Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 168

That fellow to the feeling of Xia Tian is mystifying, wants to cope with this type of thing not to be very easy, now that fellow was rescued, they will certainly retaliate, if they look for themselves, that Xia Tian did not fear but actually that the key is he is afraid that fellow to look for Lin Bingbing. However in a short time, that fellow should unable to find Lin Bingbing, therefore the Xia Tian plan goes to the police station to have a look at the video recording first, the companion who has a look at that fellow what is. This can achieve to know oneself and other side. Xu Grandfather drove to deliver to the police station entrance Xia Tian, money Captain was waiting there. Mr. Xia, this matter was too strange, it can be said that is unthinkable.” Money Captain saw Xia Tian time said hurriedly. Led me to have a look in the past.” Xia Tian said. Money Captain brought Xia Tian to go to the office, he came out that video recording copy. Here video recording is very simple, just started that to be closed by the fellow of Xia Tian interruption leg in an interrogation room, has carried on the simple interrogation besides money Captain to him, again also nobody has entered that interrogation room. Because this person anything agree did not say. Moreover treats with him in a room, money Captain also feels gloomily. Until the evening, in the video recording presented a Black Gown person, after the Black Gown person comes out, opened the door of interrogation room from outside directly, picked up by the person of Xia Tian interruption leg that. All so are simple. Mr. Xia, here cannot look at anything, but I you told that you understood.” Money Captain saw that Xia Tian tightens the brow to answer. Said.” Xia Tian nodded.

First, the gate of interrogation room is closing, that person absolutely does not have any movement of unblanking, even if he is the god steals is impossible, moreover we afterward had inspected the lock, has not gone bad.” Money Captain spoke of here time to feel inconceivable, afterward continued saying: Second, you looked that place that the place that he comes out and leaves although has not monitored, but there is a wall, only then above the small vents, that small vent can only through a child . Moreover the vent had not been destroyed.” Your meaning is he as if emerges out of thin air, then baseless vanished.” Xia Tian light saying. Or he will put on wall technique, but here is three buildings, three buildings put on to fall also fall are remnant he.” Money Captain has thought all possibilities. Xia Tian sat there will record to look. Led me to have a look in the past.” Xia Tian said. Money Captain brought Xia Tian to go to that interrogation room, Xia Tian in interrogating the room looked, has not discovered anything, then he looked to blind spot in recording tape that Black Gown person here appeared. He carefully observes each corner. However not slight discovery. He opens the X-Ray Vision eye. At this moment he saw on the wall to have the slight shallow mark, these shallow marks usually can ignore, because no one could look, but the X-Ray Vision eye can enlarge the Xia Tian vision infinitely, therefore he saw here, he has lifted the head following the footprint. Sees Xia Tian to gain ground, money Captain also looks up. Leads your person to go to the above band to look that there should have the trace.” Xia Tian light saying. Money Captain then responded that he just started to be hoodwinked both eyes frightened, therefore has not noted here, this band was the intercommunication, regardless in any building will have this type of band, but here usually was examines the service to use, therefore he has not noted.

Moreover here two meters five altitudes, in the average person without the situation of any auxiliary means are impossible to come up. Quick money Captain had the person to look, really to exactly the same that Xia Tian said that above really had the trace, because the band was small and narrow, wanted through only to be able by crawling, therefore the ash in band was the best trace. Mr. Xia, was really too thank you, the warrant for arrest we have sent, moreover I also sent out the person to trace.” Saying of money Captain very thanks. Had their news first to inform me, I went to the police to spend elder sister that first.” Xia Tian said that left police station directly. After the Black Gown person rescued that Xia Tian has broken the person of leg, him leads in a guesthouse. Han Senior Brother, you are too not careful, unexpectedly will be held by the police, and has broken the leg.” This time Black Gown person early has taken off Black Gown, is a female, this female Zichang very attractive, makeup picture is also very gorgeous. Depends on these police also to hold me, that has a dream simply, is the person who does not know does, he has also killed my two treasure.” That person of angry saying surnamed Han, he does not have to think own unexpectedly will end up to turn out so is out, the leg had been broken, the treasure had been killed also two. The leg said actually, he had means to join, but that two treasure may be he laboriously train. Is the people in Maoshan?” That gorgeous female asked. „It is not, he uses radically is not these things of Maoshan, but depends to hit.” That person of depressed [say / way] surnamed Han. By hitting? This is how possible, how does he see the treasure?” Gorgeous female puzzled asking. I do not know.” That person surnamed Han shook the head. What special place does that person have?” The gorgeous female looked that surnamed Han asked to that person.

„The Yang spirit is very full, I have not seen the Yang spirit that full person, if I can his Yang spirit suck dry, I be able to restore to the peak.” That person of sound gloomy saying surnamed Han. Senior Brother, I help you catch him, his Yang spirit our two person of half, how is it?” The gorgeous female hears Yang spirit abundant time shows a faint smile, she most likes was the Yang spirit abundant man. Man surnamed Han nodded: Ok, who lets you are my Junior Sister, our Sect lives now altogether on six people, is the severe wounds, we must result in unite, after we two wounds, on takes the Master Zu buried treasure together.” Said it and meant it.” Gorgeous female excited saying. They are the Witchcraft Sect people, in the past Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect war. The Maoshan founders' to fighting Witchcraft Sect Master Zu. They have fought half a month, finally the Maoshan founders win narrowly, the wound of casualty from then on the Witchcraft Sect person dies, lives finally, only then six people, moreover on everyone has the wound. Their school strongest gu technique also therefore was lost. However in the past Witchcraft Sect Master Zu all hid his Secret Art and buried treasure in an extremely secret place, every year in August 15 had the opportunity that one time opened. However outside the buried treasure has big Baleful Qi, therefore they do not dare to go in easily. This gloomy man is called Han Zifeng, the gorgeous female is called Zhong Chuhong, they run away together, therefore relates to be quite better, said is good, actually also is just uses each other.