Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 197
Longleg beauty angry looks to them, forced out is just the reputation did not have, but if were patted the substitute person by pulling or develops the acrobatic fighting scene, the director will have a lot of opportunities to renovate Ding Min. Coming under attack scene, he can card 100, making Ding Min duplicate to come under attack 100 times. This was Wang Dao a moment ago the meaning in words. Wen Zhaohua is SB, lost the gambling approximately not to dare to eat the playing cards.” Lin Zihao started to run third, the speed that he ran was really highly regarded, in such big hall, his unexpectedly such quickly ran three, Xia Tian knows that he has definitely taken a short cut, his goal early has been achieved. Wen Shao, found that person.” Leads me to pass.” Wen Zhaohua light saying, that model female also followed a moment ago. I excessively? I can do more excessive point matter, Ding Min I give you again an opportunity, kneels to apologize to Lili.” Wang Dao incomparably rampant saying. Ding Min looks at Wang Dao angrily, but she does not have any means that to solve with the company, needs to compensate company close 2 million Yuan, which she on collects these much money all of a sudden. In the situation of not making a movie, company only gives her less than 100,000 every year. „Are you now the person in their company?” Xia Tian turns the head to look that asked to Ding Min. Em.” Ding Min nodded. How can terminate an agreement?” Xia Tian asked again. Needs to compensate about 2 million.” Ding Min helpless saying. Trades 500,000 chips to come out money that you won a moment ago.” Xia Tian looks at Ding Min to say. Good.” On Ding Min face one happy, she thinks Xia Tian certainly is the God of Gamblers and so on existence, so was a moment ago relaxed helps her gain 600,000. Hears the Xia Tian words, longleg beauty stares slightly: Min elder sister, you from which lane money?” Won a moment ago.” Hears the Ding Min words, longleg beauty and Wang Dao and the others stares, her unexpectedly has won that much money.

Here has many exchange chip place, therefore Ding Min came back quickly, this time she has traded five big chips, 100,000 big chips. Ding Min, you want solution contract the words, but needs about 2 million, you then 500,000, radically insufficient.” Wang Dao sees 500,000 light saying of Ding Min, he does not hope Ding Min to terminate an agreement, because he promised that son of the influential at that time, must teach Ding Min well, will force out Ding Min. If Ding Min terminates an agreement, he does not know how should explain to the opposite party. Immediately sufficed.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, all threw own chip and Ding Min 500,000 chips on in a big way. The Xia Tian altogether 51200 chips, Ding Min has 500,000 chips. in addition is 551,200. Sorry, Sir, the maximum upper limit that the single chips is 500,000.” Female dealer opens the mouth to say. You are really stupid adorable, you 500,000 regards a person, 51,200 regarded a person not to be good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Hears the Xia Tian words, female dealer helpless shaking the head, although the Xia Tian procedure is opportunistic, but he said truly right. Therefore female dealer starts to shake dice. Hey, your this was also too impulsive, one rich pressed.” Longleg beauty discontented saying. I am the God of Gamblers.” Xia Tian serious saying. God of Gamblers is to deceive people.” Longleg beauty said. Ding Min, you were insane, unexpectedly started to use such unwise method to make money, if money so were really good to gain, in that this world all was the rich man.” Saying that Wang Dao disdains. Although he also bets, but he understands gambling hazardous, the gambling establishment does not have the winner. Wang Dao, how we had a look this 500,000 to throw away carelessly is good.” Saying that Yu Wenli ridiculed, she was still bearing a grudge Ding Min to slap her a moment ago.

Opened! 556 points are big. Xia Tian won. 500,000 turned into 1 million, 51,200 turned into 102,400. Won.” Longleg beauty whole face inconceivable saying. 500,000 and 1 million between disparities are very big, money became such well gains. This is how possible.” Saying of Wang Dao whole face doubts. Dog S transports.” Saying that Yu Wenli disdains. Detains again in a big way.” Xia Tian threw money on in a big way. Wait / Etc..” Longleg beauty shouts hurriedly: Min elder sister, cannot play again, the gambling establishment does not have the winner, the banker is impossible to make you continue to win, had this 1 million us to try to find the solution again, certainly had the means that if these lost, but all did not have.” Detains?” Xia Tian turns the head to look that asked to Ding Min. I believe you.” Ding Min only said these four characters. Sir.” Female dealer just wants to say anything, afterward shows a faint smile: Is divided into three right.” Good, you have development very much.” Xia Tian appreciation looks to female dealer. Snort, acts recklessly, with 1 million bets, finally loses cannot put on including underpants.” Saying that Wang Dao disdains, he saw too many rich men because of gambling to lose everything, if the small gambling, truly can work as a pleasure or wins a money to exit natural. However begins on over a million gambling, cleanness that the rich person, can lose finally.

Yu Wenli has not spoken, looks to bet on the table that 1 million she to envy, she hopes that 1 million are her, this often rests the general, accompanies over a hundred to sleep personally, has not made these much money. She was praying in the heart unceasingly, this lost money. She does not want to see Ding Min to have these much money. Opened. 346 points are big. Xia Tian front chip turned into two piles 1 million and one pile 204,800. This gives you.” Xia Tian pushed 4800 chips to female dealer. Many thanks gentleman.” Female dealer shows a faint smile, gets rid is 4800, this is a great writer. Xia Tian has given Ding Min 2 million chips, other three people all are dumbfounded, only then Ding Min has smiled there, she as if did not worry that money will lose general, saw that her expression Xia Tian asked: „Aren't you afraid me to lose your money?” First, I know that you can win, second, even if lost me not to care, these money were not my.” Ding Min said. Longleg beauty has been shocked completely. She first time noticed that some people can win these much money in the gambling establishment. Wang Dao the corners of the mouth are twitching, the envy and hate of Yu Wenli whole face. At this moment, not far away had one person to walk, saw this person time, on Wang Dao the face has piled up with the smiling face, moved toward that person directly: Wen Shao, long time no see.” Wen Zhaohua as if has not seen him to be ordinary, direct stand forth, Wang Dao awkward standing there.