Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1907

Qi Wang will say that cheats them? Cannot. Because of present Qi Wang by the condition of seal, if he lies now, perhaps then Qi Wang once more will bring in the new day tribulation, he day tribulation has not vanished now, is false immortal beast Dragon Hun, if his here presents the day tribulation again, perhaps that he really must by once more seal. Therefore he naturally cannot lie to deceive people. Heard the guarantee of Qi Wang, the person all one's blood bubbles up to the brim, so long as obtained Dragon Hun, then after was, Qi Wang has slaughtered really once more, how that Qi Wang cannot them, because of the function of dragon soul pressure system Qi Wang. Even after they obtained the dragon soul, can jump the ranks the challenge, perhaps finally can also defeat Qi Wang. After all this is the pet of false immortal beast rank. Rank 8 favored spirit can make four cauldron Rank 4 Liu Shishi same steps slightly invincible, then the Rank 9 spirit did favor? Favors really? Say nothing was the false immortal favors. It seems like, must have a large quantities of Advanced treasure abandonment here.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Yes, just obtained them of Advanced treasure, definitely will use Advanced treasure to fight, even they will rob false immortal beast Dragon Hun not at any cost, even if uses the final ability of Advanced treasure, because compares with the false immortal beast dragon soul, the value of Advanced treasure has been able to neglect.” Liu Shishi's saying slowly. It seems like can be a war.” Bishop Cao said directly his hand to has put in mechanism for the fire. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The ground started to rock fiercely, afterward all people all saw the sunlight, the Qi Wang palace rose above the ground finally, but the surrounding hills also all fell underground, this Qi Wang palace it can be said that was delivered from oppression, but Xia Tian they also saw region that oneself were. Is one several hundred li (0.5km) greatly develops the practice grounds. Toward the middle, thinks that other people are also walking toward there.” Xia Tian they understand that hiding could not hide, therefore they can only on, after all Dragon Hun in the central position.

Walked for probably ten minutes, they saw the so-called dragon soul finally. Together in purple lightning seal Dragon Hun. But other seven groups of people all have also arrived here, in other seven groups, four groups are be only a person, another two groups are also only two people, only then Xia Tian their here is three people, in other words currently here altogether 11 people, only will have finally a person to obtain false immortal beast Dragon Hun. Congratulated you to make the correct judgment, regardless of you whether today to obtain Dragon Hun, after I guaranteed, so long as you did not ask me to trouble, I absolutely will not ask you to trouble.” The Qi Wang sound appeared again. Obtained the guarantee of Qi Wang, the person one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Good luck, two days arrived at the blood moon/month, if when the time comes your nobody can snatch false immortal beast Dragon Hun, then it automatically will vanish, I must carry on close up finally.” Sound little disappearance of Qi Wang here. The surrounding person looked at one mutually each other. The war must start finally. Seizes Dragon Hun. Will some people die? Naturally has met, because only then kills or strikes down other people, the final winner can feel at ease and Dragon Hun signs the contract, otherwise when the signing contract also will perhaps be disturbed. Um?” At this moment, the Xia Tian vision looked suddenly to that form of oneself left front, that form he seemed very familiar, but he truly does not remember one knew this person. How?” Bishop Cao puzzled asking. Has remembered, from now on, complete disguise, cannot call each other name, otherwise no end of trouble for the future.” The Xia Tian reminder said that his Disguise Technique is wise, therefore he starts for Bishop Cao and Liu Shishi disguise directly.

After ten minutes, their three all disguise, at this time their distance is far, has the X-Ray Vision eye besides Xia Tian this anomaly, what each other cannot see clearly long. Cao Bishop Liu Shishi understands that meaning of Xia Tian, the meaning of Xia Tian is, if they obtained Dragon Hun, but the words that here some people run away, that person definitely will propagandize finally this matter, has troubled when the time comes, although Dragon Hun is very formidable, but they have not protected Dragon Hun that ability probably. When the time comes perhaps is the next three in most formidable that group of people also will come out to rob. After all false immortal beast that is connected including the above three people to move. Therefore they must use the false name and false appearance, this was they obtained the false immortal beast, here also nobody can find them, but they not easily on the strength of use false immortal beast, only will then use in a life and death danger mechanism talent. Actually here other people also such plan. Therefore their also disguise. Nobody knew their appearances, then they can start to carry on to slaughter have robbed. Careful, preserves own life is most important.” The Xia Tian hurried reminder said. Although their here has a four cauldron Rank 4 super Expert Liu Shishi, but has in the situation of Advanced treasure similarly, the superiority that Liu Shishi has is not big, the opposite party only needs is ordinary four cauldron Rank 1 Expert, that uses the ultimate might and Liu Shishi of Advanced treasure uses almost not to have the too big disparity. Moreover Liu Shishi's necklace is used to restore. Therefore they must very careful. Nobody is willing to work as the person who takes the lead to attack other people, therefore here is also temporarily peaceful. Whiz!

At this moment, the person's shadow has shot at middle false immortal beast Dragon Hun together directly. Other people have fired afterward into the false immortal beast Dragon Hun position, since nobody is willing to get rid and others goes all out, they first can attain false immortal beast Dragon Hun compared with whom, such fight naturally opened. False immortal beast Dragon Hun will not attack their, because it is used for seal Qi Wang and his army here. Whiz! Snatched, the person's shadow snatched Dragon Hun together directly. Is he!” Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at this person, this person a moment ago he thought that very familiar that person, his unexpectedly is the person who first snatches the dragon soul, he snatches the dragon soul must go to the drop blood instantaneously. Gave up any idea.” Sees his action, was away from his recent that person to attack directly to him. However that person truly cleverly has evaded the attack of opposite party. Advanced Spirit Tool, black god stick. That person puts out Advanced Spirit Tool to fight directly, he is impossible to look that false immortal beast Dragon Hun like this was dropped the blood to recognize the lord. At this moment, on that human foot presents pair of golden war boots. dāng! What?” Sees the opposite party kicks this foot time, the Xia Tian whole person was shocked.