Almighty Student - Volume 2 - Chapter 199

Wang Dao their three like this by the Wen Zhaohua bodyguard kicking, right have kicked with the foot. Saw Yu Wenli and the others by the person lesson of Wen Zhaohua, Ding Min and longleg beauty left foul odor, their two that looked at really satisfied a craving. Wen Zhaohua looked at longleg beauty and Ding Min, he remembers that Ding Min was a moment ago that the female who accompanies Xia Tian to bet. However this longleg model looked that is spends to hire, he does not have to think own unexpectedly also hired Top Grade, the vision unscrupulously sized up on longleg beauty: You come.” „Do you want to do?” Longleg beauty vigilant looks at Wen Zhaohua. The Wen Zhaohua look looked a moment ago is not the good deed. Does?” Wen Zhaohua stares slightly: „Aren't you I spend to look?” I took your money.” Longleg beauty nodded. You come to accompany me.” Wen Zhaohua shows a faint smile to longleg beauty, in look revealed an immoral vision. I do not pass, I only collected least that money, is I am is only the model, but comes, when vase, other matters I am not all dry.” Longleg beauty answered. Comes, I add money again.” Wen Zhaohua shows a faint smile, he likes this, has the prompt piercing. How much money did you collect his?” Xia Tian looked that asked to longleg beauty: Ok, did not need to ask.” Xia Tian was also disinclined to ask, took a 100,000 big chip to throw from oneself to Wen Zhaohua directly: From now on, she was my.” You.” Wen Zhaohua soon had a mortal hatred of Xia Tian at this time, Xia Tian always goes bad his good deed. If a moment ago that Wang Dao hatred to the Xia Tian were 10, hate of that Wen Zhaohua to Xia Tian was 1000. Endures the ratio to kill that hatred of father personal enemy.

Xia Tian has hit his several times, moreover nearly turns into the idiot him, saw each time Xia Tian he must not have the face, will also lose very face, therefore he wished one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole. „The person who your anything you, you find when comes.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. Longleg beauty sees Xia Tian for her over, is uncomfortable at heart, but at heart to Xia Tian repugnant was more moderate, if after all does not have Xia Tian, may not what happened a moment ago. Wen Zhaohua can find many excuses to cope with her. What's wrong, was afraid of losing?” Saying of Wen Zhaohua provocation. I definitely will not lose, the person but who you find is really slow.” Xia Tian said. You will definitely lose.” Wen Zhaohua mysterious smiles. Before long, never the distant place walked one line. This pedestrian captured the attention of many person, what because is the head is Jiang Tianshu, he behind with the symbolic three people, the soldier elder brother, Yu He also has Black Gown, they behind with two male female, what male is Hu Fangye and Li Yuan, what female is one wears Islander of kimono. A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, the Li Yuan wound may be heavy slightly, but his unexpectedly was cured, was the same with the Wen Zhaohua wound a moment ago, good was also too quick. He never believes that in this world has the so mysterious medical skill. Naturally, that ancient Buddhist Relic of his within the body has regarded as another matter. That thing is the most precious object, the impossible each people to have. Moreover ancient Buddhist Relic impossible is the rule by people wound outside Xia Tian. That to person who they treat an illness certainly on this ship.

However to their several, what Xia Tian cares is that wears the Island Country female of kimono. Islander may be unpopular in China, but this female unexpectedly dares to put on kimono walking swaggering here. Jiang Shao, you came.” Wen Zhaohua respectful saying. Jiang Shao! Hears this name time, Ding Min and longleg beauty slightly stares, although their two have not seen Jiang Shao, however the Jiang Shao reputation their two have heard, at this time front this heroic spirit threatening man unexpectedly is Jiang Shao. Em.” Jiang Shao nod of slightly, his behind person moved in the big sofa hurriedly, Jiang Shao has sat well above. Hu Fangye is wearing the female of kimono to nod to that. The kimono female walks up. You will not make a mistake, making me compare with a Island Country little girl.” Xia Tian is very speechless, his vision places on that sofa that Jiang Tianshu sat. Gives him also to make one to go.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. Is less than one minute, several people also lift a big sofa. Such scene already completely Ding Min and longleg beauty to control. Their two whole faces inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, this young, the body puts on the stall goods male unexpectedly to know these many big figure, moreover Jiang Shao made the person move in a big sofa to him. Longleg beauty that will eat very distressed person and present Xia Tian relativity in the dining room a moment ago. In any event she is unable to become an extravagant young master the Xia Tian imagination.

Hello, I called the island Sichuan plum.” The Island Country kimono female spoke a fluent China language. I was good, saw that your I am not good, I do not like Islander.” Xia Tian said. This obviously is the racial discrimination, naked racial discrimination. Gentleman has very big misunderstanding to Islander.” The island Sichuan plum shows a faint smile. Has not misunderstood.” Xia Tian said. Such being the case, our two start to bet.” The island Sichuan plum knows that she is unable to persuade a repugnant Island Country person to like Island Country, that is the political contradiction. Wait / Etc., you change the body clothes, otherwise I do not bet.” Xia Tian said. Sir, I wear any clothes not to hinder gambling houses between our two probably, moreover I also like the clothing of my country, like the China Chinese dress.” The island Sichuan plum said. With your broken tablecloths with our China Chinese dress compared with the line, you don't have that qualifications?” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Sir, your in any case is also a gentleman, please pay great attention to your speech manner, you cannot insult the culture of our country.” Island Sichuan plum disgruntled saying. What manner you want, who told you me is a gentleman, they called me rascal, did I insult the culture of your country to be also what kind of? You have a look at you to put on, outside tablecloth, the middle bed sheet, inside is a window-curtain, this is any thing.” Shaking the head of Xia Tian ridicule. Hears the Xia Tian words, longleg beauty and Ding Min all silently was Xia Tian has selected 32 to praise at heart. You.” Island Sichuan plum angry looks at Xia Tian: Good, I bet with you, but I must add on two games of gambling stakes again.” Good, any gambling stake I dare to meet, but I want the coordinated chip, you bet with me with anything, money I do not want.” Xia Tian sits there very optional saying.