Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 188

Fool master, he is my grandfather.” Huo Lajiao spits the tongue. „.” Xia Tian nodded: Did not know.” Jiang Shao, today is you returns to the Jianghai big day, if makes the human life, perhaps harms your reputation, moreover I believe that was you now has killed him, you cannot vent spleen, that is inferior to relinquish today in light of this, everybody had a lot of time for that.” Grandfather Huo light saying, a Brother Xiaoma start to talk, that Jiang Shao can not care, but adds on Grandfather Huo again. That was not 1 + 1 is equal to 2 issues. Good, since you asked favor for him, today's matter.” Jiang Tianshu has stood, afterward walks toward inside, under his three big hands followed, is remains to continue to entertain the guest as for Wen Zhaohua and Hu Fangye. Everybody continues to play, today's climax will immediately start, I ensure everybody will be very happy.” Hu Fangye is comforting the mood of people. That night, two people became famous. First is Li Yuan, Li eight, his Li Fengzi title, actually in this also has had a story. Li Yuan has studied the martial arts in childhood, the sword and spear sword halberd slightly passes 12, from being known as hits to spread around the world not to have the rival. Then goes out to visit all around the famous mountains, by fist society member., Arrived at Mount Hua on the 1st, was Paris green in a shallot, the out-of-the-way valley quiet and beautiful place, discovered that a blue white interaction the Daoist temple, under complementing of greenery safflower, submitted a written statement to „the Mount Hua Faction three large characters. Li Yuanmeng drinks several strong liquor, pulls out the treasured sword, yi flushed, but is overwhelmed by sheer numbers, held down by several black-clothed person directly, does not struggle. After passing the night torture, Li Yuanku was saying: Fellow uncles! I made a mistake! I have not seen „the Mount Hua Faction under also to have „” two characters really! From then on he had Li Fengzi this title. A today's war, making these people see he crazier side, this Li Fengzi reputation also by person deep has remembered, from now henceforth he was one of the Jianghai four young masters. Another famous person is Chief Xia, nobody knows that his full name, knows that he is the Zeng's Group general manager. Entire Jiang Hai City, only dares with the person who Jiang Shao resists.

Li Yuan was held to rest. Young Hu, do not keep guessing with everybody, then also has any good play to say listens.” Wen Zhaohua asked that for everybody question, everybody also very much wants to know the climax that Hu Fangye said is anything. Since everybody wants to know that I spoke frankly, under this ship in the biggest cabin I have set up the gambling establishment, is a luxurious gambling establishment.” Hu Fangye said loudly. Hears the gambling establishment time, the atmosphere on ship really lived it up. Jiang Hai City is the gambling prohibition, wants to gamble is almost impossible, although Jiang Hai City has some small gambling establishments, however here these people may be big figure, they will go how possibly to that fishy place, therefore hears the gambling establishment time, they are very excited. Moreover the gambling establishment opens in cruise bottommost that giant luxurious theater box. Now everybody can enter the arena, I ensure inside all things ship from Las Vegas, if some people discovered playing method that I am a resident buyer, I want hundred times of compensations, in the meantime, here, if some people dare to pull out cheat, that may do not blame my Hu to do without sparing anyone's sensibilities.” Setting out precise terms and being very courteous afterward. Words that all person very satisfied Hu Fangye spoke, because Hu Fangye simple a few words cancelled have presented all person most worries. Is Zhuang Jia who comes to the gambling establishment most to fear cheats, pulls out cheat with some people. Now Hu Fangye words said was very clear, the people naturally can playing well a night. What does everybody also wait for? Wealth before you.” Wen Zhaohua shouts loudly, after hearing the Wen Zhaohua words, the people toward the most lower level of cruise walk. Sister Rou, Brother Xiaoma, we have a look.” Xia Tian showed a faint smile, has the gambling establishment he naturally to join in the fun.

Master, waits for us.” Huo Lajiao followed hurriedly. Yeah, is really the fellow who does not understand the respect for elders.” Grandfather Huo helpless shaking the head, oneself in any case also had rescued a moment ago his one time. One line of several people moved toward the luxurious cruise directly most lower level, is most luxurious, just entered here Xia Tian to know that anything is called luxuriously. What his first sees is big, in several thousand square meters huge space, has placed various gambling table over a hundred, indoor light is bright, seems the daytime is the same, the air is also very good. Has the vent in all directions, over a hundred rabbit girls back and forth walk in the hall. Looks, everywhere is beauty, the model of tall person, two, three stars, the female anchor and so on, these people are Hu Fangye look, at this time they put on very gorgeously. The gambling establishment, the good wine also has beauty. These things dope in certainly to match together simply. Enters here person each very excitedly, especially these men. Young Hu, you are really astute, there are these beauty to be invited along, these rich men have not lost in this, all expenses of tonight all gained with this.” Wen Zhaohua has raised up saying of thumb admiration. That is natural, today I have spent a lot of money, counted on that they bleed for me.” Hu Fangye shows a faint smile. These beauty and models sit on the different tables, the chip that in their hands takes is Hu Fangye gives. beauty, you such play are very easy to lose all, I accompany you together.” A son of the influential moved toward a side of model.

Tonight most does not lack is the rich man and son of the influential, they are looking for their game. Here also True Qi faction.” Zeng Ruo first time enters gambling establishment place, she had heard before, saw that front these let the thing that she is dazzled, she has also filled curiously. Xia Tian, I want to take a look in all directions.” Zeng Ruo looked that said to Xia Tian. I accompany you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You play, I thought that your heart quickly flew, I transferred on the line.” Zeng Ruo selected with the hand has selected the head of Xia Tian. I do not feel relieved you.” Xia Tian said. You play, I accompany Chief Zeng to stroll.” Brother Xiaoma goes forward to say. Master, I accompany you to play.” Huo Lajiao jumped from behind. Child plays at the same time, here is the place of Sir.” Xia Tian waved to Huo Lajiao. Said resembles you some to be mostly same than me, obviously you and I are classroom.” Huo Lajiao complained, he and Xia Tian were classmates, before had also helped Xia Tian, but she unexpectedly in the Xia Tian eye turned into a child now. Grandfather, he bullies me.” Huo Lajiao looks to own grandfather. He said right, your child each family, here does not suit you, goes to that side children's area to play.” Grandfather Huo with pointing at has referred to the electrically operated area in corner.