Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 190

Zhuang Jia wins.” Hears these three characters time, straight stamping the feet of Wen Zhaohua air/Qi, that female model of his side is the envy looks at Ding Min, she most wants to see is Ding Min loses, but Ding Min unexpectedly won. The 200 chips in Xia Tian turned into 400, but 10,000 in Ding Min hand turned into 20,000 directly. Has won, Ding Min looks the 20,000 chips in own hand stare slightly, she had over six months has not made any play, had not received any business to develop, beforehand 20,000 for her are really not anything. However now these 20,000 somewhat are for her important. Also can detain with me?” Xia Tian looked that said to Ding Min. Detains, in any case is not my money.” Ding Min clenched teeth, although these 20,000 can ease her following crisis, but this money radically is not her, even if all lost to be what kind of front this man. That continues to press the village.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has thrown 400 chips, Ding Min has also placed in money the village. Sees their actions contemptuously, Wen Zhaohua smiles, he does not believe that can first company three open the village, according to the rule, this should also press to idle. Looked cleanness how they lose.” Wen Zhaohua is a son of the influential, son of the influential will not gamble how possibly, everyone inexplicable worships itself, enters the gambling establishment time, thinks one are the God of Gamblers. Side Wen Zhaohua that female model is staring at Ding Min wickedly, she wishes one could Ding Min one to lose all money. Poor devil, you waits for this money to increase the family fortunes.” Saying that Wen Zhaohua disdains. Gives me evening's time, I can win your this gambling ship.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he has not lain, has X-Ray Vision eye him, can be said as the complete perfection to these gambling houses. Poor person is really fearful, no wonder now that many ** the silk dares to pursue the goddess, the proletariat is really coming out that any matter makes.” Saying that female model ridiculed, she compared to make the goddess herself generally. Xia Tian has made a phone call.

Hey, 110?” Saw that Xia Tian that model of action Wen Zhaohua and his side is very puzzled. Here some people of act high and mighty, scene could not control, I am afraid my a while to get rid to kill them.” Saying of Xia Tian exaggeration. The telephone was hung up. That said that you have problem.” Xia Tian looked at Wen Zhaohua light saying. Your this idiot, what that said is you have the problem.” That female model stared Xia Tian saying that she saw has not been concerned about face, but has not seen has looked like Xia Tian this type not to be concerned about face with existence that I merged into one organic whole. Zhuang Ying.” At this moment, that side opened, is Zhuang Ying, won one after another three, the 400 chips in Xia Tian also turned into 800, but the chip in Ding Min hand also turned into 40,000 from 20,000. Looks the 40,000 chips in own hand, Ding Min does not know that should say any was good, this gains was also too relaxed a point. But actually actually I must have a look at your dog cake to transport can arrive.” Wen Zhaohua does not believe Xia Tian can win, wins several possibly is the luck, but a luck of person is limited. Wen Shao, can he be cheat.” The female model said suddenly. Hears the words of female model, Wen Zhaohua responds that this boy really will not be cheat, otherwise to win how possibly one after another three: Has a look again.” Also presses the village.” Xia Tian has placed in own 800 chips the village. Ding Min also all pressed 40,000 chips in the village, very had the boldness. I do not believe you am a village.” Wen Zhaohua stares is betting the table, if this time also opens the village, he has the reason to suspect that Xia Tian leaves cheat.

Once discovered that Xia Tian pulls out cheat, that tonight Xia Tian could not be inescapable. Zhuang Ying.” Also is the village, first company four villages, moreover Xia Tian won. The chip in Xia Tian turned into 1600, the chip in Ding Min turned into 80,000. Poor devil, you leave cheat.” Wen Zhaohua angry looks to Xia Tian. He does not believe absolutely that a person can the luck be good becomes this, presses four villages also to win continually, this type of probability was also too low. Once I, naive believing, this world did not have SB, until I see your moment.” Xia Tian looked at Wen Zhaohua to continue saying: I am not a resident buyer, has not worked as the idle family, you said how I leave thousand, what I use is the thought?” Volume.” Wen Zhaohua stares slightly, Xia Tian said right, he is only the person who presses Zhuang Xian, not Peng Guo: Snort, I do not believe your luck so to be good.” That female model is also nod of silently, truly so, the hand of Xia Tian has not bumped into the playing card, that is impossible to cheat, is more impossible as for X-Ray Vision eyeglasses that once some people wear the X-Ray Vision eyeglasses, then here alarm apparatus immediately report to the police. beauty, dares to press with me in a big way?” Xia Tian looked that said to Ding Min. Has anything not to dare.” The Ding Min heroic spirit also came up. That this pressure with.” Xia Tian light saying, hears Xia Tian spoke of the time, the ridicule of Wen Zhaohua whole face, the present gambling table has seven people to play, in addition banker that was eight times. However and probability is almost zero. Generally, presents with the probability is 1%.

Hey, the poor devil, you went mad because of poverty.” Wen Zhaohua said. I have not seen have opened with.” The model female said. Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to them, but pressed money and on, 1600 chips, but Ding Min was also the heroic spirit threw 80,000 chips and on. 80,000 are not small numbers, especially to present Ding Min. The Ding Min present living condition is not good, these 80,000 can change her present life, was she actually still Qian Ya, presses that 1% probabilities the and. Ding Min, you also are really incorrigibly wicked, that is 80,000, suffices your live, your unexpectedly also took away to lose, it seems like you also can only count on that your friend was raising you.” Saying that model female ridiculed, she most liked ridiculing Ding Min, before Ding Min, is person who she could not seek friendships with, now has gone down in the world, she naturally must look to exist to feel well. Wen Zhaohua disdains the volume to look at Xia Tian and Ding Min, in his opinion, the poor person is this, won several not to know that received the hand. Finally also wants to come in a big way, regarded itself the God of Gamblers, pressed with courts death. Hey, that side that idiot, you said that my this group can win?” Xia Tian looked that said to Wen Zhaohua. You, if can win, I ate that playing cards.” Saying of Wen Zhaohua coldly.