Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 183

Master, you came.” Before Huo Lajiao ran up to the body of Xia Tian, today her the appearance from completely is usually different, she wore formal clothes, on the neck has worn a pearl necklace, the hairstyle also specially made. Today's Huo Lajiao differed with the beforehand appearance too, completely was two different people. Who are you?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Master, I am Huo Lajiao.” Huo Lajiao said hurriedly. Deceived people, Huo Lajiao was so ugly, with you completely was not a rank.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, Huo Lajiao does not know was really this happy or should be angry. Master, I really am Huo Lajiao.” Huo Lajiao has cried quickly. Well, you probably are really Huo Lajiao.” Xia Tian has sized up Huo Lajiao earnest saying carefully. What is resembles, I really am, Master, you recognized me to come finally.” On Huo Lajiao face one happy. Em, because you how, regardless to dress up, your upper body so is small.” Xia Tian nodded serious saying. I force to go.” Huo Lajiao heard the Xia Tian reason whole person to be about to spurt. Xia Tian, you chatted first, I went to that side to notify several friends.” Zeng Ruo said that moved toward not far away several people, these are she partner in business. Since came, that must pass to greet. Master, since you came, you should see my grandfather.” A Huo Lajiao face anticipates looks at Xia Tian. I do not know him, why can see him?” Xia Tian asked. Volume, that my grandfather is very famous, he listened to me to say after your fierce, he has wanted to see you.” Huo Lajiao answered hurriedly.

Does not have the interest.” Xia Tian took up one glass of liquor on table to walk directly. Huo Lajiao saw that Xia Tian such walked, straight stamping the feet of air/Qi. Xia Tian is strolling on this luxurious cruise, here beauty are really many, the model are also many, height one meters of these models more than eight, passes through from Xia Tian makes Xia Tian think embarrassed. These tall female students also specially like putting on high-heeled shoes. Whoops!!” A female before Xia Tian body throws down suddenly. The Xia Tian right hand extends, embraced the waist border of female directly, hugged the female in the bosom: You are all right.” Discourteous, was discourteous.” The foot of female fluttered the leg of Xia Tian to shout loudly. Volume.” Saw that such scene Xia Tian stares slightly, this also too can make, he stands there is motionless, the female holds his body then to shout discourteously. Has ratio this also preliminary framing? Discourteous.” Females walked more than ten individuals directly. „Are you doing? Under the broad daylight, ringing the universe, your unexpectedly dares to be discourteous my girlfriend.” And man angry shouting, his sound all attracted the surrounding these people. Also had the law of the land.” Also had the law.” Around that male these people echo to say together. Saves me, he is rascal, has not been willing to loosen me to the present.” The both hands of female are holding Xia Tian, her foot entangles the leg of Xia Tian, Xia Tian both hands is opening, has moved, his unexpectedly added that Xia Tian is not willing to loosen her.

Feeds, the old younger sister, is you have been hugging me, I have not bumped into you from the start.” Xia Tian looks at the female to say. rascal, he is smelly rascal, has also sexually harassed me to the present.” The females wept and wailed were saying. You a bit faster let loose my girlfriend, the security, the security.” That man does not go forward, like this stands in that keeps was shouting. The person who encircles were getting more and more. The security on ship came quickly, together comes also has Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua they. Whoops feeds, Chief Xia, how you also do the matter of this mean lower reaches.” Saying of Wen Zhaohua ridicule. I also think that is, originally is Zeng's Group Chief Xia, after all Chief Xia is no wonder young, saw that beauty somewhat is unavoidably excited, will therefore make such action.” Hu Fangye said the Xia Tian status directly. Said Chief Xia, that possibly nobody knew, because today person which is not the general manager above rank, but said Zeng's Group, that surrounding person understood Zeng's Group in Jiang Hai City is quite famous. God, your wound was also good.” Xia Tian looked that said to the arm of Wen Zhaohua. Chief Xia, do not shift topic? Now you discourteous our distinguished guests, I hope that you can give us an explanation.” Wen Zhaohua looks at Xia Tian to say. This also with explanation? So long as is not SB looks, I stand have moved here, is she has hugged me not to let go, if discourteous , can only be she is discourteous I.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The surrounding person also nodded, this framing method is effective in the elementary student. Chief Xia really will also quibble, so was no wonder young to gang up with Zeng's Group Zeng Ruo.” Wen Zhaohua looked at Xia Tian to continue saying: Was you were obviously discourteous a moment ago this female, then thought not to acknowledge that this female was afraid you to run, held you.” „, You said was good, resembles you personally to see to be the same, you made up the story the ability are really too strong, did not write novel Bai Xia.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration: I knew that a famous writer, the pen name is the flowered old and young, I can recommend to you.” Do not pull with me uselessly, you discourteous others have not wanted to acknowledge now, everybody figures out, his shameless one should give the police like this.” Wen Zhaohua looked that asked to the surrounding person.

Was too obscene, this person must punish.” Shameless, some unexpectedly people are so shameless.” „The person like him must punish.” Side Wen Zhaohua these people are in cahoots obviously, they loud was shouting. You have a look, everybody could not get used to seeing you.” Wen Zhaohua beckoned with the hand to say. Person who these had the anxiety to this matter a moment ago also thinks is Xia Tian was not right, after all now a just side stands in Wen Zhaohua here, they also think one were the gentleman of justice, must therefore stand in the team of just this side. The surroundings started to accuse the Xia Tian person to be getting more and more. „Do you have the problem?” At this moment, Zeng Ruo from the crowd, arrived at side Xia Tian the time, has pulled open the hand of that female directly. ! A palm of the hand has hit. I see have not been concerned about face, but has not seen you such not to be concerned about face.” Zeng Ruo to a that female palm of the hand, sees the Zeng Ruo action, the surrounding person was all shocked. ! Zeng Ruo was a palm of the hand has hit. You said that is you attractive or I am attractive?” Zeng Ruo very strong asking.