Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 198
Wang Daogang blew cow B, said one knew Wen Zhaohua, but also has eaten meal with Wen Zhaohua together. Blew a moment ago, that complacent appearance let the person, has formed the sharp contrast with the present, took the Wen Zhaohua given name to frighten Xia Tian a moment ago, said resembled him ripe to be the same with Wen Zhaohua. But now Wen Zhaohua came, completely has actually disregarded him. Probably has not seen him to be the same completely, Wang Dao felt that own honor lost completely. Yu Wenli does not know that should say any was good, she has thought Wang Dao is very ripe with Wen Shao, but warm few unexpectedly directly has disregarded him now. Snort.” Longleg beauty in a soft voice snort, expressed that very looks down upon them. Xia Tian, you said that are actually you how is it?” Wen Zhaohua opens the mouth to say to Xia Tian that saw Wen Shao spoke with Xia Tian, Wang Dao and Yu Wenli gawked, front common fellow unexpectedly knew Wen Shao slightly. They do not have to think own unexpectedly offended such person. Wang Dao thinks that he in front of Xia Tian boasted a moment ago one good, with Wen Shao relate the good time, his face becomes very dry and hot. He wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into. Wang Dao and Lili.” Wen Zhaohua behind that female model looked at the one-eyed person to lead them to say. You..” Yu Wenli looked at opposite party one, she knew that this model, before has seen, sees her to follow in Wen Zhaohua behind, the envying envy of Yu Wenli whole face hates. „Do you also know Wen Shao?” The female model shows a faint smile, has a manner of superior greatly. Sees her manner, Yu Wenli and Wang Dao does not dare to have the slight disaffection. The opposite party knew that Wen Shao, they were before look down upon this female model, after that must be respectful to her, because she knew that was short warm. Who are you?” Wen Shao turned head to look at the one-eyed person to lead to ask.

Is short of you warm is really the honored person forgets the matter, I have had meal with you together.” Saying of Wang Dao face smiling face, although Wen Shao do not give him very much the face, but he is a face inexpensively. „.” Wen Shao turned head to look to Xia Tian. I want to visit you to eat playing cards.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Is impossible, I just casually said at that time.” Wen Zhaohua said. Wang Dao surprised looks at Xia Tian, this is known Wen Shao by person unexpectedly that oneself despised a moment ago, moreover his unexpectedly dares such to speak to Wen Shao. He then understands one had two to force a moment ago many. This quite therefore in ******** front boasted one knew that the mayor is the same. The Xia Tian imposing manner has that type ******** concept, but Wen Zhaohua is that mayor. One completely do not fall into the same ranking with the opposite party. Wang Dao wishes one could a hole to worm one's way into now. This cow made him blow in a big way. Yu Wenli is also an awkwardness of face, she added a moment ago Xia Tian is the handsome boy who Ding Min supports, but this handsome boy unexpectedly is one dares now so to the person who Wen Shao spoke. Longleg beauty is also bewildered, this seems makes her repugnant fellow unexpectedly dare with Wen Zhaohua such to speak, unexpectedly makes Wen Zhaohua eat the playing cards, but Wen Zhaohua a little was also too tranquil. „, I one will again ask a person to run around the gambling establishment, continue to shout.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You.” Wen Zhaohua wicked looks at Xia Tian, he knows that Xia Tian spoke of can achieve: „Are you how is it?”

Or we bet one.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at Wen Zhaohua. Gambling? I am not short of money.” Wen Zhaohua said. Does not gamble, you lost have stood on the table eat playing cards.” Xia Tian light saying. If you did lose?” Wen Zhaohua asked. I am impossible to lose, if you want, can say my gambling stake by you.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „Did you also really regard yourself are the God of Gamblers?” Saying that Wen Zhaohua disdains: Good, if you lost, you takes off the clothes, then shouts me to admit defeat, walks from this cruise.” Good that Wen Zhaohua this request raises, if he won, he may contribute to the great merit, but Xia Tian now Jiang Shao heart big trouble, if he can process Xia Tian, that Jiang Shao will certainly hold in high esteem to him. Bets any you to decide.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Sees the Xia Tian optional appearance, longleg beauty was not happy that she, so long as saw that the Xia Tian serene appearance is not very feeling well, she feels Xia Tian in act high and mighty, probably why one confident appearance. Waits, I asked a person to bet with you.” Wen Zhaohua said that was saying to behind that person. Brat, Lian Wenshao you dare to offend, one will look that Wen Shao are how oppressive you, you in the warm few eyes like the small trash, how want to tidy up you how to tidy up you.” Wang Dao noticed that Xia Tian has the contradiction with Wen Zhaohua, therefore goes forward to taunt directly, he wants to seek the Wen Zhaohua favorable impression. Is, your long is so thin and small, Wen Shao a hand can hit to fall face down you.” Yu Wenli also said that she thinks said can win the Wen Zhaohua favorable impression, moreover this was commending that Wen Zhaohua is brave. ! A clear palm of the hand sound. Leave the calf to me.” That palm of the hand was Wen Zhaohua hit a moment ago, Yu Wenli the words, making her think that by scene that Xia Tian punched, Xia Tian was a hand his mother who he hit does not know him.

Yu Wenli and Wang Dao were drunk to have a scare by Wen Zhaohua the greatly. Also is gawking doing, little makes you leave warm.” Under a Wen Zhaohua famous artisan shouted to clear the way. Wen Shao, they are my friend, they do not intend to offend your.” Wen Zhaohua behind that model said hurriedly that she also wants to become friends with Wang Dao such person, after all in their circles knew that two people do not have the fault. Therefore she wants to make Wen Zhaohua sell her face, after such Wang Dao them, saw itself to be respectful, is grateful. She sees Wen Zhaohua continuously to her money, moreover which arrives lets her, was mistaken as Wen Zhaohua has a liking for her, therefore she has overestimated her charm, thinks that she said a few words Wen Zhaohua will show due respect for the feelings. Your TM also leave the calf to me.” Wen Zhaohua looked at that model one eyes to shout. That model by Wen Zhaohua this was shouted also shouted was shocked, her face instantaneously changed red, she has not thought that Wen Zhaohua unexpectedly such did not show due respect for the feelings, actually Wen Zhaohua always so, but she has overestimated herself. This!” Ding Min and longleg beauty also said. Hears the Ding Min words, that model was angry, she felt appearance that Ding Min has villains holding sway. Throws the distant point to me their several.” Wen Zhaohua said to oneself behind that several famous artisans under. Xia Tian sat there a few words had not said that Wang Dao from just started on act high and mighty, boasted that he was also ripe with Wen Zhaohua, but unexpectedly had been thrown by the Wen Zhaohua life person finally.