Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 186

Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to the vision of people, but has placed the ground the sofa, then drew Zeng Ruo to sit on the sofa directly: Sits watches the fun is really comfortable.” Heard the Xia Tian words surrounding these people to wish one could to peel him exactly, who does not know that sat the sofa to watch the fun comfortably, who dares to do. King who Jiang Shao rules the world. He sits everybody to be convinced, because they approve Jiang Shao, time that but Xia Tian sits had strong being out of sorts to feel. Brat, your live is impatient.” Wen Zhaohua angry looks to Xia Tian. „Does idiot, you bite me?” Xia Tian lazily looks at Wen Zhaohua. All people looked to Jiang Tianshu, how they wanted to have a look at Jiang Tianshu to teach this brat, the Xia Tian procedure to he biggest provocation. Continues to watch the competition.” Jiang Tianshu turns the head, light saying. Tranquil, tranquil fearfulness. If Jiang Tianshu is angry, that also easily understood, what regardless of he said that or what matter made, everybody can understand, but he was so quiet, this has actually stemmed from the anticipation of all people. This has to start to suspect, actually this person is what status, can he treat as an equal with Jiang Shao really? Naturally, really did not understand that the Jiang Shao people know his temperament, more tranquilly represents him more to be angry. Li eight bloodthirsty looked at Xia Tian one, afterward turns the head to look to Zhao Long, he must kill Zhao Long first, then teaches the brat of that acting recklessly. Zhao Long has gotten hold of the fist, today this fights him to win, if he lost, perhaps that he really will die. Zhao Yuan or Jiang Shao, may not let off him. I will kill you.” In Li Yuan look presented the blood light.

Afterward the whole person gets rid instantaneously, speed incredibly fast, kicks directly to the waist of Zhao Long, this foot the speed leaves the cunning degree of foot to praise to the heavens. Li Yuan practices martial arts since childhood, this is his that formidable foot, this foot in usually only then in the television will appear. Bang! Has blocked, a Zhao Long hand has blocked a Zhao Yuan this powerful foot. It seems like an incomparable powerful foot, like this was blocked by Zhao Long. Boy, has real skill.” Li Yuan nickname is called Li eight, but his also nickname is called Li Fengzi, because he fought looks like a lunatic, completely lunatic not awfully. Li Yuan forms of defensive action changed, crazy. This time scene has made all people look to be shocked, although they also had usually heard some people meet the martial arts, but many people first time see the true martial arts. The defense that the Li Yuan crazy attack and Zhao Long that is watertight makes those present look very satisfies a craving. Soldier master, copes with their you to need several moves.” Jiang Tianshu has the interest very looked that to tall and strong man who he behind that puts on western-style clothes Dai Mojing. „A move!” Soldier master callous saying. You also are really a bored person.” Jiang Tianshu very optional saying. Jiang Shao, soldier master that is the disparity in rank.” Yu He shakes the feather fan in oneself hand to say gently. Soldier master, if makes you kill that side that not to have the polite brat you to need several moves?” Jiang Tianshu opens the mouth to ask once more, his sound is very light, but presents seeing that all people can listen. Does not know.” Soldier master light saying.

Also is really the person who will not lie.” Jiang Tianshu once more will focus on. At this time their clothes of upper body vanished completely, this likely is not a martial arts contest, is more like a life and death duel, Li eight look like a lunatic is the same, he absolutely does not have the sensation of pain, on the face forever is that bloodthirsty expression. But the body of Zhao Long also presented several long openings. Xia Tian, our will perhaps have troublesome.” Zeng Ruo awkward saying, now here, only then two sofas, one that is Jiang Shao sits, another is that she and Xia Tian sits. We do not sit will have the trouble, that side that boy already wants to ask me to trouble.” Xia Tian light saying. „Do you and Jiang Shao have a grudge?” Zeng Ruo puzzled asking. „It is not has a grudge, but is he invites me, I have not gone.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Volume!” Zeng Ruo stares slightly, she understands finally why Xia Tian came this ship to be unceasing on the trouble, Xia Tian thinks that very ordinary matter, was actually not ordinary, no person can reject the invitation of Jiang Shao. But Xia Tian rejected. Zeng Ruo helpless shaking the head, she knows words that Xia Tian spoke is right, regardless of he whether such does, troublesome must have. If changes into is you, that two people in field you do need several moves to be defeated?” Zeng Ruo very curious looks to Xia Tian. Does not use the move.” Xia Tian light saying. The two in field more hit are more ruthless, just Zhao Long that starts only to defend is also starts to attack on own initiative, he understands, if oneself do not put out the complete strength, might die very much here. The surrounding person is also unceasing resigns the location to them. Zhao Long, your this skill? I will kill people.” Li Yuan is laughing crazily, his full mouth blood of this time, a moment ago was hit by Zhao Long.

Has the skill you to come.” Zhao Long angry looks at the opposite party, his present thoughts are the thorough striking down opposite party. Feeds, you are not very bloody, the surrounding person makes again.” Jiang Tianshu loud saying, hears the Jiang Tianshu words, the surrounding person made way a big piece of space. After the space increases, their fights thoroughly were also pulled open. Jiang Shao likes bloody, I come to select bloody.” Li Yuan crazy smiles, afterward the whole person plunged Zhao Long, Zhao Long is hurried the fist to prevent, but Li Yuan unexpectedly does not hide does not dodge, has suffered the fist of Zhao Long stiffly. At this moment Li Yuan held the arm of Zhao Long directly, opened mouth has nipped. Puff! The blood flows off from the arm of Zhao Long, Li Yuan on this stubbornly is nipping the arm of Zhao Long, the blood of his mouth does not know is own or Zhao Long. This boy is good.” Jiang Tianshu satisfied nod. Relents.” The Zhao Long arm eats the pain, another hand has hit directly, hitting maliciously on Li Yuan face. Meaning that but Li Yuan slightly has not relented. Relents to me.” Zhao Long makes an effort to fling the arm, afterward a foot trampled on Li Yuan body, flew Li Yuanchuai directly, Li Yuan body happen to pounded above a table, the wine class and good wine on table sprinkled place. Li Yuan stands up from failure directly, afterward took up that giant table to throw to Zhao Long. Zhao Long flies to kick, has kicked the table directly, but he has not noted, table the position of point of descent Jiang Tianshu, at this time that table immediately must pound the head of Jiang Tianshu.