Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1906

Their Advanced treasure function came out, therefore they all looked to Xia Tian. They believe that Xia Tian Advanced treasure should be also similar to their functions. Five cauldron following might are almost invincible. Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi's their Advanced treasure is so, the maximum limit is four cauldron Rank 9, once in other words their own strengths have achieved five cauldrons, then this Advanced treasure quite therefore was also useless, but this was abnormal regarding them enough. Xia Tian, your treasure is also highest can only support four cauldron Rank 9 strengths?” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly. Um, truly is this, but my this above added a special attribute, is called tearing, has certain probability direct tearing match, but this is mainly to look at the human body formidable degree and my own destiny of match, I am not the big destiny add the person of body, therefore this tears me almost people should be unable to use, normal probability only then extremely one.” Xia Tian is not the corrupt wolf and Abao's such person. Their destiny can only describe with abnormal. However, Xia Tian has forgotten probably, even if the corrupt wolf and Abao is also the defeat in his hands, but isn't the treasure that he obtains that same they more abnormal than the corrupt wolf with the merit law? Although the corrupt wolf and Abao have the big destiny person, however the Xia Tian destiny seems to be fiercer than them in the darkness. Had the attribute to be very abnormal, Advanced treasure did not have the attribute generally, although the attribute of your this gauntlet (glove) belt, only then a probability extremely can use, but both sides were carrying on the life and death fight time, if you used this strength, the reversal that you can succeed fought.” Liu Shishi patient answered, she as if did not bear a grudge, although before , added must lesson Xia Tian well, but already forgot the brain after now, before looking like her, had said that she caught Bishop Cao to repair well is the same, after she caught Bishop Cao, has actually been helping Bishop Cao. She already by Bishop Cao a sister-in-law calling repairing the matter of Bishop Cao forgetting. Bang! Bang!

Is two sounds of rocking. The ground rose one meter once more. Rose one meter, it seems like some people have attained the treasure of town palace.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Ground really rose.” Bishop Cao had made a symbol on the wall a moment ago specially. Um, we go forward, I had suspected several days, the treasures of several other town palaces also one after another was taken, finally our eight will have the person of treasure of town palace to enter the main shrine together, there will be the true climax.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward walks toward inside. At this time outside person saw Xia Tian they succeed has gone , the flash they think that was did not have dangerously, therefore some people flushed once more. Bang! These person of final fates are but same, death. After Xia Tian they walked for one hour, finally entered in the main shrine. This all the way, altogether has transmitted four vibrations. In other words, the present Qi Wang mausoleum chamber rose eight meters fully, but, the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber did not have true rising to the ground above.

Person almost should come , any people who can enter to here should have Advanced treasure, everybody carefully.” The Xia Tian reminder said that he does not believe that Qi Wang only took care of oneself these people. Probably after two hours. Welcome you to enter to my main shrine.” The sound appears in the ears of all people together. Nobody answered. I think that you should know, I must resurrect, no, should not say is resurrecting, should say goes out, to avoid day tribulation, I close up in 1000 here, my elites also fell into the deep sleep, now in 1000 passed by, the blood moon/month must appear immediately, the Qi Wang palace will reappear when the time comes next three, but wants to activate my elites, needs your hand treasures of eight big town palaces, after you put in the treasure of town palace your front mechanism, suppresses the dragon soul of Qi Wang palace to appear, this is I. The repayment gives your gift, naturally, Dragon Hun had one, it is the false immortal beast, moreover false immortal beast that now has not opened the spirit wisdom, if not because its attribute restrains me, I have not wanted to see somebody off it.” This sound master Qi Wang. False immortal beast! Hears these three characters time, all person mouths open in a big way. The spirit favors! Two cauldron above people can have their spirit to favor, but favors spirit also divides the rank, a rank higher spirit favors is more difficult to obtain, in the serious famine, many two cauldron Expert do not have their spirit to favor, but after next three, here person wanted is Realm, that had mystical powers to favor, because here had the place that sold specially favors spirit. The rank that the spirit favors can be divided into Rank 1 to Rank 9. Majority that outside sells are the Rank 4 following spirit favors, Rank 5 and Rank 6 spirit favors in the event, that insanely will be snatched, but the Rank 7 above spirit will favor will only appear at the auction.

Moreover the spirit favors is not buys directly to be used to fight, but needs to train, making the spirit beast grow up fast, trains consumes the resources, the intelligence is better, a rank higher spirit favors to train more expensive, even some people to train good Rank 9 favored to spend over a billion low grade spirit stone spirit, moreover continuation training that later also needs to keep. A good spirit favors value is also very big. Liu Shishi's spirit favors is Rank 8 spirit favors, she has this spirit to favor, fights it can be said that handily, even in the same step, she is invincible existences, only if the opposite party has Rank 9 to favor spirit. Above the spirit favors also has real favoring, above favors is really the immortal favors. But now here unexpectedly presented a false immortal beast, moreover is false immortal beast that just opened the spirit wisdom, so long as they obtained this false immortal beast, their strengths could be said as the anomaly to are simply invincible. However everybody started hesitant, they worried that after they this false immortal beast put, Qi Wang really resurrected, when the time comes they turned into the next three criminals, moreover perhaps they also will die. I know you in thinking anything, but I reminded your first, once arrived at the blood moon/month time, Dragon Hun will disappear, but I can draw support from the blood moon/month breakthrough barrier similarly, as for my subordinate, I only needed to spend for ten years, same can untie their seals, as for you were worried that I killed you to snatch the Huilong soul, this did not need to be worried, because of Dragon Hun effect on my pressure system, therefore who obtains the dragon soul I to make him leave here immediately, moreover cannot return to the Qi Wang palace for a lifetime, how now how to choose on looking your..” Qi Wang spoke these words, the scene returned to once more normal.