Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 184

Females by two palms of the hand of Zeng Ruo being perplexed. You are attractive.” Female gingerly saying. ! Zeng Ruo was a palm of the hand has flung. We whose stature is good?” Zeng Ruo slaps to ask a question. Your stature is good.” A female face frightened looks at Zeng Ruo. ! We who is rich?” Zeng Ruo on a such palm of the hand palm of the hand is hitting. You are rich.” The females know Zeng Ruo. ! This palm of the hand compared with the former dozen suppresses. His I am not discourteous, why to go to be discourteous you?” Zeng Ruo manner strong looks at the female to ask. I. I female turned head to look at her boyfriend. ! Said.” Zeng Ruo has slapped once more. I said that some people have given me money, making me falsely accuse his.” The females spoke of here time looked to Hu Fangye and Wen Zhaohua they. You visit us to do, I told you, the speech gave me, otherwise me makes you unable to eat to capture walking carefully.” Wen Zhaohua wicked is staring at that female, he is warning that female.

Meanwhile he also confessed without being pressed, all people strange looked to him. What looks at to look? Your several, this false charge other people **** delivers to the police station to me.” Wen Zhaohua was shouting to clear the way to that several securities. Relax, Wen Shao.” That several securities have taken away that female directly, but her boyfriend and that several people does not know which a moment ago ran up to went, the Zeng Ruo powerful made the surrounding person very surprised. Sister Rou, has not looked, your unexpectedly is so fierce.” Xia Tian has raised up the thumb to Zeng Ruo. Learns from you, I know that you will not hit the woman, therefore came by me.” Zeng Ruo shows a faint smile. Wen Zhaohua and Hu Fangye wicked looks at the Xia Tian back, this time they were defeated, this is Yu He confessed mission that such simply made Zeng Ruo destroying. Hits the person!!” At this moment, not the far place has broadcast a sound. Sister Rou, had looks lively.” Xia Tian draws Zeng Ruo to walk toward there, when Xia Tian they come, what there encircled was watertight, but Xia Tian forwarded, the bodies of these people cannot help but depended to the two sides. Who, pushes anything to push.” Oh, stepped on to my foot.” Surrounding person there angry shouting. But Zeng Ruo here completely cannot feel crowded, these people probably are Xia Tian allow to pass through general. Their relaxed entered in crowd. Depends on your several boys, dares to boast B before me.” At this time a man stands there wickedly kicked is lying down in that several people of ground, Xia Tian looked up, had eight people. In other words he these eight people knocks down. These eight people are second generations of rich.

I told you, the Jianghai four young master finally that quotas certainly were my, no one can snatch with me, my name was Li Yuan, you can also call my Li eight.” Hears Li Yuan time, possibly knew that his person are not many, but hears Li eight times, the people have opened the mouth. This Li eight is a very strong person, before he had fought with Jianghai four sons' Wang Nianlin, it is said Wang Nianlin suffered a loss. Finally Hu Fangye looks for this matter that the person levels. Now Wang Nianlin withdraws from the Jianghai four sons' positions on own initiative, Li eight naturally cannot let off this position, regardless at that time he can end oppressive Wang Nianlin from any aspect, but is because the head of Wang Nianlin has the Jianghai four young master given names, therefore he can only apologize. Li eight, you left were too wild, big brother Zhao will not let off your, this quota certainly was big brother Zhao.” Lies down in saying that that second generation of rich of ground refuses to admit being inferior. Li eight is a foot tramples: Also dares with my BB, where Zhao Long to be at? Let him come out I to have a look, father links him to punch together.” Li eight, my CNM, has the skill you to kill the father.” Lies down in these second generations of rich of ground, which is not rich and powerful, when has received this grade of air/Qi. Your SB, the father must kill you unable here.” Li eight come up is one tramples, strong, overbearing, this is the Li eight dispositions, he heard these people to boast a moment ago B there, then these people have hit his, finally had made into this by him. His that white formal clothes last present also has liquor seal. Collided a moment ago, their liquor sprinkle in Li eight stay behind. He is Li eight, I heard he today hopefully becomes the fourth Jianghai four young masters.” „, He before had not hit Wang Nianlin, making him Jianghai four young master that must.” Probably also person who called Zhao Long, hopes that was not small.” The surrounding person was discussing, Li eight, strong, overbearing, was competent, but has not come that Zhao Long to the present, but the ground was lying down these second generations of rich have said him. It is said Zhao Long gets down from Shaolin Monastery, Martial Arts is as deep as a well, moreover he handles matters very appropriately, never offends any person, the enemy is few.” I had also heard the matter that Zhao Long most likes doing helps others, therefore his friend everywhere is.”

Also because this ritual character makes Zhao Long not suitable, when Jianghai four young masters, what the Jianghai four young masters want is overbearing.” These people mentioned Zhao Long time is full of praise. Li eight and Zhao Long they became the sharp contrasts, their strengths are not weak, who who is weak, but also compared with know. Your several remember to me, later sees my Li eight around walking, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite.” Li eight trampled a foot in one person of their several people. Please let.” Xia Tian some people said suddenly. Xia Tian turns head to look, is a capable man: Excuse me, makes troublesome, what inside is my friend.” Xia Tian nodded, resigned a channel, after the capable man walks, has squatted directly: You are all right.” Big brother Zhao, big brother Zhao, you must revenge for us.” Lay down near that man of ground is the blood, the front tooth is all hit to fly, the situations of several other people were not good. Security, the security, quickly delivers to the hospital my these friends.” He is Zhao Long. The Li eight vision looked to Zhao Long, has sized up Zhao Long carefully: „Are you Zhao Long?” Why you hit my friend.” Zhao Long angry looks to Li eight. Because they should hit, I heard that you are also a person skilled in martial arts, moreover you must snatch Jianghai four sons' that reputation with me.” Li eight expression ice-cold saying, his vision like cheetah, stubbornly is staring at Zhao Long.