Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 194

Aggressive local tyrant elder brother arrogant standing in there, on the face wrote all over elder brother to be rich these three characters. Quite aggressive.” Xia Tian mouth is eating the thing while said. What kind, had been subdued by my imposing manner, I know that you certainly very much worship me now, wants to mix with me, but you offended me a moment ago, therefore you already not that opportunity.” Aggressive local tyrant elder brother clothes complacent appearance. Right, depends on your this, does not match with Elder Brother Lin mixes.” Just started to have the opportunity to speak by that person that Xia Tian was mad finally, came up to start to taunt Xia Tian, in his eyes can mix with the aggressive local tyrant elder brother, was a very good B matter. In the aggressive local tyrant elder brother's eyes, he probably is that peak is now lonely. Others loneliness are Martial Arts first under Heaven. But he was completely is subdued by the imposing manner that oneself installed, this was act high and mighty highest Realm, has achieved absorbed Realm, under this Realm, he has thought one were the world's richest. Nearby Ding Min and longleg beauty looked silly, their two frequently can see the rich man, in the Ding Min eye, Wen Zhaohua that person on is the rich man, from putting on life taste, is the appearances of member of the upper-class, but he does not like Wen Zhaohua that person. Front this person gives her a feeling of nouveau riche, this nouveau riche is also not the person who that type gets rich ordinary, but is that type lives in the remote mountain area, goes to a city to the person who needs that place of seven car(riage)s to come out but actually, he lottery ticket award, then has been all of a sudden able to turn into now front this person of this appearance. Local tyrant, you have a look tonight besides you, but also who puts on looks like you such to exaggerate, what others genuine rich men wear is the famous table, but is not the gold chain, what they put on is the designer specially designed clothes, but is not your this type is only expensive, clothes that but is not in tune completely.” Longleg beauty cannot bear open the mouth to say. Old younger sister, you knows how much money I have, you know that who my father is?” Local tyrant surnamed Lin looked that said to longleg beauty. He did not say a moment ago, your father is Li Gang.” Longleg beauty very optional saying. Who is Li Gang? My father is not Li Gang.” Local tyrant angry saying of surnamed Lin.

Several people then responded that originally he has not heard Li Gang's fact. This makes Ding Min and the others believe firmly that he local tyrant who walked from the far away mountainous area. My father was Lin Shang Ye, the chairman of sea county general contractor.” Local tyrant complacent saying of surnamed Lin, said these words time he gains ground to throw out the chest, the name that imposing manner as if a moment ago he said is Bill Gates is the same. I told you, do not say your third-class stars and models, even if were second-class star Elder Brother Lin does not know that has rested many, but Elder Brother Lin cousin Jiang Shao.” Hears Jiang Shao time, Xia Tian the front final same thing will admit the mouth, then has hit a belch. Longleg beauty and Ding Min too big response, here young master surnamed Jiang should not be many because of today. You are really a full glutton.” Longleg beauty inconceivable looks at the table, now above all things did not have, all was eaten by Xia Tian. „Does that side that local tyrant, dare to bet one with me.” Xia Tian very not tasteful all scratched the oil on hand on the tablecloth, saw his action, longleg beauty wishes one could a foot to kick him. Here has the paper, you go to the washroom to wash.” Ding Min has given the Xia Tian paper goods. Good, I wash first, the local tyrant, you do not walk first.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. After one minute, Xia Tian walked from washroom, that local tyrant surnamed Lin has not really walked. Said, what bets? However the premise does not gamble, because I am not short of money.” The local tyrant color of that name forest narrows the eyes looked at longleg beauty and Ding Min, the meaning is if works as the gambling stake with their two, I want actually. „Does longleg little girl, first how our two bet one?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to longleg beauty.

What bets?” Longleg beauty asked. If I have won you, you are me with his gambling stake, if you have won me, I accept your request.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You are smelly rascal.” Longleg beauty angry looked that shouts to Xia Tian. Did not agree that did not agree, but also curses at people.” Xia Tian suffering from injustice saying. I come, when your gambling stake.” Ding Min opens the mouth to say suddenly. Min elder sister, you were insane.” A longleg beauty brow wrinkle. I believe him.” Ding Min shows a faint smile. Good, I met.” Local tyrant excited shouting of surnamed Lin: We must sign a contract, how much money do you want me to spend to work as the gambling stake?” I do not ask for money, the gambling stake that I want is very simple, if you lost, you run outside that gambling establishment three, runs, while shouted Wen Zhaohua is SB, lost the gambling approximately not to dare to eat the playing cards.’ The Xia Tian words make local tyrant surnamed Lin stare slightly. Ding Min helpless shaking the head, she thought that just started that Wen Zhaohua truly saying that you, if can win, I ate the playing cards.’ These words. The longleg model hears the Xia Tian words to stare slightly, Wen Zhaohua is whose she was clearest, is her today's master. One of Jianghai four young masters, front person unexpectedly of undistinguished appearance dares to say such words. „It is not good, you said the integer.” Local tyrant rejection surnamed Lin said that he knows Wen Zhaohua.

I also think that is that day did not fear, local tyrant who does not fear, originally is installs.” Xia Tian disguises disappointed saying, simultaneously shakes the head unceasingly. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, local tyrant surnamed Lin had to look at longleg beauty and Ding Min: Good, who fears anyone.” That said it and meant it, first drew up a document.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Does not have the issue, my Lin Zihao always kept promises, so long as were the matter that I complied with, has not managed.” Lin Zihao strikes one's chest saying that Xia Tian knows this person very two, moreover he is Jiang Tianshu cousin, he absolutely dares to shout. Good, bets any you to decide.” Xia Tian looks to Lin Zihao optional saying. Hey, but Min elder sister gambling stake, your this also too at will point.” Longleg beauty discontented saying. Good.” Lin Zihao is afraid Xia Tian to renege on a promise, shouts hurriedly, hears Xia Tian this proposition, his incomparable excitement: We bet simply.” What bets?” Xia Tian asked. You guess that my underpants are any color, so long as you guessed you to win.” Saying that Lin Zihao smiles, how he must have a look at Xia Tian to guess but actually that he wears the trousers, cannot look from outside anything. Makes your boy talk big, added that bets any me to decide, how now has a look at you dead.” Lin Zihao innermost feelings said with a smile crazily. Hears Lin Zihao's proposition indignantly, longleg beauty looks to Xia Tian: You said that you install any attire, how now to guess.” You have not put on.” Xia Tian very optional saying.