Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 171

The Wu Hai finally been mad eruption, he could not bear, this spiritual devastation by far on devastation compared with human body be more serious. Tang Yan had been conquered by Xia Tian this exasperating Kungfu thoroughly. She knows that she looked to the person, Xia Tian has not disappointed her expectation, succeeded has been wild with rage Wu Haikuai, but her parents have also sat there pent up anger, she wanted was this result. Is quick, you said a strong point, I must compare with you, besides is better than anything the mouth.” Wu Hai soon went crazy. The Tang Yan father most likes Wu Hai place is Wu Hai will play a ball game, has the common hobby with his daughter, he is young time is the player of national sports team, afterward retired, now holds the post of instructor of Fudan University Basketball team. Tang Yan also received his exaggeration, therefore so will be interested in Basketball. I am versatile, you select.” Xia Tian looks that Wu Hai said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, laughed at me, depended on you, but also was versatile, good, I compared Basketball with you.” Wu Hai laughs to say crazily. „The present youngster air/Qi was too abundant.” The Tang Yan mother shook the head. Isn't mad abundantly can also call youngster? I was not like this snatched in the past you.” The Tang Yan father does not think to have anything but actually, in his opinion youngster should a little individuality. Yeah, another looks oppressively.” Xia Tian sighed, were too more than Basketball person with him, but does not have one to have the good end finally. Now walks, I give you, when the referee goes.” The Tang Yan father likes this liveliness, especially has the relations with Basketball. Saw that own father such likes joining in the fun, Tang Yan did not have the words saying that his father were quick 50, was childish, liked joining in the fun, once heard to have the liveliness on Basketball, he rushed immediately.

However regarding this competes with her to think that did not have the significance: Ok, do not compare.” Why was the non- ratio, he fears?” Wu Hai looked at Tang Yan to ask. Fears anything, although the small sea comes back from America, but does not need to fear that his these years skill in ball games should have the manager to enter, I happen to also want to take a look.” The Tang Yan father said. I am not that meaning.” Tang Yan answered hurriedly. Then on the ratio, I year to year undergoes the special training in American this days, there Basketball level compared with domestic.” Appearance that Wu Hai thinking oneself infallible. Wu Hai, you left too visited you high, do not think that played two years of ball not to know in America who one were, China also had CNBA and CBA, inside star player were also many.” Saying that Tang Yan is not convinced, she most repugnant is these people looks down upon China Basketball. The Tang Yan father is also discontented looks to Wu Hai. Wu Hai knows own speaking incorrectly words, explained hurriedly: My meaning is the Basketball development of America compared with domestic good, I have not looked down upon the meaning of domestic player.” „Are you in America several and other players?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Wu Hai. Third-class player, in America first-grade is the star player in NBA, then second-rate is the beautiful star players in various university schools, third-class is my this, draws close in the beautiful star player, but also want the fierce member compared with the ordinary first round member.” Wu Hai spoke of here time was very proud, because became famous in the university to obtain the first round in one of the America is not a very easy matter. Good, in American there, they repels the China person, you can in the school obtain the first round again the lineup have been are really not easy.” Nod of the Tang Yan father appreciates. „The uncle you since childhood gives the foundation that I train to be good.” Resounding that Wu Hai this flatter pats, the Tang Yan father very likes.

I in China calculate that type plays several players amateur, I want to take a look at the China amateur's your this American third-class player actually really to, who is fiercer.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He truly usually comes up to play such 1-2, but he plays the clothing the star player in China CNBA each time. Tang Yan has not spoken, she just wants to make Xia Tian rub Wu Hai imposing manner. Let him look down upon China Basketball. The Tang Yan father is drives, five people rode his car(riage) directly, the Tang Yan father have arrived at the city Basketball hall the vehicle directly, by his status, passed and out here to be very convenient. Xia Tian several people entered in the Basketball hall with the Tang Yan father, in this time Basketball hall has many people, they carry on the entertainment here. In the city hall will usually present many Expert. Has Expert of this city, there is Expert that outside the city comes, some not famous Expert, regardless of they did know that will be playing a ball game together, because Basketball is one does not have exercise of enemy. instructor, how did you come?” Several people that played a ball game saw the Tang Yan father ran over directly. Eldest sister head, you came.” Star player Fang Li and several people of Jianghai University Basketball team here are also hitting Basketball. Father and daughter two both are instructor, but they separately are instructor of two different universities, Tang Yan is Jianghai University instructor, her father is instructor of Fudan University, moreover her father is also CBA adviser instructor. Young fellows, taking advantage of my one half-court how is it?” The Tang Yan father looked that asked to several people.

Hey, you several have played individually, this our instructor must use.” That several players of Fudan University left instantaneously clear half-court. Eldest sister head, is your this?” Fang Li puzzled looked that asked to Tang Yan, but he saw Xia Tian immediately, saw Xia Tian time running over of his face smiling face: Brother-in-law, you also came.” Em.” Xia Tian satisfied nod, has used a look to Fang Li, the meaning is your boy will speak. Hears Fang Li such to call Xia Tian, Wu Hai soon irritated. Girl, I have thought of an interesting idea suddenly.” The Tang Yan father looked that said to Tang Yan. Father, I knows that your anything meaning, I agreed.” Tang Yan nodded. Good, single Tiao hits Basketball is most bored, happen to the people of our team have some person people of your team , our person chooses two, making them carry on three pairs three, this is interesting.” The Tang Yan father said. Father, the offensive talk said in front, if you lost, do not blame daughter to disregard another's feelings.” Tang Yan shows a faint smile, has Xia Tian, she will win certainly. My team, but last year chief champion, your Jianghai University Basketball team first 16 had not gone in last year.” The Tang Yan father said. Father, we waits and sees.” Tang Yan shows a faint smile, she has elected Fang Li and another player, but his father has elected the players of two Fudan University, in addition Xia Tian and Wu Hai, happen to can carry on three VS three half-court competitions.