Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 173

Sees Fang Li to run up to the Xia Tian side, the people are very puzzled, 6 : 1, has missed for one point to lose, they have the hope of make a comeback to be inadequate, this obviously is impossible. Xia Tian sat directly. Brother-in-law, are you tired, I wipe away sweat to you.” Brother-in-law, thirsty? I get the water to you.” Jianghai University that several members of Basketball teams go forward hurriedly, see their actions, surrounding these people all by thunder but actually. Hey, did you hit.” Wu Hai looked that shouts to Xia Tian. You hit your, hasn't lost? Finally this ball you, if entered, I have eaten it.” Xia Tian looks that Wu Hai said. Extremely arrogant.” Wu Haideng Xia Tian, they have served afterward directly. His time must come an attractive jump shot, ended this farce, Xia Tian did not say a moment ago he entered has eaten the ball, how when the time comes he must have a look at Xia Tian to eat but actually the ball. After seeing only Wu Hai just entered the center line, takes off directly, posture 3.1, are very standard, when he wants excitedly, his front suddenly presented a form: How possible? Such high.” This is the Wu Hai final idea. Bang! block. What?” The person who Tang Yan inconceivable of father whole face, periphery these watch the fun was also shocked, actually did Xia Tian jump a moment ago high? One meter, one meter are five, two meters? What altitude is this? Fang Li while them in the time of god, direct jump shot. 2 : 6. The score has pulled closer a point. Sees the Fang Li goal, they responded, like looking at monster looks at Xia Tian, this time was one's turn Xia Tian to serve. Can throw directly?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Tang Yan, he stood field pattern there at this time.

Snort, wants to throw throws, nobody is blocking in any case also you, you in that if can throw into, I have eaten it.” Saying that Wu Hai disdains, although does not have the stipulation there to shoot, but almost nobody does, because in the field is the opposite party three people, you, serve cannot defend, such ball is a side, once shoots, the ball 60% are the matches. ! As if to confirm Wu Hai words is ordinary, the ball entered, hollow enters the net. 3 : 6. All people all are inconceivable looks at that Basketball, especially Wu Hai, he has rubbed own eye. You want to eat red-roast, steams?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Wu Hai: I know some chefs, the taste that they make is good.” Wu Hai blushing to neck root. Xia Tian, do not make competition so bored good?” Tang Yan stands in that side shouts. „.” Xia Tian nodded. The Tang Yan father looked at Tang Yan, looked at Xia Tian, this time a little hoodwinked, this was any situation. Xia Tian serves, this time he has not thrown a ball, but has passed to Fang Li the ball, after Fang Li received the ball, direct jump shot. „Was he insane?” He wants to be the same with that person a moment ago, long-distance range shooting.” This is how possible, that person was just the luck was a moment ago good.” Person who the surroundings watch the fun very puzzled, at this moment, the Fang Li ball has thrown. Rebound.” That player of Fudan University shouts. ! 4 : 6. At this moment, they saw inconceivable one, unexpectedly is airborne relay Slam Dunk, still Xia Tian unexpectedly that served in that side such quickly ran a moment ago.

Moreover the ball that throws high, his unexpectedly can receive, and Slam Dunk. This. Is he humanity?” Tang Yan inconceivable of father whole face. Can make the competition is interesting.” Tang Yan shouts once more. „.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward has issued Wu Hai ball directly. Saw that his action all people have gawked, is this is doing? unexpectedly has issued the match the ball, Wu Hai receives the ball the time slightly stares, afterward on his face has filled joyfully. Bang! The ball broke. I said that your also too idiot, holds the ball in the hand, you and ball in appearance.” Xia Tian has taken up Basketball, afterward has passed to Wu Hai the ball once more. Saw the ball to return in own hand, Wu Hai gawked, but this time he may grow the memory, dribbled directly forward. Bang! The ball broke. Yeah, idiot to family.” The Xia Tian back to the basket, is throwing directly backward the ball that does not return. ! The ball entered. 5 : 6. The surrounding person looked silly, is this Basketball competition? This was also too scary, did not return, threw casually can score point. Yeah, the brother-in-law gets rid, ball became does not have the meaning.” Fang Li sighed, he was studying the Xia Tian appearance with another member, lay down in the corner directly. Their actions have initiated Wu Hai anger immediately. Xia Tian serves, but links does not have, he who catches a ball can only pass to Wu Hai the ball once more, Wu Hai noticed that Xia Tian is away from itself to be so far, does not have the slight hesitation, direct taking off.

Bang! Also is block. Is impossible, is impossible.” Wu Hai whole face inconceivable saying. ! 6 : 6. The ball entered. The score has put down, from 6 : 1 turned into 6 : 6. Quick biography, we are three people, he is a person, our three people want the quick biography the words, the last ball can certainly take.” The player of Fudan University worthily was last year chief champion, even if in imposing manner so low situation, but can also analyze the course of action fast. Hears his words, father satisfied nod of Tang Yan. Right, quick biography, three people hit one, can definitely win.” Wu Hai also restored a reason. Xia Tian has passed to Wu Hai the ball directly, this time Wu Hai grew the memory, he has not shot, but was fast passed the ball, the other two were also a quick biography, was quick they to arrive under the basket. Under the member direct basket of that Fudan University takes off, so near distance, Slam Dunk absolutely does not have the issue. But at this moment, his front presented a terrifying form, his height is two meters, the arm show took off in addition least also three meters five to three meters about six, but his unexpectedly discovered that the body of opposite party has blocked the entire basket, the ball that position before the body of opposite party could not come up. Xia Tian relaxed took the ball in own hand. Afterward dribbled the center line, this time changed into him to attack. Hey, that fool, is careful your head.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has thrown the ball directly, the ball pounded just right on Wu Hai head, then by the high ball, the Xia Tian whole person was flown directly to the ball, his body has passed through Wu Hai top of the head, this everybody saw clearly, Wu Hai was one meter 95, the Xia Tian whole person like this flew from his body.