Almighty Student - Volume 20 - Chapter 1909

Xia Tian the gauntlet (glove) abandoned. Advanced treasure in opposite party that two individual hand have also abandoned, their three people all were simultaneously injured. I am all right, do not divert attention.” Xia Tian difficult war body. Now had four Expert Advanced treasure to discard. Although powerful force of Advanced treasure, but Advanced treasure will discard, that is when they use the most formidable ability, their Advanced treasure dormancy or damage. Opposite altogether seven have Expert of Advanced treasure, but the Xia Tian two rounds attacks, opposite present only remaining three had the person of Advanced treasure at this time. However Advanced treasure of remaining these three people are not the attacks, but also has the Liu Shishi same defense and recoverable Advanced treasure with Bishop Cao, although they resiliency formidable, however their striking power are not strong, their three all are four cauldron Rank 1 Expert. Very strong striking power, your Advanced treasure has abandoned, here also three people, moreover I observed a moment ago, Advanced treasure of your remaining that two people also all are resumes class and defense type, therefore then must spell is whose main body striking power was stronger, your also one is a tripod, no matter how calculates that we won.” Expert very self-confident saying of opposite party four cauldron Rank 1. Their three are four cauldron Rank 1. Then Xia Tian is injured now, Bishop Cao is tripod Rank 1, remaining a Liu Shishi, therefore the opposite person has only thought that they won. What a pity. They have estimated Liu Shishi's strength wrongly, they think that Liu Shishi is also four cauldron Rank 1 Expert. Snort, depends on your three also to match with me compares the striking power.” Liu Shishi cold snort, looks a moment ago Xia Tian kills the four directions greatly, she already waited is impatient, Xia Tian will have four people of aggressive Advanced treasure to defeat, then the remaining these three people gave her to be good: You look are OK.” Xia Tian already calculated, therefore he was not worried about Liu Shishi. ! Liu Shishi attacks instantaneously, her attack is overbearing. Whip as if spirit snake in hand is the same, stroked instantaneously on three people of bodies.

What?” That three people are startled immediately. They have not thought that Liu Shishi unexpectedly can be so fierce. Liu Shishi by an enemy three, completely relaxed dealing, if they do not have Advanced treasure to protect the body, already defeated in Liu Shishi's hand. At this time is stood by four people that Xia Tian defeats in a onlooking looks at this fight, they are waiting for the opportunity, so long as that three people can defeat Liu Shishi, they won, finally they can also seize the dragon soul. You too looked at others' fight probably dedicated.” At this moment, as if the devil common voice of appears in that four people of together, their four a moment ago were a camp, therefore they will stand, but at this time they became the game. ! golden light flashes dodges. Four heads high flies. Xia Tian was impossible such success easily. But what at this time he uses is Vampire changes the body, moreover he was use not dead Divine Art catalyzes Vampire changes the body. The body of opposite party also has wound, therefore has not noted the sneak attack of Xia Tian. ! Xia Tian instantaneously all received four people of Chu bags and Advanced treasure, although these Advanced treasure have discarded, but who is Xia Tian? He is refiner master, moreover is refiner master who meets the super refiner technique. He has certainly the means to patch Advanced Spirit Tool, when the time comes these Advanced Spirit Tool can use for him. What?” That three people retreated in defeat again and again, at this time saw that these four people died, they all are startled. Fights with me, unexpectedly also dares to look around.” Liu Shishi's whip increased directly fast, turned into a huge red python.

Bang! The python pounded directly on three people of bodies. They used Advanced treasure completely instantaneously most defended and strongest restoration. Their successful resisting Liu Shishi the strikes. However. Puff! Three heads once more high flies, the instance that these three heads fly, their Chu bag may their Advanced treasure also all vanish. Liu Shishi noticed that the Xia Tian appearance stares slightly: You are.” Solution! Xia Tian withdrew from Vampire directly changed body. Before present Vampire changes the body already not, was so abnormal, because Vampire changes the body can only make to be equal to the tripod Rank 5 strength, but Vampire changes the speed of body is actually very abnormal, moreover in this state, Xia Tian can fly, this can carry on the sneak attack that is quietly. Is only ordinary bloodlines.” Xia Tian dodges said. „.” Liu Shishi's nod of slightly. Bang! The Xia Tian words just said that his body fell down, he has been injured, he used the bloodlines a moment ago forcefully changes the body, for the unexpected sneak attack, the opposite party thinks that his severe wound, definitely cannot sneak attack, but the Xia Tian use bloodlines stiffly changed the body have actually carried on the sneak attack. Xia Tian.” Bishop Cao holds Xia Tian hurriedly.

Liu Shishi also arrived at the Xia Tian side to inspect: His situation is not quite good, the might of that collision had achieved about four cauldron Rank 8 a moment ago, although his human body formidable, but cannot bear such attack of formidable.” „Won't he have the matter?” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly. I do not know that I gave him to take to restore the compounded drug a moment ago, should be able to preserve the life, how long but needs to restore specifically, I do not know.” Liu Shishi said. „It is not serious.” Xia Tian difficult saying, just spoke these words, he has fainted. Xia Tian does not know how long one have rested, he has had a very long very long dream, in the dream, the taoist priest, a monk, a fallen angel, their three quarrelled there, Xia Tian wanted to mediate a quarrel, but he actually felt an own strength could not use. Shouted!” When he wakes up, he discovers himself in a very luxurious room. Awoke, Xia Tian awoke.” The one who enters in his ear is the voice of Bishop Cao. Bang! The gate shoved open sound, several doctors started to get the physical exam of Xia Tian afterward. Doctor gentleman, he how?” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly. Really is the miracle, he received that serious wound, normal most at least also takes ten years eight years of ability restorations, now unexpectedly only uses for three months to restore, his recovered the speed is really too abnormal.” Saying that the doctor keeps. My brother?” The first few words that Xia Tian said were to inquire Brother Xiaoma. Your elder brother he.” The complexion of Bishop Cao is ugly.