Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 196

Who am I? Said me to fear that scared to death you.” Wang Dao spoke of here time gained ground to throw out the chest: I have made more than 20 movies, including three movies also take to overpraise, the people in circle know my given name.” Boy, is daunted by the given name that the king led, I told you, can see Wang Dao the like this successful director, that was on your family ancestral grave braves the blue smoke, being convinced that eight lifetime cultivated.” Yu Wenli said. Which me my family ancestral grave in does not know that which my knows it has belched smoke.” Xia Tian does not know the ancestral graves of own family in, in his impression, only then a father person. As for his grandfathers and other uncles and so on, in the Xia Tian mind absolutely does not have the memory in any this aspect. Snort, I know that you then must do, you definitely want to make me sign with, but I told you, I will not sign to you.” Wang Dao arrogant saying. His these words Xia Tian said that gawked: What thing is signature?” Boy, you certainly a moment ago offended me in the regret now, saw the successful directors not to have the opportunity to sign, so long as you kneel to kowtow to admit mistakes to me now, I asked our Wang Dao for you, left a loophole, kept a signature to you.” Yu Wenli said. Wang Dao is arrogant standing there, as if his signature several million is the same on value. Yu Wenli is holding Wang Dao there, this made Wang Dao more self-satisfied. Which your comes self-confident.” Xia Tian smiled. Boy, I told you, like were many, ganged up with on Ding Min that you person I saw not to become famous? She now is any thing, person who forced out, one year later still who remembers her.” Saying that Wang Dao disdains. You , to become famous, quickly flatters Wang Dao, when the time comes Wang Dao gives you casually a minor character role, you were perhaps hot.” Yu Wenli continues to hold Wang Dao. Xia Tian nodded, he then yes what's the matter, Ding Min is the signing actor in this company, but after offending any person, forced out by the company, so-called forcing out does not make her make a movie, does not make her meet any representing and advertisement, making her fade out the line of sight of audience thoroughly.

Regardless of the star of multi- fire, two years do not come out, that also will become very miserable. Wen Zhaohua is SB, lost the gambling approximately not to dare to eat the playing cards.” At this time Lin Zihao ran, happen to passed by from Xia Tian. Wang Dao, you, if thought that you are insufficient to my shame in the half year, you can continue to shame me in private, but he is the friend of mine.” Ding Min facial color one cold. Ding Min, what thing you are, before you also think you are, that Min elder sister? You now what is not, did I say him? I must say him, moreover after I go back, must say that you looked to support a handsome boy.” Yu Wenli goes forward to say. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reached in the ear of people. Yu Wenli gawked slightly, has covered his left face, inconceivable looks at Ding Min, Ding Min unexpectedly dares to hit her. Good that Min elder sister, hits.” Longleg beauty said. Your unexpectedly dares to hit me.” Yu Wenli looks at Ding Min angrily. Ding Min, your unexpectedly dares to hit Lili, I told you, you ended, your latter half of life ended, I must go to you, your reputation will sweep the floor thoroughly, moreover you must compensate Lili for this reason.” Wang Dao noticed that Yu Wenli was hit, goes forward to say hurriedly that Yu Wenli is her cohabitant, he naturally must vent anger for Yu Wenli. Hit was also what kind of?” Xia Tian gains ground to ask.

„The share that your pauper, here you have not spoken, the clothes of whole body add insufficiently me to have a food.” Wang Dao looked at Xia Tian contemptuous saying. He he.” Xia Tian coldly smiles. What laughter is your? You have any qualifications to exude that laughter to me, I told, of you my casual friend was not you can seek friendships Wen Shao today's organizers you have heard, I knew Wen Shao.” Wang Dao proud saying, regarding him, knew that Wen Shao are ten points is worth the proud matter. What figure Wen are Shao? One of Jianghai four young masters. Rich and powerful, in his eyes Wen Shao by the object who the person worships. So long as raises Wen Shao, that is known to everybody to be known to everybody. Therefore he wants to frighten Xia Tian with the warm few this name. Wen Shao.” Xia Tian responded, thinks that is that Wen Zhaohua. What kind, daunted you, thinks that your this person, can hear Wen Shao the name, that was the gracious gift, I together have had meal with Wen Shao.” He has not lain, he truly together has eaten meal with Wen Zhaohua, but that time eats meal altogether more than 20 people . Moreover the Wen Zhaohua goal is to soak the star, has not gone to visit him. Mentioned Wen Shao time, Wang Dao specially is excited, has had meal with Wen Shao together, this is he, regardless of saw that everybody will boast an important matter. Others when hear him to know Wen Shao, is respectful to him. Some big stars and big screenwriters, are the ritual respect to him.

This is knew advantage that the celebrity brings. Boy, looked that your appearance knows you had been shocked, Wen Shao the reputation you listen to that are to your gracious gift.” Yu Wenli's excited saying, she is Wang Dao the cohabitant, she is also proud. Regarding Yu Wenli this person, can sleep in her opinion that with Wen Shao is the matters that is worth boasting. „The person like you do not know how really to mix, today here person is honored and popular big figure, even if the people who these do odd jobs compared with good that you put on.” Wang Dao has sized up Xia Tian one, he can determine the clothes that on Xia Tian wears absolutely are the stall goods. Wang Dao, you must forgive Ding Min , can only favor to wear such clothes by her present skill to own male.” Yu Wenli looks at Ding Min wickedly, her present face that palm of the hand of Ding Min hit a moment ago also gives off heat. Ding Min, I give you an opportunity, now kneels, apologized to Lili, I can, when worked has not occurred, otherwise your this whole life is unable to step the screen again.” Wang Dao expression ice-cold saying, he is threatening Ding Min, moreover he thinks that he has to threaten the Ding Min capital. He has the confidence to make Ding Min unable to mix in this circle. I have feared, my has Ding Min feared?” If Ding Min were afraid already submitted with them. Do not blame me to do without sparing anyone's sensibilities, wants to govern your means is many, haven't our contracts expired? Do you want to try to pat the feeling of action movie.” Wang Daoyin evil smiles. You went too far.” Longleg beauty goes forward to shout, she understands that Wang Dao meaning, that is makes Ding Min work as the flesh sandbag.