Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 177

That in Wen Zhaohua hand looks to jade bracelet is the precious thing, the attention of all people were captured the past by that to the jade bracelet, because this to the jade bracelet was really too attractive. Bracelet that the superior jade builds. Saw vision Wen Zhaohua enjoyment that the surrounding these envy. Wen Shao are really lavish, this is the bracelet of Lantian jade, was really too attractive.” Wen Shao worthily are Wen Shao, got rid to be too natural.” This bracelet looks is the good thing.” That group of people who Wen Zhaohua they find in saying of side incomparably exaggeration, hear their words, the person who also echoes. Is the good Lantian jade.” My previous time saw this thing or last year.” This thing looks on value a lot of money.” Person who these anything does not understand for does not lose face, installs with is the same. Thanked the child.” Ms. Zeng nodded. Zeng the wife was really too polite.” Saying of Wen Zhaohua very politeness. The surrounding person is the worship looks to Wen Zhaohua, he sends out such expensive gift, making those present experience his strength. Hu Fangye from management stage. Sees Hu Fangye time, the people were look to him who anticipated, has Wen Zhaohua sent out such gift, what Hu Fangye will have sent out? Similarly is Jianghai four few, the gift that Hu Fangye sends out should not compare Wen Zhaohua to be bad. The Lantian jade bracelet that Wen Zhaohua sends out has drawn the attention of everyone.

Madame Zeng, a trillion magnificent has sent out the bracelet, I can only deliver the necklace, I wished you also to live for 90 years.” Hu Fangye takes a necklace, the necklace is glittering and translucent carving, the blue ray glistens. Under light, on necklace blue crystal ray mapping on the face of everyone. Sapphire! But this thing Assassins of woman, although gave Madame Zeng to offer birthday congratulations with this type of thing is not the wise action, because Madame Zeng is an old person, however honored of sapphire could be all inferior other gifts. Sapphire, is the sapphire.” Honored sapphire necklace, was really too lavish.” Young Hu gets rid is really natural.” Hu Fangye they finds that group of people with Wen Zhaohua in shouting of one side incomparably exaggeration, probably saw the extraterrestrial biology is the same, the mouth of exaggeration must fall to the ground. Wen Zhaohua just sent out Lantian jade the bangle, Hu Fangye has sent out a necklace of sapphire. Their gifts attracted the attention of all people. It can be said that tonight was the Madame Zeng 90 th birthday, the gift that they sent out be more expensive, tonight they who Zeng Family own person delivered are doomed to become the leads. Hu Fangye turned back on the management stage. He has taken up the microphone, looks to the stage. Because the matter he turned into the lead, saw that he must speak, below direct was peaceful, this is he wants. I heard that Zeng's Group Chief Xia also came today, does not know that Chief Xia has brought any gift.” The Hu Fangye sound has spread over the entire banquet hall, he just gave that expensive gift, the roll-call wants Xia Tian to offer the birthday present. If Xia Tian cannot put out any nice gift to be presented all people to look down upon obviously.

Chief Xia, but big figure, the solemn Zeng's Group general manager, does not put out a nice thing to look down upon.” Wen Zhaohua is very intentionally big, lets present all people who the sound said to hear. „, Is Chief Xia, the gift that Chief Xia sends out can not be 1.8 million, otherwise does not have the surface.” You also looked down upon Chief Xia, did Chief Xia give a present only delivers 1.8 million that is not curses at people?” Is, is, Chief Xia is any figure, gives a present delivers 18 million is right.” These people who Hu Fangye they find said under loudly that spoken languages very sharp, they probably prepare good, the words that says raise the atmosphere intentionally. After their words, all people looked at the vision to Zeng Ruo that man. Although they do not know Chief Xia that Hu Fangye said who is, but they heard a moment ago are Zeng's Group time saw Zeng Ruo, saw Zeng Ruo time naturally also saw her Xia Tian. How this person puts on is so poor.” „Is he Chief Xia? This that puts on is the stall goods, this situation unexpectedly wore this type of clothes to come.” This did not respect Madame Zeng obviously.” The surrounding these people whoop, they note Xia Tian, saw that Xia Tian first noted the Xia Tian wear, the adults were this, first looked at the clothes first. „Won't Manager Xia, you have prepared?” Stands Hu Fangye on management stage looks that the Xia Tian position shouts. Which lane gift he must have a look at Xia Tian to go to actually now, the clothes that the Xia Tian body wears is so casual, looked that anything has not brought. It seems like Manager Xia is really empty-handed comes.” Wen Zhaohua laughs was saying. Side Wen Zhaohua these people also together laugh. Zeng's Group Chief Xia unexpectedly empty-handed comes, eats without paying, this is not perhaps good.” Hu Fangye light saying.

His words just said that periphery these people looked at the vision to Xia Tian, because they have also discovered that the body of Xia Tian understood at a glance that any gift did not have the belt. Some unexpectedly people have not brought gift to come, this was really funny.” Where this is, unexpectedly comes to here to eat without paying.” Zeng's Group is really any people dares to want.” Arrives here is some rich men, they all disdain looks to Xia Tian, giving a present that today here person gives a present, does not give a present gives the red package, the smallest red package is 5000. But Xia Tian unexpectedly anything does not have belt. Xia Tian has given 50,000 red packages.” Zeng Ruo answered hurriedly. 50,000 red packages, are quite natural, but I heard that this red package is Chief Zeng wraps to him, legend real?” Saying of Hu Fangye very exaggeration. What legend?” Wen Zhaohua loud asking. Some outside people said that Chief Zeng has supported a handsome boy, then gave the handsome boy to make a position of any general manager in the company.” Hu Fangye takes the microphone to say loudly that his sound has spread over in the banquet hall each corner. „? Chief Zeng, you do are not good, unexpectedly has supported a handsome boy.” Saying of Wen Zhaohua incomparable exaggeration. Tree does not want the skin, must die without doubt \; The people are not concerned about face, unmatched in the world.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, walks toward the front directly, his direction Madame Zeng position. Chief Xia, do you want to give a present? It is not singing birthday quick music and singing.” Hu Fangye disdains looks to Xia Tian. I truly am offer gift.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.