Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 172
Fang Li they usually always here play a ball game, everybody knows good that he hits, that several players of Fudan University, become famous, last year the CNBA chief champion, they must carry on the 3 V 3 competition, naturally has brought in the people of many watching the fun, the person who side these play a ball game also came to watch the fun. Moreover this 3 V 3 competition, instructor of both sides team also came. I knew that person, he is star player Fang Li in CNBA, he plays a ball game specially well.” That side that two I have also seen, is the star player of Fudan University, it is said that they won the chief champion last year.” Is the strong people, it seems like today lively looks.” Surroundings these people whoop, waits to look at the good play in that although here usually also many folk Expert appear, but like Fang Li Expert good that no matter can display in any situation. Because his stable therefore everybody favors him. Brother-in-law, how making us play first, if you get rid, we can only see a play.” Fang Li arrives at the Xia Tian side to beg. Casual.” Xia Tian nodded. Three V three competitions are the idea ball do not figure out the score, moreover is the goal side serves. The personnel of both sides have been ready. Makes them serve first.” Wu Hai very optional saying, he such does appears he is very magnanimous, might as well makes him mediate compared with the luck words, he thinks in any case he was wins. Fang Li they not polite, another player, has issued Fang Li the ball directly, the Fang Li dribbling breaks through. Speed fast, but the flash broke in the enemy position, afterward, supine jump shot. ! The ball entered, 1 : 0. You are hitting first, I rest a meeting.” Xia Tian sat in the corner of sports field directly, saw that his action surrounding person was very puzzled, does not understand that he must do. The Tang Yan father also knit the brows, he thinks that Xia Tian was somewhat wild, their talented people have a goal, he so is extremely arrogant, resembled them to have a goal to win was the same. Wu Haideng Xia Tian. Fang Li dribbles to break through once more. Bang! The ball broke, Wu Hai is the third-class player in America, unusual is worthily good, afterward Wu Hai who the movement and opportunity grasp has carried over the center line the ball, afterward a sprint, has fired into under the basket directly.

! Slam Dunk. Attractive!!! The surroundings have heard many cheers. Movement is very standard, but individual performance desire was too strong.” The Tang Yan father worthily was established instructor, saw Wu Hai merit and shortcoming, the players in America were so, individual performance desire. He can pass a moment ago obviously, but actually wanted Slam Dunk. Wu Hai Slam Dunk successful flew a eye to Tang Yan, the meaning is you have a look at me to be fierce, Tang Yan disregards it directly, afterward Wu Hai turned the head to look to Xia Tian: Hey, the score has put down, it seems like you want to pick up a bargain the hope that wins are not big.” All right, you hit first, my resting meeting.” Xia Tian said that lay down on the ground directly. You.” Wu Hai noticed that the Xia Tian action stared his one eyes angrily. Fudan University this side serves, that person passed to Wu Hai the ball directly, Wu Hai dribbled, the Fang Li instantaneous seam protector, the scene was actually two dozens three, Xia Tian in that lay down, an function did not have. Passes.” The member of Fudan University was shouting anxiously, they currently have the vacancy. Meaning that but Wu Hai has not passed a ball, but is the plan suddenly, sees his action, the Tang Yan father shook the head, sees him suddenly, Fang Li gives up on it directly. Bang! Steals, Fang Li stole. Basketball is not a game of person.” Saying that Fang Li disdains. Do not be wild, the ball is my.” Wu Hai pursued once more, the Fang Li footsteps are moving fast, running position that other that Jianghai University player is also keeping. Sees a vacancy, Fang Li direct pass. Bang! The member of ball by Fudan University was broken, they are not the friendly stubbles, member who can win the chief championship, which also there is a vegetarian. ! 2 : 1.

Fudan University is in the lead. Hey, is that boy doing? He is sleeps? Such seriously competes his unexpectedly to lie down that leisurely and carefree.” Boy, you , if not hit, changes on me.” Is, you have wasted simply a position of person in that.” Person discontented shouting of the surrounding these watch the fun. You shut up to me, ten you change my brother-in-law, I did not agree.” Fang Li is shouting to them loudly. Sees the Fang Li expression, they were peaceful immediately. Under the field that several Jianghai University member was taking the water and towel ran up to the Xia Tian side. Brother-in-law, are you tired.” Come, the brother-in-law drinks water.” Surrounding person full heavy line, tired wool tired, he has not moved from the start, they think that the Jianghai University person was insane. Girl, his what is this?” The Tang Yan father asked. He just does not want to make competition bored.” Tang Yan light saying. Hears the daughter words, a Tang Yan father brow wrinkle, has sized up Xia Tian one, afterward continues to look to the competition in field. Fudan University serves, this that person has not issued Wu Hai the ball, but has issued another member, that person dribbles to break through, afterward ball feedback. ! The ball entered, very brilliant pass, because Xia Tian lies down there has not moved, therefore they definitely will have a vacancy. 3 : 1. The member of Fudan University will not always relax because of anything vigilantly, not because Xia Tian lies down there shows mercy. Sees their quick biographies, a Wu Hai brow wrinkle, that ball a moment ago passed on is truly attractive, but does not have his anything matter, he is displays oneself skill in ball games, he to let Tang Yan holds in high esteem to him, was the words this way, the competition had ended, he has not displayed anything. Passes me the ball.” Wu Hai looks that player of Fudan University said.

That player of Fudan University has not paid attention to him, because of Fang Li with Wu Hai, has been passing to him absolutely is not the great idea, he has passed to other that player the ball once more. repertoire. ! 4 : 1. Words that such hits, sports match must become bored, Fang Li with Wu Hai, the player two dozens of another two Fudan University one, was impossible to lose. Snort!” Wu Haileng snort, he such will not wait. In the person of that Fudan University passes to another person the ball, Wu Hai rushed directly. Bang! The ball broke, he stole the ball of person on one's own side. Afterward turn around direct big Slam Dunk. ! The ball entered. 5 : 1. Yeah, this ball hits.” The Tang Yan father shook the head, Wu Hai individual performance desire was too strong, if in the normal competition, that will bring the disaster to the team. The person of quick Fudan University came a quick attack. 6 : 1. Brother-in-law, you should get rid, but also missed for one point we to lose.” Fang Li runs up to the Xia Tian side to say.