Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 191

With!” Hears with time, that female model of Wen Zhaohua and his side was all shocked. Left really. This is how possible, this 1% probability unexpectedly appeared. Really is, moreover this is his fifth time has won, wins one after another five, and that last wins. Xia Tian front chip turned into 12800, but the chip in Ding Min hand also turned into 640,000, looks in front of own 640,000, Ding Min was shocked thoroughly, this is 640,000. Even if before is her, received an engagement unable to gain these many. „Does idiot, how this playing cards you plan to eat?” Xia Tian very interested looks to Wen Zhaohua. Snort.” Wen Zhaohua cold snort, has not paid attention to Xia Tian, but looks to Ding Min: „Do you understand the custom?” Ding Min stares slightly. Ding Min, you are Wen Shaozhao come, our chips are Wen Shao give, this money you cannot take away.” The female model goes forward saying that she also very envied Ding Min to win that much money. Right, you took my money, I am make you spend time with guests, is not makes you win my money.” Wen Zhaohua vision ice-cold looks at Ding Min. Today here these stars, models are he spend to invite, the different people, the different services he has paid the different money. I have not wanted your money, I just am accompany the friend.” A Ding Min brow wrinkle.

Who is your friend? Such does not understand the custom, who makes her have the person to come up casually, moreover your qualification is also my person gives, these money that therefore you win are also my.” Wen Zhaohua very severe saying, he does not care about that several hundred thousand, but he dislikes others to stand person who with Xia Tian, especially he finds. Ding Min knows that the Wen Zhaohua reputation, she cannot offend Wen Zhaohua, does not dare to say the name of oneself friend, is afraid the Wen Zhaohua retaliation, therefore she will be loaded with the tray of chip to hand over directly to Wen Zhaohua. On that tray entire simultaneously just right 640,000. Wen Zhaohua satisfied nod , the right hand meets directly to the tray. At this moment, the Xia Tian right hand extends, the tray appeared directly in his hands, saw that his action Ding Min gawked slightly. „Are you how is it?” Wen Zhaohua wicked looks at Xia Tian. These 5000 chips are your, that gave you to be good.” Xia Tian put out a 5000 big chip to throw to Wen Zhaohua, afterward has given Ding Min the tray in hand. Ding Min does not dare to meet. Good, calculates that you suppress.” Wen Zhaohua received that 5000 chip in Xia Tian hand, has forced in the arms of side that female model directly: We walk.” Saw Wen Zhaohua to walk, Ding Min received the tray in hand. Goes to change into money the chip.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good, you and others I.” Ding Min nodded, afterward ran to the exchange chip place, Xia Tian has stood in that has not moved, the vision has sized up in all around. Here person plays very lively, Jiang Hai City is not Hong Kong Macao, is the gambling prohibition, the happiness that today Jiang Shao to let everybody plays, has arrived at the international waters the ship specially, for enjoying oneself to the full that to let everybody plays.

Traded.” Ding Min ran, but in her hand also has 10,000 chips. „Do you also want to play?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Ding Min, he felt that Ding Min somewhat coveted, reason that before he helped Ding Min, was felt that Ding Min was very interesting, was he can see Ding Min to have the difficulty. Saw that Ding Min also leaves behind 10,000 chips, his brow on wrinkle in one. Is gawking doing, I asked you to eat meal.” Ding Min shows a faint smile. Eats meal?” Xia Tian stares slightly, he knows that he has misunderstood, Ding Min leaves behind 10,000 chip unexpectedly to invite oneself eats meal. Crossed the front that is the dining place, that inside had the liquor, there is a good food, these good food were Wen Shaoqing master chef.” Ding Min answered, she and her friend already came, they have not gone to attend the steamboat above banquet, but continuously below, therefore knew here dining room. Good, I also somewhat was happen to hungry.” Xia Tian moved toward the dining room with the female. Passed by these gambling tables time, Xia Tian discovered that here these models and stars as if intentionally were showing off their coquettish. What's wrong, thinks strange?” Ding Min saw that the Xia Tian appearance asked. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Actually this does not have what strange, the unspoken rule in the entertainment world is very universal matter, their usual source of income majority by patting some adlets, are some plane models, even also some are by selling.” Ding Min not any covering up. Star by representing and making a movie to make money?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. That is the big star has the privilege that 10,000 mix this circle inside person to have a such person, two stars develop to make money by the business, but the business develops is not everyone can receive, must have own personal connection.” What Ding Min patience is Xia Tian explains: Other person highest hopes can gang up with on a second generation of rich, or any Boss.”

Expensive circle is quite chaotic.” Xia Tian light saying. Pursues differently.” Ding Min and Xia Tian moved toward in the dining room. This dining room does not have the gambling establishment to be so big, but dozens tables, the surroundings have many window same places, saw here scene, Xia Tian has thought the cafeteria in oneself high school, here was similar to then cafeteria. The thing and his high school cafeteria that however here makes are not a scale. „, Here unexpectedly so many delicious.” Xia Tian two see stars, the surrounding thing was really too many, he watched the vertigo. „To eat anything, I invited you.” Ding Min very happy saying. Each type must eat.” Surroundings these things, many Xia Tian have not looked, Xia Tian is not the rich man, although now also some money, but has not eaten any upscale thing. How these many things you can eat up.” Ding Min puzzled looks to Xia Tian. These are anything, I have not seen.” Xia Tian excited saying, sees the Xia Tian appearance, Ding Min shook the head, person unexpectedly that Wen Shao are not afraid has not eaten these things. Although these things are some quite expensive things, but the person of Jiang Hai City lower-middle income can eat. Before Xia Tian income one month of more than 1000 dollars, but the Jiang Hai City lower-middle income is about 8000, ate the best thing regarding that time him has been barbeque of big gear. Min elder sister, you in this, I looked for you quite a while.” At this moment a female model walked from gambling establishment, the female model long hair and waist, the big eye, the long leg, the stature is very good.