Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 181

A flying leg trampled to fly Wen Zhaohua, just Wen Zhaohua was still boasting there fierce, no one feared that finally now directly is trampled to fly by such a flying leg. His that several subordinates with enough time had not responded. moda foka, who dares to kick father, gave me to abandon him.” Wen Zhaohua lies in ground angry shouting. His that several subordinates hit directly toward Xia Tian, is only the time of a twinkling, that several people were folded in one, afterward Xia Tian moved toward Wen Zhaohua. I hear your very good B.” Xia Tian squats in the Wen Zhaohua front. Xia Tian, I warned you, Jiang Shao came back, your auspicious day to the end.” Wen Zhaohua saw Xia Tian time shouts. This is the most wrong decision that Wen Zhaohua makes, he takes for Xia Tian is afraid Jiang Shao, he had estimated wrongly Xia Tian ability, he thinks that he is the Jiang Shao person, now Jiang Shao came back, that Xia Tian does not dare to move him. But fact really so? Jiang Shao?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. What's wrong, mentioned that Jiang Shao has been afraid.” Wen Zhaohua sees response wild saying of Xia Tian. Did not know.” A Xia Tian palm of the hand shouted. Wen Zhaohua just stood, was patted directly upside-down by Xia Tian this palm of the hand: I heard that you have injured the friend of mine is right.” Who is your friend.” Wen Zhaohua had been perplexed by Xia Tian. Was a moment ago by that girl who you hit, I most dislike others to bully my friend, now you achieved.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. Chief Xia, the head of Li Ying was broken, bled.” A female custom service shouts. Xia Tian heard the head of Li Ying to be broken, the anger has come up, a foot trampled directly on the body of Wen Zhaohua, this unilateral violent punched has continued for a half hour.

Has to admire the resistance of Wen Zhaohua to hit ability, his fat is not Bai Chang, if changes into is others, was already killed by Xia Tian. Also has to admire the Xia Tian hitting person ability, he hit Wen Zhaohua a half hour not to shout tired, this middle Zeng Ruo has stopped his several times, but was useless, finally Zeng Ruo simply sat in side watches the fun. Is tired, you give the Chief Xia but actually cup tea.” Zeng Ruo said to the surrounding person. Good, this goes.” Saw that Wen Zhaohua was hit, Zeng's Group these people are very happy, they are specially repugnant Wen Zhaohua, before Wen Zhaohua little had not bullied them. Now Xia Tian has repaired his maliciously, the people look very happily. However the Wen Zhaohua situation may not be good, the whole person on the ground, is groaning weak, if not he who the mouth keeps has been groaning, the people think that he early died. Loses money.” Xia Tian sat on the stool has shouted. Whoops feeds.” Wen Zhaohua keeps is groaning. I warned you, tomorrow my in the account must 1 million come, how many stamina to hit you for a long time to waste my, I must supplement how many nutrition can make up, did you know?” Xia Tian extremely angry saying. Your this really?” Zeng Ruo awkward asking. What had not to be good, hits him to hit for a half hour, shouldn't he give me to select the service charge? The brothers and sisters, you said that he should give.” Xia Tian is shouting to Zeng's Group other people. Should give.” Everybody shouts together. You have a look, this is people hopes.” Xia Tian said. Whoops feeds.” Wen Zhaohua has kept is groaning. Wen Zhaohua, remembers my words, if money tomorrow will be less than the account, I will go to your family, will make into this you again.” Xia Tian carries side that several people who the body of Wen Zhaohua moved toward him to bring directly.

You several feigned death individually, stands to me.” A Xia Tian foot held on the body of that several person. They have stood hurriedly. Carries off to me him.” Xia Tian threw Wen Zhaohua to that several people directly, after that several people caught Wen Zhaohua that fat body, ran directly Zeng's Group. Li Ying how?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Zeng Ruo. Has damaged by abrasion the skin, I made the propaganda department managers take to the hospital her.” Zeng Ruo said. Wen Zhaohua comes besides looking to punch, other matter?” Xia Tian asked. He radically is not, he who looks to punch comes to deliver the invitation to me, tonight the luxurious cruise, celebrates Jiang Shao to return.” Zeng Ruo took the invitation, gives Xia Tian. Is this Jiang Shao, doesn't go good?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally is not good.” Zeng Ruo shook the head. Good, I accompany you to go together.” Xia Tian light saying. In luxurious cruise. Jiang Shao, all are very smooth, Wen Zhaohua had been hit half dead by Xia Tian.” Yu He swung has waved the hand feather fan light saying. Sits then understands in Jiang Shao opposite Hu Fangye that originally Jiang Shao plays with his girlfriend and makes Wen Zhaohua take a beating to teach them, they handle matters disadvantageously, therefore this is the penalty. Makes Black Gown cure him, do not delay a banquet of meeting.” Jiang Shao light saying. „During relax, Jiang Shao, all are planning, Xia Tian will come certainly tonight.” Yu He swung has waved the hand that feather fan.

Under three big hands of Jiang Shao, Yu He is the intelligent symbol, reason that he in the hand has taken a feather fan is being because he has compared with himself is world Zhuge Liang. His seventh were admitted to a university that year, 11 -year-old earn the master's degree, are proficient in seven country languages, can say that he is the talent in talent, because of this, he has the qualifications becomes under Jiang Shao one of the three big hands. Let Wen Zhaohua take a beating, this is also one of his plans, wants to direct Xia Tian to come, that must let Wen Zhaohua greatly noisy Zeng's Group. Such Xia Tian will be worried about the Zeng Ruo safety with coming. Then, the good play must start finally, first makes him see clearly my great strength.” Reason that Jiang Shao very self-confident saying, he directs to let Xia Tian Xia Tian has a look at his strength. This is his first step plan, making Xia Tian regret that making him feel frightened. Xia Tian has rejected his invitation, this is to he biggest insult, he must make Xia Tian regret for his decision. Today's luxurious cruise evening banquet is the first step. He must rout Xia Tian from each aspect, this is his retaliation, treats the different people to use the different methods. Jiang Shao, I added seasoning for today's evening banquet, believes that you will be very certainly happy.” Yu He swung has waved the hand that to show a faint smile the feather fan, since he has gotten rid, how also to make the program monotonous. At this moment, Black Gown walked from outside, but his with that person Wen Zhaohua, this time Wen Zhaohua probably is a bystander is the same, his wound completely vanished.