Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 178

Ha Ha Ha Ha Wen Zhaohua and the others smiled was crazier, Xia Tian is penniless now. Periphery these people are also the unusual doubts, in his hand any thing does not have, unexpectedly said gives a present, manages Hu Fangye on stage to take microphone loud saying: Makes us welcome Chief Xia to sing the first birthday song.” Birthday song, Ha Ha, really laughed at me.” Now child celebrates a birthday unpopular this, he gave the Madame Zeng gift is the birthday song.” This looked that was really supported.” Shouting that Wen Zhaohua behind that group of people ridiculed, intentionally they shouted the sound was very big. Such Xia Tian fell into has supported in the gate, if his anything good thing unable to take, that showed that he was supported by Zeng Ruo, if he can put out the thing, everybody will commend his manner low key. This is the custom of upper classes of society. Xia Tian has not paid attention to them, but arrived at the Madame Zeng front: Old madame, happy birthday.” Thanked the child.” Madame Zeng gentle saying. Old madame, then I must give my gift, believes that you will be very certainly happy.” Xia Tian squats down own body. Does not use, the child, these things waste for me.” Madame Zeng is this age, any jade bangle, gem necklace, these things for her already not any use. „The gift that I send out how possibly is the waste.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, all people look to him that actually wants to have a look at him from where to put out the gift. What gift also will put out. Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua and the others were also peaceful, they were waiting for that actually having a look at Xia Tian to do any trick. Zeng Ruo knows that Xia Tian will not handle the matter that has not grasped absolutely, but she is still the anticipation looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian like this squats there, after one minute: Old madame, goes back later to take the medicine that an blood circulation removes extravasted blood, every day exercises a meeting, your leg completely will be restored to health.”

You said that my leg can be restored to health?” Madame Zeng looked puzzled to Xia Tian. Naturally, this is I gives your gift.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Our Chief Xia also are really humorous, he squatted that minute to enable the Madame Zeng leg to walk, he a moment ago in launch autokinetic effect light wave?” Hu Fangye said on the management stage loudly. He does not have the gift, therefore compiles such a rumor, he can say that now Madame Zeng did not have for a long time, therefore the leg good also to have needed to restore some time, but one who has still remembered that today what happened.” The Wen Zhaohua words blocked the Xia Tian escape route completely. Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to them, but helping up Madame Zeng gently: Old madame, you tries, although cannot completely flexible free, but stood should not to have the issue.” Madame Zeng the doubts of whole face, she tried to stand, at this moment she discovered with amazement that her leg unexpectedly started to have the consciousness: I can induce to my leg, had the consciousness.” What?” Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua and the others surprised of face. Other surroundings people also all are inconceivable looks to Xia Tian, this was also too mysterious, the Madame Zeng leg remnant was very long, even if were treated, least also took several months to restore to be good. But her present unexpectedly stood. Old madame, I gives your birthday present, do you like?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Likes, likes, this was I receives the best gift.” Madame Zeng excited saying. Did not have what gift more important than the health, this gift truly is tonight most precious, spent the trap that much money have set up like this to be submerged as for Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua. Compared with the Xia Tian gift, their gifts really probably are not worth a red cent. Hu Fangye quietly from the management stage, he has compensated the madame to fold the soldier today, Qian Pei, has not made Xia Tian lose face, he continued simply to turn into others' laughingstock dull here. Wen Zhaohua followed Hu Fangye quietly. Saw excited Madame Zeng, the banquet became is livelier.

„Have you cured my too paternal grandmother's leg really?” Zeng Ruo puzzled asking. So long as he goes back to take the medicine that an blood circulation removes extravasted blood, a half year should be able to be restored to health completely.” Xia Tian answered. You are fiercest, Hu Fangye they have clamped the tail to escape.” Saying of Zeng Ruo face smiling face. moron is matter for a lifetime.” Xia Tian long spitting vented anger, says with emotion. Tonight goes to my to live, Tiantian said that thought you.” Zeng Ruo said in a low voice, in the sound has been full of the sentiment of enticement. The banquet was held to be very late, today Madame Zeng crossed she most unforgettable 90 th birthday, she thinks she a leg made great strides forward in the coffin, but now she to living has been igniting the hope. Before the Zeng Ruo driver has delivered to the Zeng Ruo house, Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian. When arrived in Zeng Ruo home, Ms. Wang is accompanying small Tiantian to play there, small Tiantian saw Xia Tian time ran over directly: Brother.” The small Tiantian sound speaks in an infantile tone of voice, is very of pleasant to hear. Xia Tian held Tiantian directly: Tiantian grew.” Small Tiantian with Xia Tian specially own, this possibly has the danger with each time her, is Xia Tian acts to rescue the relations. Although the children are innocent, but her actually energy could remember in own heart the image of that hero. Ms. Wang, you get down the rest.” Zeng Ruo said. Ms. Wang nodded, leaves directly. Small Tiantian has depended on the body of Xia Tian, how regardless of Zeng Ruo said that she is not willing to get down, until evening's small Tiantian proposed request that again must rest together. That night, Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian support to sleep, but small Tiantian was pushed by them in the middle, a small head hugs outside.

Next morning. You are my~ oh my big apple~. Who.” Master, I am Huo Lajiao.” I am not your master.” My grandfather wants to see you.” Does not have the time.” When you have the time.” Said again.” Xia Tian hung up the telephone directly, Huo Lajiao looks at the telephone, was very depressed, if she wants to give a pretext to deceive the grandfather, if made her grandfather know that Xia Tian was this manner, her grandfather has not divided Xia Tian exactly. Jiang Tianshu came back, this is the Jiang Hai City today's first flash news. Of Wang Nianlin Jianghai four young masters withdraw, now presented a vacancy position, Jiang Hai City all youth talents started to prepare the gift, greets Jiang Shao, this position was a big lucrative position.