Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1902

Saw Xia Tian and the others have crashed in the mysterious big time directly. The total master and five lines of ghosts all are the complexion big changes. They abandoned such big strength to obtain Xia Tian thing, but Xia Tian unexpectedly enters in big now, this was Xia Tian died, that thing they could not take. Total master, this time you were gain, Intermediate treasure we cannot attain, he died.” The surrounding person is the feeling very helpless, Intermediate treasure such brushed past with them. But the complexion of total master not attractive. Total master, now what to do?” [gold/metal] Gui depressed asking. First had a look at the situation to say again.” The total master does not dare easily to enter front Formation. At this time outside these over ten thousand eyes are all staring at Xia Tian in Formation their three. You have remembered, heart demon is one, once meets the heart demon, that must defeat itself.” Liu Shishi reminded, although everybody knew existence of heart demon. But has not arrived at four cauldron Rank 3 people regarding these, the heart demon is a secret. Secret that four cauldron Rank 3 above people can know. They will not pass on generally easily, generally only then the person of respected family, the meeting elder told this matter to the junior, but Liu Shishi tells the matter of heart demon now to Xia Tian they, and Professor they resisted the heart demon the means. Xia Tian and Bishop Cao they are numerous nods. ! When they walked for about five minutes, the surrounding scene changed, the innumerable evil spirits have as if fired into them. Um?” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously: Do not begin, is false, if I have not guessed wrong, after you have killed these illusory ghosts, they will turn into other appearances, for example the old person and child, then aggravate our guilty, an understanding demon will aggravate then.”

You said should right.” Liu Shishi nodded, simultaneously she to the meaning that Xia Tian also a little held in high esteem. Really, these ghosts penetrate Xia Tian and the others directly the bodies, anything has not stayed behind. The illussion, all these are the illussion. When they forwarded once more for about five minutes. Puff! The wound appears on their bodies. This time was not the illussion, we were injured.” Bishop Cao starts to resist hurriedly. Liu Shishi must hit back. But Xia Tian fast has held down their hands: Do not resist, is the illussion.” But our wounds.” Bishop Cao looks puzzled to Xia Tian. Believes me.” Xia Tian looked that said to them. Good.” Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi then give up resisting, but their wound quantities are increasing. Although the wound quantity is increasing, but Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi actually one have not actually revolted. After five minutes. All vanished, their wounds also all vanish to disappear, probably is different. Really is only the illussion.” Bishop Cao excited saying.

How you know that is only illussion?” Liu Shishi looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian. Secret!” Xia Tian has shown anything's smiling face. „, Did not say that knocks it off.” Liu Shishi very optional saying, her innermost feelings also appeared curiously, she is really very curious, actually Xia Tian how knows that but her good intention has not asked Xia Tian again, therefore can only pretend not to know. Stop! When they want to continue to go forward, Xia Tian lifts the hand suddenly. How?” Bishop Cao puzzled asking. If I have not remembered incorrectly, that person who before came, in the heart demon that in front of us met, at that time he stood there enough a half hours, finally exploded the body to perish, in other words , to continue to meet the heart demon forward.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. „Is heart demon, what?” Asking that Bishop Cao somewhat worries about. I go first, you favored, when I can also tell you in the past, what heart demon is.” Liu Shishi's saying slowly, afterward her directly stand forth, when she arrives at front, a giant heart demon appears directly, this heart demon Xia Tian and Bishop Cao also look clearly. A head two meters high heart demon. Hateful, unexpectedly is the heart demon of entity.” Liu Shishi cursed angrily one. Xia Tian and Bishop Cao do not dare to disturb her. You have remembered, the heart demon and illusory heart demon of maximum difference entity is the heart demon of entity can send out the attack, but the illusory heart demon can only harass you frailest place.” Liu Shishi has not forgotten to remind Xia Tian they: Normal, only then makes the oversized sin or slaughters too many people able to leave the realistic body center demon, however here illussion obviously to heart demon addition, can therefore leave the realistic body center demon, my person of this few going out meets the entity heart demon, you one also will meet definitely.” Liu Shishi said that fought with heart demon directly. „The attack of heart demon impossible compared with you, but you must remember, could not be attacked by it, once were attacked by it, that each attack can turn into an illusory heart demon.” Liu Shishi reminded loudly. Each attack turns into an illusory heart demon.

In other words, was hit by it each time will harass time mental, that while you were harassed mental, that heart demon will continue to attack you, thus forms the continuous illusory heart demon. Bang! Liu Shishi has fought with that heart demon for more than ten minutes, she eradicates the heart demon. Although Liu Shishi the heart demon extinguishes, except that but she also pants: Has remembered, although heart demon is dangerous, may want your life, once you broke through the heart demon, your Realm will promote, even if to my this Realm, will promote many, although cannot help me promote to four cauldron Rank 5 all of a sudden, but will also reduce I 45 years of cultivation time, if trades to do is you, should be able to promote Realm.” In my second.” Bishop Cao said direct stand forth. Although he is a little afraid the heart demon, but he also knows one definitely cannot hide. The heart demon appeared. Because his Realm does not have Liu Shishi's high, therefore his heart demon also merely has one meter, although only then one meter, but Bishop Cao does not dare to have the slight general idea, he knows himself, so long as has one not to be careful, that will die under the heart demon, finally explodes the body to perish. The fight of Bishop Cao and heart demon also exceptionally intense. Is good has not made any matter that weighs on the conscience because of him, otherwise he is impossible to resist the attack of heart demon. Finally to Xia Tian, after Xia Tian enters the heart demon region. Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi have all opened the mouth. Two meters high heart demon, ten heads.