not an expert to the business completely, you look to manage on the line.” Xia Tian to doing business is not an expert. That line, turns head I to make to plan you to have a look, then we start to take action.” Xu Grandfather felt that Xia Tian is own honored person, not only removed Xu Family this big barrier for him, but also draws cash to make him do business. Does not use, I looked with did not look am same, I trusted you in any case.” Xia Tian threw the card to Xu Grandfather, he was this, chose a person does not doubt, doubts the person not to use. Looks own front card, Xu Grandfather nodded, he had not said that any polite words, this is the trust between man and man. Before Xu Grandfather thinks one were old, can live not to be when uncertain, but he felt that now he restored once more young, he has ignited the fervor to the life. Xu Grandfather said to Xia Tian simply his idea, he wants to open a large-scale hotel and a large-scale guesthouse near Jianghai University.

Xia Tian trusts Xu Grandfather ability completely, does not have many inquiries to this aspect. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Hey.” Mr. Xia, I am Qian Dui, that fellow ran away.” Which fellow?” Is that by the fellow who you catch.” I have broken his leg, how does he escape?” Monitoring video recording demonstration was black-clothed person has saved him, but that black-clothed person was too strange, final two person unexpectedly baseless vanished.” „Do my police spend the elder sister to be what kind of?” I first sent for hospital protective forest Captain.” Good, I go to police station immediately, you in that I.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, stands up directly. Brother Xia, I delivers you to go.” Xu Grandfather has also stood. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, then has troubled, that person is not the good thing, now made him run away, that future trouble may be big.