Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 193

„Do I know you?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that man. Appropriate advantage that Xia Tian these words asked that his meaning was very simple, I did not know you, you to me talked that anything was good. Snort.” That man had nothing to say in reply, red that the whole face suppressed, said a few words finally: Calculates that you suppress.” Longleg beauty stares slightly, he thinks these two will attack brutally for the face finally, but has not thought that Xia Tian language unexpectedly is so sharp, a few words make the opposite party be speechless. She also wants to have a look at Xia Tian to be taught, who made Xia Tian bully her a moment ago. But opposite party unexpectedly such walked. Who a moment ago was that person?” Ding Min also saw that person a moment ago. Did not know.” Xia Tian shook the head. „, The thing I have selected, immediately some people delivered.” Ding Min nod of slightly. Quick thing 11 was delivered, saw full Zhuo the thing, longleg beauty was shocked, that giant table has now chocked up all kinds of food, these had the local delicacy, the characteristics of major cities. The thing of this table is ten people cannot eat up. These many things, you eat?” Longleg beauty discontented saying. Can.” Xia Tian nodded. These many things, you are pig.” Longleg beauty was saying indignantly: Looks that is not you treats, you select.” Was this Sister beauty said that must invite my, but also made me should not be polite.” Xia Tian takes the thing on table to open eats, absolutely does not have any table manners.

You really speechless, Min elder sister just with you polite one, your unexpectedly has also taken seriously, supports you.” Longleg beauty wicked is staring Xia Tian. Looks at the Xia Tian table manners, she absolutely did not have any appetite, Ding Min also embarrassed has eaten, two people like this look that Xia Tian ate the thing in that Xia Tian absolutely was not having any table manners. Longleg beauty more looks more is angry, Xia Tian has probably not seen their two to be the same, is considering only eating. No matter what she and Ding Min are also two big beauty, two big beauty could not have compared these on table to eat. The women sometimes are such strange, Xia Tian looked her time she said that Xia Tian is rascal, Xia Tian did not look her time she is angry, thinks that Xia Tian does not have the vision, did not understand that appreciates beauty. Hey.” Longleg beauty really could not bear, shouted Xia Tian one. „?” Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly, his mouth is food remains. The Xia Tian appearance, making the longleg beauty air/Qi not hit one: You had not noticed that our two both haven't eaten?” You eat.” Xia Tian very optional saying: Insufficient words select again.” The Xia Tian words made longleg beauty more speechless, Xia Tian said was so optional, moreover said that insufficiently on point, probably was he treats to be the same. Eats, supports you.” Red of longleg beauty small face air/Qi. Elder Brother Lin, is that side that brat.” That son of the influential who was mad a moment ago came back, this time he led a person, ten points exaggeration that this person put on, seemed is afraid others not to know that he was rich, ten big gold rings, on the neck have entangled two gold chains. In wrist|skill two greatly [gold/metal] bracelets. The whole body is sending out the imposing manner of local tyrant.

This named Elder Brother Lin local tyrant came attracted by longleg beauty and Ding Min beautiful appearance, these two beautiful was completely different, one was clear, one was gorgeous. beauty, hello.” Called the Elder Brother Lin local tyrant to neglect Xia Tian completely, the eye stared was staring at longleg beauty and Ding Min. Xia Tian is still eating in that he admires these chefs who Hu Fangye they look for very much, these things do was too delicious, the flavor may be called perfect, Xia Tian can affirm that these chefs are not these in ordinary hotel. Excuse me, we do not know you.” Saying that Ding Min unemotionally, since previous time matter, she very dislikes these sons of the influential. The young masters of object these sponsors the previous director lets her unspoken rule. Because Ding Min just has rejected this, forced out. Although she likes being the actor very much, but she will not betray her body absolutely. Has not related, starting today we can know, this beauty is a model, you certainly are also an actor, you felt relieved that I am very rich, I can make the business to develop to you, can look for the advertisement racket to you.” Local tyrant surnamed Lin opens the mouth is the business develops with the advertisement. Looked that he was not first time greeted with the class of model star, because he knows these models and stars most cared was the business developed with the advertisement and so on thing. The appearance that local tyrant surnamed Lin is also keeping aloof, he thinks that these two young girls cannot escape from his palm today. I am not rare.” Saying of Ding Min coldly, saw that local tyrant surnamed Lin made her as if see six months matter. beauty, cannot receive the play sadly, I know some directors actually, otherwise I introduced to you.” Local tyrant surnamed Lin shows a faint smile, he thinks that Ding Min is installing purely, he has seen this, installs just to enhance the pricetag purely. I do not know you, please leave.” Ding Min does not want to say anything. What did you say?” Local tyrant surnamed Lin somewhat is slightly stunned.

She said that makes you leave, the ear is not probably easy-to-use.” Xia Tian eats while said that he thought that does not satisfy a craving with these tableware very much, therefore he simply started to grasp with the hand. That table manners have no way to say simply, on the hand and face all was the oil and food dregs. Brat, you live are impatient, dares such to speak to me, do you know that who my father is.” Local tyrant surnamed Lin looks at Xia Tian angrily. „Is your father Li Gang?” Xia Tian asked. „my name is Lin.” Local tyrant surnamed Lin looks angrily at Xia Tian to say. I know that you are surnamed Lin.” Xia Tian said. My father also surnamed Lin.” Local tyrant surnamed Lin said. That skillful matter?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Hey!” Ding Min has smiled one. Local tyrant surnamed Lin only knows one by front brat playing jokes upon. Brat, I told you, you offended the wrong person.” Local tyrant surnamed Lin shook the big gold chain on oneself neck to say. He is a modernized typical second generation of rich local tyrant, he thinks that the own biggest charm is rich, the richness can pick up the woman, all women he can spend money to handle, as for the man two types, one type is to submit to his little brother in his eyes, another type is his enemy. Regarding the enemy, he will choose with the most direct means that that is spends money to attack the self-confidence of opposite party, making the opposite party know that he is very rich, this will fear him.