Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 185

A Zhao Long brow wrinkle, saw that the Li eight aggressive appearances he shook the head: I am only attend the banquet, is not fights, my positions to that any Jianghai four young masters does not have any interest.” You said that doesn't have the interest I to believe? Since you came, how does not hit me possibly to ask you to leave.” Li eight corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. I will not hit with you, I said again, I am not interested in that any Jianghai four sons' positions, the banquet finished me immediately leaving.” Zhao Long does not want to provoke troublesome. Bang! Li 81 fought with the fists on the body of Zhao Long, Zhao Long has not hidden does not dodge. Hits back.” Li eight vision ice-cold looks at Zhao Long. I have said that I do not want to stir up trouble.” Zhao Long turn around must leave. Bang! The Li 81 feet trampled in the Zhao Long back of the body, Zhao Long fell forward, when the body of Zhao Long threw down immediately, his right arm in a ground brace, the body has made a turn over, steady falling on the ground. I make you hit back.” Li eight fought with the fists on the body of Zhao Long. But Zhao Long is only retreat, has not hit back. Zhao Long.” The sound conveys from the rear area of crowd together, afterward the crowd resigned a channel automatically, the group walked from behind, is the person of head is an elegant bearing youth, his with three people, three people is Wen Zhaohua and Hu Fangye. That three people, a hand take the feather fan, wears the black western-style clothes to wear the big sunglasses, another completely hides under Black Gown. When sees in front of these three people that men, retreat that the surrounding person all keeps, the crowded crowd, immediately resigned a spacious path a moment ago. Jiang Tianshu, he is Jiang Tianshu. Where regardless of arrives at him is the objects who all people worship, nobody dares to have the slight envy to him.

Jiang Shao.” Zhao Long and Li eight respectful saying. Zhao Long, I anticipated very much you get one with Li Yuan.” Although the Jiang Tianshu words are very simple, but Zhao Hu actually lowered the head, he knows that this did not discuss, but is the order. Jiang Shao, I do not want to struggle the Jianghai four sons' positions.” Zhao Long answered. Either hits, either dies.” Saying of Jiang Tianshu coldly, he behind had the service personnel to lift a sofa. The Jiang Tianshu words are very simple, but actually gives people an irresistible dignity, the choice of Zhao Long only then two, one is the Li eight dozens, dies. Nobody suspects the Jiang Tianshu words, because he, once has said that that really will get rid to kill people. This is not the threat, but is ordinary a few words. Zhao Long nodded, his no choice, this must hit, although he does not want to stir up trouble, but he was unable to avoid, this war must hit. The service personnel packed completely the surrounding thing, the person who the surroundings watched the fun also made way a very big place. Also is really a good play.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Chief Xia, but, you also see a play at just the right moment.” Wen Zhaohua saw Xia Tian time saying that ridiculed. Person to inexpensive invincible, said is you, had been hit that many times by me, saw that I also greeted.” Xia Tian light saying. Brat, leaves is too wild.” Wen Zhaohua angry saying. Is sick, entertains.” Xia Tian contemptuous smiles. Jiang Tianshu looked at Xia Tian one, nod of slightly, the appearance of atmosphere, to person a manner of superior, at this time on the spot only then he sits on the sofa.

Feeds, service personnel!” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Sir, what need has?” The service personnel arrive at side Xia Tian to ask. I also want a such sofa.” Xia Tian refers to that under the Jiang Tianshu body sat, hears his request all people to stare, this is to Jiang Tianshu disrespectful. Regardless in any place, Jiang Tianshu must be most prominent, he sits the sofa is so, he must be the same to the emperor, rules the world. A mountain does not accommodate two tigers. If Xia Tian must come a sofa, that proves him also with the Jiang Tianshu equal division world. The atmosphere congeals instantaneously. Sorry, Sir, if you do not have other matters, I got down.” Saying of service personnel coldly. Ok.” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Zeng Ruo: I one will come back.” Xia Tian has gone through the crowd. Acts recklessly.” Hu Fangye cold snort. Sees Xia Tian to leave, the people think that he has realized his mistake, therefore left. Yu He swung the feather fan in oneself hand to show a faint smile. That fellow ran away in fear by the Jiang Shao imposing manner.” Saying that Wen Zhaohua disdains. The Xia Tian action let the surrounding these people a moment ago is very surprised, but Xia Tian walked now, they think that Xia Tian frightened off by the Jiang Shao imposing manner.

Li Yuan, you have won words, the Jianghai four young master last quotas were your.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. The words that he spoke although are not many, but each words will become the focal point, moreover each words can start the high tide of scene, the today's evening banquet biggest actor's pay is this. When the Jianghai four sons' last quota, Wang Nianlin withdraws that quota of emptying. This is tonight climax. Jiang Shao felt relieved that this quota was my.” Li Yuan excited saying, he wins to this quota, nobody anticipates this quota compared with him. Because he has experienced the Jianghai four few strong trends with own eyes, so long as he became Jianghai four few one, then he can walk sideways in Jiang Hai City truly. If you lost, quota is Zhao Long.” Jiang Tianshu light saying, although Zhao Long had said do not want that quota. But a Jiang Shao exit / to speak, nobody can reject, even if Zhao Long not, whom Jiang Shao said is, who is. The Jianghai four young masters are strong representatives, but Jiang Shao is the King in powerful, nobody can reject the Jiang Shao powerful, the Jiang Shao words are the order, in ancient that was the imperial decree. Makes.” The sound conveys from the rear area of crowd together, afterward all people all dumbfounded looks to that person. That person Xia Tian, at this time he single-handed was lifting a giant love seat to walk from behind, saw that the time all people of this love seat were shocked, they also think Xia Tian was knows left mistakenly. But has not thought that his unexpectedly was looks for the sofa, moreover looked for one compared with a bigger sofa that Jiang Shao sat, was a love seat. On the spot only then Jiang Shao is sits, this is King's symbol. Now the Xia Tian procedure is challenging existence of Jiang Shao King without doubt, this is goes against heaven's will, but is, the vision of all people all looked to Xia Tian, including Jiang Tianshu.