Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 180

Jiang Shao beckons to Wen Bibi, although he is only simple beckoning, but actually gives people an irresistible feeling, Hu Fangye pushed Wen Bibi hurriedly, Wen Bibi was still being in a daze, she knew fierce of Jiang Shao. Her standing up slowly, walks toward Jiang Shao, the step is very light, Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua looked to her. Jiang Shao beckons to her now, this obviously is not the good deed, but was younger brother's Wen Zhaohua also has is Hu Fangye of boyfriend has not said anything, but sat there looks. Wen Bibi like this arrived at the Jiang Shao front, the Jiang Shao right hand has extended has held on Wen Bibi the hand directly, afterward he made an effort, arrived at his arms Wen Bibi directly. Wen Bibi a brow wrinkle, but she does not dare to revolt. Wen Zhaohua saw that own elder sister hauled in the bosom to be very awkward by Jiang Shao, but his anything does not dare saying that but sits is pinching in the bosom that makes an effort there both hands the upper body of female, seems ordinary in the air vent. He does not certainly dare to vent anger to Jiang Shao, therefore he will be mad all leaves in the bosom the body of female. If Wen Zhaohua is awkward, that Hu Fangye did not have the place to treat simply, he sits now is not, stood is not, the woman in Jiang Shao bosom was his girlfriend. Saw that own girlfriend lies down in others' bosom, he does not know really one are any thoughts, if that person is not Jiang Shao, he will certainly rush to the opposite party two big mouths, then breaks his leg. But the opposite party is Jiang Shao, he not only cannot do, instead must a face smiling face looks. Looking at steadily looks. Looks at own girlfriend in others' arms. After Jiang Shao hauls in bosom Wen Bibi, shows a faint smile: Invited Zeng Ruo?” Jiang Shao said that while puts in own hand Wen Bibi the clothes, Wen Bibi does not dare to hide.

Correspondence has sent.” Wen Zhaohua nodded. The hand of Jiang Shao makes an effort on Wen Bibi the body is grabbing: Wen Zhaohua, you go personally, moreover must make a Freshman noise, understands my meaning?” Relax, Jiang Shao, I will certainly make very big noise.” Wen Zhaohua stands up, he does not want to treat really in this room, this is a very good excuse, he wants to leave here immediately. Hu Fangye that female beckons to Wen Zhaohua had played a moment ago, that female arrived at the Hu Fangye side, Hu Fangye has made an effort, drew the bosom her. Hu Fangye, I make Black Gown rescue your life am because you mix with me, your should better not disappointed me again time.” Saying of Jiang Shao coldly. The back of Hu Fangye has flowed out the cold sweat: Jiang Shao felt relieved that will not have the next time.” You exit.” Jiang Shao shows a faint smile. Good, good.” Hu Fangye went out of the theater box hurriedly. After one minute, in the theater box has broadcast the voice of female, hears this sound the heart of time Hu Fangye in the drop blood, but he does not have any means that her woman was playing with by Jiang Shao. Thinks of here, his innermost feelings on anger. Black Gown three people of pondering looks to Young Hu, this makes Young Hu think one did not have the place of taking shelter, he drew a model directly, moved toward another theater box. Zeng's Group. Chief Zeng, that Wen Zhaohua has caused trouble, he brought people hitting the security, just also had hit a manager.” In Chief Zeng office, female secretary anxious shouting.

„Does he actually want to do?” A Zeng Ruo brow wrinkle. When Zeng Ruo walks, happen to sees Wen Zhaohua to bring several person enormous and powerful rushing, walks while scolded. Wen Zhaohua, you, if makes again, I reported to the police.” Zeng Ruo to Wen Zhaohua angry saying. You look at anything to look.” Wen Zhaohua took up a book to pound directly in a head of female, the book has modelled hardly, has made an opening the head of that female directly, the blood from her head upper reaches. Li Ying, Li Ying, you are all right.” Surroundings these colleagues go forward to help her scratch the blood hurriedly. Li Ying.” Zeng Ruo ran hurriedly, but Li Ying Xia Tian introduced person, had been injured in her company, how she should explain to Xia Tian. Small supple, I come am tell you one, Jiang Shao do not like others rejecting, in the evening you put on attractive.” Wen Zhaohua looked that said to Zeng Ruo. Why you hit my person.” Zeng Ruo angry looks to Wen Zhaohua. „Did I hit was also what kind of? You reported to the police, you said that which police dare to catch me.” Saying that Wen Zhaohua disdains. You deliver to hospital Li Ying quickly.” Zeng Ruo angry looks at Wen Zhaohua, afterward has put out the cell phone, has dialed the Xia Tian telephone: Li Ying was hit.” She only said such a few words, Xia Tian has hung up the telephone. How, the young girl also has the backer, he he.” Wen Zhaohua ridicule smiles: Now Jiang Shao came back, regardless of she is the princess of which family, cannot I be what kind.” Wen Zhaohua thinks that Li Ying is the princess of others family, coming to the Zeng Ruo company to discipline.

But so, he will not fear: My Wen Zhaohua throws this words today, regardless of she is the person of which family, my Wen Zhaohua does not care.” Zeng's Group person all wicked looks at Wen Zhaohua, but they actually do not dare to offend Wen Zhaohua, Zeng's Group woman are more than man, Wen Zhaohua has brought 78 guys. Wen Zhaohua is looks for trouble, this is the instruction of Jiang Shao. He does not want to go back to be so early, otherwise saw that own elder sister was being devastated by Jiang Shao, he is very awkward. Therefore he here is rather noisy a meeting, does not want such quickly to go back. Wen Zhaohua, do you actually want to do?” Zeng Ruo angry looks to Wen Zhaohua. „Do I want to do you unclear? So long as you comply to marry with me, that later Zeng's Group only will become well, before had Xia Tian that brat to help over you, now Jiang Shao came back, he was unable to defend oneself.” Saying that Wen Zhaohua disdains. Before Wen Zhaohua, fears Xia Tian very much, but Jiang Shao came back now, in his opinion, Xia Tian is a deceased person. Your fate will be very miserable.” Zeng Ruo looked that said to Wen Zhaohua. „Will my fate very be miserable? Regardless of that woman has any background, my Wen Zhaohua photo hits does not harm.” Wen Zhaohua incomparably extremely arrogant saying, greatly day Boss, second child, the feeling of his third child. I go to your younger sister.” At this moment a flying leg of Wen Zhaohua trampled.