Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 179

Jiang Hai City all youth talents everywhere are preparing the rich gift, they want regarding Jianghai four sons' that vacancy, when this vacancy does not have, gives up like Wang Nianlin on own initiative, perhaps hundred years rare meet. Once becomes the Jianghai four young masters, will then have the support of Jiang Shao, regardless of he will obtain the rapid development in the status of family outside status. Moreover other companies are also willing to work with you. This is the Jianghai four sons' advantage. If Wen Zhaohua is not the Jianghai four young masters, the Wen Family business will be few one less than half, his status was the servant has one to spell in Wen Family that simply. But if Hu Fangye is not the Jianghai four young masters, the status of this Patriarch candidate immediately is also eliminated. Wen Shao, you must for me multi- fine talk several in front of Jiang Shao.” A Jiang Hai City son of the influential takes the gift to visit. Such person today is 20 th multiwave. In the Hu Fangye family also came dozens waves of such people, even some are family brothers. Snort, this fellows also coordinate me to treat as an equal.” Hu Fangye saw saying that front these gifts disdain, this group of people got rid are really too mean-spirited, some even put out tens of thousands things to dare to come. On such boldness, how possibly becomes one of the Jianghai four young masters. Jianghai four young masters must lead the skills of Jiang Hai City all sons of the influential from any aspect. Young Hu, the thing prepared.” Under a famous artisan was reporting. Em, cannot have any mistake.” Hu Fangye nodded, Jiang Shao returns to this is the important matter, if the matter has not arranged, his position may want not to guarantee, his life is Jiang Shao rescues, otherwise he really must turn into the idiot with Wen Zhaohua.

Relax, Young Hu, all arranged.” Under the famous artisan said. „It is not good, I must have a look personally.” Hu Fangye has stood, he a little did not feel relieved that this time matter cannot leave careless any. But outside also that many some people of giving a present!” Under the famous artisan said hurriedly. Drives away them.” Hu Fangye has not hugged to hope to the gifts of these people completely, he considered how is good to entertain good Jiang Shao, this matter cannot be careless. In Wen Zhaohua family. Hu Fangye unexpectedly has made a luxurious yacht, is really the great writer, you prepare how?” Wen Zhaohua looks to person under. In nearby all cities the famous car(riage) mold looked for by us, but also invited some female stars, we handle matters you to feel relieved.” Person under said. Leads me to have a look at these models, I must prior inspect goods.” Wen Zhaohua corners of the mouth immoral smiles. Wen Shao, outside these people what to do?” Person under asked Expels, expels to me, today's matter cannot make any careless mistake.” Wen Zhaohua is disinclined to respond these people, Jiang Shao returns, this may unable to be careless. Meanwhile, the written invitation has sent to entire Jiang Hai City all celebrities hands. After Jiang Tianshu returns to Jiang Hai City, went to own villa directly. Three people stand in the Jiang Tianshu front.

First person of Black Gown, the whole person hides in the darkness. The second individual hand with a feather fan, the walking elegant bearing, on the young charming face has actually written all over self-confidently. The third person black western-style clothes, have worn big sunglasses, the body very strong. In front of three people are Jiang Tianshu Butler, this person seems about 40 years old. Jiang Shao, Hu Fangye has prepared a barge and famous name wine that the has gotten from world, Wen Zhaohua looks for one group of renowned young women, some car(riage) molds and stars.” Butler was reporting the material in hand. Em, did the third candidate look?” Jiang Tianshu nodded. Jiang Hai City also really has such individual, but was young, was smaller than Wang Nianlin one year old, was the Jianghai University big two students, called Li Yuan, nickname Li eight, this person studied the military since childhood, worked overbearingly rampant, Li was the Jiang Hai City famous consumables factory.” Butler was reporting. Li eight, I have listened to the name of this boy probably, before probably had hit Wang Nianlin.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. Right, the previous time is Hu Fangye finds the person this matter that helps Wang Nianlin level.” Butler said. He.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. Jiang Shao, this is the Xia Tian material.” Butler gave the material in hand has worn the person of black western-style clothes, transmitted by that person to Jiang Tianshu. Jiang Tianshu opens the material in hand: This boy also very has the female personal connection, Zeng Ruo, Ye Qingxue, Bing Xin, Tang Yan, Lin Bingbing, Bai Yiyi.” Because of these women, he produces the contradiction with Wang Nianlin and Wen Zhaohua.” Butler answered.

He really has also done many magnificent feats, expels Xu Family, hits remnant A'San, makes Wang greatly, is really an interesting fellow.” Jiang Tianshu shows a faint smile, afterward looked asked with that person of feather fan to hand: Yu He, how do you see this matter?” Wants his words, is not difficult, making the soldier master get rid to kill him directly, but if Jiang Shao wants to play, that needs to want 11 breaks his all self-confidently, then made him see with one's own eyes own woman to play with by Jiang Shao.” Yu He shook own feather fan, the whole face smile is saying, he a moment ago said probably was a very ordinary matter. Naturally must play well, dares to reject including my invitation, really gives to be concerned about face.” Jiang Shao excited saying. Jiang Shao, Hu Fangye made the call, they wanted to see you.” Butler light saying. That the yacht that went to him to prepare was good, tells him, I one.” Jiang Shao several people, an upscale business automobile has delivered to Hu Fangye there Jiang Shao, Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua early came out to greet. Entered in private room of yacht. Wen Zhaohua asked several stars to be invited along together, Hu Fangye hugged Wen Zhaohua elder sister Wen Bibi to sit there, Wen Zhaohua hugged a female star, both hands is feeling on the body of that female star. The Jiang Shao side sat four female stars, these female stars are these have played the drama series star, some female anchor. The feather fan three people sit outside of theater box. Jiang Shao gratefully put in the privacy spot of that several woman the hand directly, has been buckling, knitting the brows of that two female star pains both hands made an effort, but actually does not dare to make any sound. Jiang Shao, you have a look also to have anything not to be unsatisfied, I asked the person to make immediately.” Hu Fangye respectful saying. The Jiang Tianshu vision looks unscrupulously to Hu Fangye Wen Bibi, the vision on Wen Bibi the body has sized up, afterward has pulled out own hand, waved to Wen Bibi: You come.”