Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1904

When Xia Tian uses Tathagata god palm, Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi stare, because they sensed boundless Buddha intent from that giant palm. What palm law is this?” Bishop Cao surprised saying, he has never seen such palm law, inside unexpectedly is bringing endless Buddha intent. I do not know that it is said three has one type to be called Buddha place, there should have this Buddha intent, I heard that Buddha may spend the demon.” Liu Shishi has heard the information about Buddhism. When they think Xia Tian can contend with the heart demon, that [say / way] giant hand was in charge unexpectedly to be eaten by the heart demon. What makes their inconceivable is, the after attack of Xia Tian the heart demon has eaten, heart demon unexpectedly has to nod to increase, moreover on face of Xia Tian look that not only has not worried about, instead is becomes excited incomparable. His attack had been eaten by the heart demon, his unexpectedly is excited, this really makes the person not think clearly. Xia Tian, are you all right?” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly. However Xia Tian had not answered. This time Xia Tian, both eyes shut tightly, afterward his both eyes open instantaneously. Swallow! This time Xia Tian behind presented an empty shade of small insect. This time swallowing is he uses the small insect to swallow directly, in he saw when the heart demon swallows his attack, he has thought of here, because swallows to use to have very big limit, therefore he has soon forgotten this ability, when he saw just that he thinks that swallowed. But this time is not uses to swallow, but makes the small insect swallow directly. Because he is unable to digest these ten head two meters high heart demons, must know that this merely one head two meters high heart demon could contend with four cauldron Rank 4 Expert, such big strength is not his tripod boy can digest, let alone his dantian now has two cauldron Rank 1 Realm. He swallowing forgetting. Puff! That ten head two meters high heart demons such living by Xia Tian pouching in belly. Without a resistance of faint trace, seems is drinking water to eat meal to be the same. Vanished in the face of their several people directly.

Meanwhile, Xia Tian has closed own both eyes, the small insect started the fast digestion this terrifying strength. Bang! Xia Tian within the body exploded a terrifying strength instantaneously. Two cauldron Rank 2. The flash, Xia Tian Realm breaks through instantaneously. Bang! Xia Tian within the body explodes once more. Two cauldron Rank 3. Bang! Two cauldron Rank 4. Two cauldron Rank 5. . Two cauldron Rank 9. To two cauldron Rank 9, the detonation velocity of Xia Tian within the body alleviates, but has not stopped, the small insect seems preparing the big move to be the same at this time, he altogether has swallowed ten head two meters high heart demons, these heart demon within the body are containing very formidable strength. Xia Tian this has stood here. One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes.

. One hour. Three hours. After five hours. Bang! Xia Tian within the body has formed a large explosion, afterward both eyes of Xia Tian open instantaneously. Tripod Rank 1. Broke through. Before his Buddhist Relic strength was tripod Rank 1, however his dantian strength was only two cauldron Rank 1, therefore fought, he can only depend upon not dead Divine Art to add on the Buddhist Relic strength to go to and match spells hardly, his dantian strength can only be used to assist, but was now different, now his dantian strength was also tripod Rank 1. Time that later he fights again, his dantian strength already, not only has assisted, but can be used to fight directly. Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi like this stood there a few words had not said that they do not dare to disturb Xia Tian, but they determined that Xia Tian should be all right, because his heart demon had been given to eat by him. Right, ate. This condition has surpassed their cognition, but Xia Tian truly directly ate the heart demon. At this time sees Xia Tian to open eyes, Bishop Cao exploratory asking: „Were you all right?” Was all right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, sees his smiling face, Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi all relaxed. In the past. When Xia Tian passes through that region, outside person is surprised incomparable, because passed through that region to represent their three to rush to that to die the road, saw that such condition total master and on five lines of ghost faces presented the excited look on the contrary, Xia Tian did not die, the thing that they wanted can also snatch. But once Xia Tian died, they do not dare to go.

Xia Tian their this disappearance gradually in the field of vision of people. This time Xia Tian three people entered in a close main hall. Do not wander about aimlessly, here will perhaps have mechanism.” Xia Tian said hurriedly, their cautious and solemn is leading the way, but has not discovered any mechanism. Probably does not have mechanism, front has stone platform, we have a look.” Bishop Cao said. Um, but must be careful.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye has opened, his vision is searching in the surroundings, however had not discovered that any mechanism, he can only think that was wants to be many, after all they can come here is a narrow escape, if here mechanism were stricter, that nobody can come. Under this stone platform has the character.” Bishop Cao shouts. Xia Tian and Liu Shishi ran hurriedly. To for fire. Three characters. Eight Trigrams, is Eight Trigrams, originally the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is a huge Eight Trigrams plate, but the position that we are at now to the fire position, in other words, we soon arrived in center.” Xia Tian saw these three characters time understood instantaneously this is any thing, he about Eight Trigrams knew that therefore he knows that actually to be representing anything for fire these three characters. Eight Trigrams, why can here construct Eight Trigrams?” Bishop Cao puzzled asking. Protection, what Eight Trigrams represents is the protection, for example some Eight Trigrams fist technique and Leg Technique, are the styles of defense, they evolve from Eight Trigrams, in other words this mausoleum chamber true goal is in some type of thing of protection central place, or is somebody.” Hears the Xia Tian words, Bishop Cao has held breath cold air. Your meaning is, either is the Qi Wang buried treasure, either is Qi Wang I?” Bishop Cao asked. Um.” Xia Tian nodded to say. „Do we also continue? What if we put is the Qi Wang this old monster words, that next do three need to meet with a disaster?” Bishop Cao looked that inquired to Xia Tian. We do not continue, will have other people to continue, most at least we can become the first batch of testimony centers people, moreover I discovered that here ground is rising, at last, altogether has experienced two vibrations, this vibrates twice, the ground rises one meter each time, in other words, altogether rose two meters now.” Xia Tian answered. Since must downward walk, that took this to leave for the fire.” Bishop Cao said hand direct racket to that stone platform.